Massey Ferguson Tractor Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Massey Tractors are the number one choice of all farmers for their high efficiency, horsepower, and durability. These tractors are widely used all around the country for haulage and other purposes.

That’s why most of the farmers are curious to know the Massey Tractor price in Pakistan to update the previous tractor model. The cost of this tractor varies among different models and other factors.

In this article, I’ll share my information on the price structure of Massey Tractor in 2023 in Pakistan and all the related details on it. It is going to be a fruitful discussion for farmers and agriculture sector-related people.

Before I move on to the price of Massey Tractor in 2023, I want to review this tractor, in a nutshell. This is because most beginners want to know about the specifications and overall performance of these tractors to determine whether it is suitable or not.

Massey Tractor Price in Pakistan

Massey Tractor Review

Massey Ferguson tractors are widely used in Pakistani farms for their high quality and performance as compared to other options in the market, for example, Al-Ghazi tractors. MF tractors stand out for their hard-core engine that remains unaffected by extreme temperature and other external factors.

The farmer community of Punjab and other provinces of Pakistan is quite satisfied with the durability and output of the MF tractors. There are different models available, but among all, the MF 260 is the most popular in Pakistan.

I also found the MF385 great for its high energy efficiency, increased durability, and more, but it is quite costlier than MF260. Let’s disclose the latest prices of MF tractors in the 2023 market of Pakistan.

Massey Tractor Latest Price

The prices of all MF tractor models have updated in March 2023 in Pakistan. Here are the latest prices of all its models:

Massey Ferguson Tractor 240 Price

MG Tractor 240 is one of the most affordable tractors in the market today with a horsepower of 50. It is available in Pakistan for 2,190,000 PKR only.

If you’re short on budget and need a mid-range tractor that can cover regular tasks, the 240 MFT is a great choice. However, it is a bit compromise on durability and engine efficiency.

Massey Ferguson Tractor 260 Price

After Tractor 240, the MF Tractor 260 is the lightest pocket. It costs no more than 2,550,000 PKR only and features 60 horsepower.

MF 260 is one of the most popular choices of all time, especially in Punjab for its excellent resistance against external impact-causing factors. Another reason behind its increased demand in the market is that it is the only tractor of 60HP at this cost.

Massey Ferguson Tractor 260 SE Price

Due to the elevating demand for MF 260 in the market, the company also launched the 260 SE model. This model has a similar HP to MF 260, but it comes with a few advancements and improvements to 260.

The current cost of Massey Ferguson Tractor 260 SE is 2,600,000 PKR. It is great for sugarcane areas and fields or haulage applications.

Massey Ferguson Tractor 375 Price

If you want to buy a bit more tough model that features high power, engine efficiency, and performance, go for the MF tractor 375. It comes in two variants MF 375 2wd and MF 375 4wd which costs 3,345,000 PKR and 4,500,000 PKR, respectively.

Massey Ferguson Tractor 385 Price

The latest model by Massey Ferguson is 385 which again comes in two variants 385 2wd and 385 4wd which costs 3,465,000 PKR and 4,585,000 PKR, respectively. Both of these variants come with 85 HP.

Dealership And Sales

Millat Massey Tractors has a huge dealership network nationwide. The company delivers a lot of offers and policies on all different MF tractor models.

The best thing about the MF tractor is that it comes with a warranty of 1200 hours of continuous running or a one-year warranty card. You also get technical support for the lifetime of the MF tractors.

However, as a long-term consumer of MF tractors, I must say that these are one of the best options in the market for field areas where you cannot arrange the mechanics or technical support on an instant basis. These tractors require the least maintenance and feature excellent withstanding properties.

Well, that doesn’t mean you’re all set to roughly treat the MF tractors. Proper care, maintenance, and cleanliness are very important to improve the shelf-life of the tractor.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Ferguson Tractor In Pakistan

Many different factors affect the net cost of the MF tractor in the Pakistani market. Let’s discuss the major ones quickly:

Dealership Location

The area where you are buying the Massey tractor also is a cause behind why tractor price varies. For example, if you buy a particular tractor model in urban areas, it will cost you more than that in rural areas in Pakistan.

Date of Manufacture

Secondly, the date or year of manufacture also impacts the net cost of the Massey tractor in Pakistan. In general, the newest or latest tractor models are more expensive than previous ones.

Machine Condition

Of course, the condition of the machine plays a vital role in its total price. The recent and good condition models cost more than worse condition machines.

Reasons To Buy Massey Tractor In 2023

There are a couple of reasons that tend to convince farmers to buy the MF tractor in 2023. I’m lining up the major ones shortly for you:


To be honest, I have bought tractors from many different companies for our fields, but the way Massey lasts is unbeatable. All thanks to its exemplary construction quality as it is made of high-grade materials.

This tractor is great for all the heavy-duty tasks around the fields and it lasts for quite a long time. To improve its shelf-life, you need to maintain this tractor nicely.


The Massey tractors have many different variants based on the horsepower which lets you make a good choice as per the application. For instance, you can choose between 50, 60, 75, and 85 HP.


The Massey tractors are not limited to a single task at all, and that’s something I love the most about these tractors. They are great for a lot of agriculture practices like plowing, cultivation, harvesting, and so forth.


As compared to the other tractors available in the Pakistani market, the Massey tractors are quite light on pocket and heavy in performance. These are incredible options for all kinds of agriculture tasks.

Well, the price varies among the Massey models, for example, if you buy a 50 HP tractor, it will cost you less than that of an 85 HP tractor. In this sequence, you should invest in a tractor that is more suitable for your fieldwork.

What is the price of a Massey 240 tractor in Pakistan?

MG Tractor 240 is a 50 HP tractor that is available at an affordable price. It is available in Pakistan for 2,020,000 PKR only, so if you’re in search of a good mid-range tractor that can cover regular tasks, the 240 MFT is a great choice.

What is the most powerful tractor in Pakistan?

The latest model by Massey Ferguson: MF-385 is the most powerful option in today’s market with 85 horsepower. It comes in two variants 385 2wd and 385 4wd which cost 3,213,000 PKR and 4,282,000 PKR, respectively.

What are the perks of the Massey tractor?

Massey Ferguson tractors feature high performance, better fuel efficiency, reduced smoke emissions, turbocharged engines, excellent PTO power, spring suspension, robust axle, and whatnot. There are many reasons why you should opt for a Massey tractor for your farms.

Final Thoughts!

That’s all from my side about the Massey tractors and their prices in the Pakistani market! If you’re confused between the models, please address the applications or tasks that you will be performing with the tractor and make a purchase accordingly.

This is because if you go for high horsepower, the cost of the tractor will also tend to increase and vice versa. However, in my opinion, if you’re a professional farmer and need to perform heavy-duty tasks with the tractor, invest in the most powerful option by Massey called MF 385.

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