Bull Power Tractor Price in Pakistan

Bull Power IMT Tractors is one of the most popular market leaders in the Pakistani agriculture industry, after Massey Ferguson and New Holland. The company shared ownership of Orient Groups in Pakistan and was established in 2005. Over the years, it has managed to gain a loyal audience.

Similarly, this brand has created a network of 45 authorized dealers and 150 service outlets for its trade and distribution operation. Currently, four popular models of tractors are available from the brand, with different price ranges and engine configurations.

Want to know more about these tractors? Looking forward to investing in an IMT tractor? Here is a complete breakdown of Bull Power Tractor prices in Pakistan based on specifications and factors that influence its pricing. So, dive right in for more.

Bull Power Tractor Price in Pakistan

Bull Power Tractor Popular Models

Bull Power 549

This tractor is all about power and fuel efficiency. It is designed for both residential and commercial applications, with a 50 HP motor engine, which makes it great for optimal performance.


  • It is a 50 HP baseline model from Bull Power
  • Spring suspension driver seat
  • This tractor has a hydraulic chamber body
  • It has a resin-molded chassis
  • It is designed with SAE 8620 gearing
  • IMR-DM33T engine with direct injection and three cylinders


  • Currently, this tractor is being sold in the Pakistani industry for around 1,905,000 pkr.

Bull Power 565

The 565 Bull Power tractor is designed for medium-sized agricultural operations. It has a 60 HP baseline motor with a turbo engine, which makes it fast. That said, you should expect a higher level of power consumption.


  • This is a medium-sized class tractor
  • It has a 60 HP BS motor with a turbocharged engine
  • A comprehensive oil-cooler system
  • Oil-immersed disc brakes included
  • It has a spring suspension seat


  • The current price of the Bull Power 565 is around 2,235,000 pkr.

Bull Power 577

The 577 Tractor from Bull Power is designed for medium to fairly large-scale agricultural operations. It has a powerful 76 HP motor with a comprehensive engine cooling system and hydrostatic steering. The best thing about this tractor is its heavy-duty big tires, which makes it suitable for challenging terrains.


  • 76 HP BS motor with Delphi fuel pumps
  • Oil-immersed disc brakes included
  • Hydrostatic power steering technology
  • Heavy rear tires for challenging terrains
  • Durable crown wheel
  • Rigid suspension support


  • As of 2023, you can buy the Bull Power 577 for around 2,860,000 pkr.

Bull Power 585

Lastly, the Bull Power 585 is the most powerful alternative from the brand, with an 85 HP powerful engine. Hence, with this massive power, you can use it for high-level, commercial-scale agricultural applications. It has an IMR-S44 AT engine, which also makes it appropriate for intense and challenging tasks.


  • 85 HP BS powerful motor with 2200 rpm and IMR S4A AT engine
  • It has a direct injection system with four cylinders
  • A thermostat included for engine cooling
  • This tractor has a 4.068-liter capacity
  • It has a compression ratio of 15:3:1


  • This tractor is available in multiple variants. Hence, you can buy it anywhere between 2,910,000 and 4,075,000 pkr.

Factors that Affect Bull Power Tractor Prices in Pakistan

There are a number of factors that decide the final pricing of IMT Bull Power Tractors in the country. So, if you are planning to invest in the brand, it is always ideal to compare models. And to help you with this, I have brought these important things that influence the price of these tractors.

Engine Power

The engine power is the most important element when deciding on the Bull Power tractor. This is because it determines the capacity and capability of the tractor. So, a tractor with 60 HP will cost you more than the one with 50 HP, and so on.

Number of Features

The number of features also determines the price of a specific tractor. And it is pretty obvious that a tractor with more features will cost you more. The best part about choosing Bull Power is that it has multiple variants for each tractor model, allowing people to choose their preferred item freely.

Model of the Tractor

Likewise, there is no doubt that each model of the tractor from Bull Power has a different price. Hence, based on the configuration of the tractor, its price is decided, and it is partly dependent on the type of application. So, based on the work you need it for, compare the prices of each model and make a decision.

Brand Value

Bull Power is a leading brand in the market, which is why it is a little inexpensive in comparison to other competitors. And given that it is associated with IMT Tractors, the brand has managed to gain a loyal audience in the market.

Demand in the Market

Last but not least, the market demand may also influence the prices of Bull Power tractors to some extent. The prices are always fluctuating with innovation and tractor variants. Especially during the peak farming season, the prices are hiked, especially for particular models.

A Quick Recap

ModelHorsepowerPriceSimilar Products from New Holland- AlGhazi TractorsSimilar Products from Massey Ferguson- Millat Tractors
Bull Power 54950 HP1,905,000 pkrNH 480MF 240
Bull Power 56560 HP2,235,000 pkrNH GhaziMF 260
Bull Power 57776 HP2,860,000 pkrNH 640MF 375
Bull Power 58585 HPBetween 2,910,000 and 4,075,000 pkrNH DabungMF 385

Final Thoughts

Finally, before you go straight into buying, make sure to read all four tractor models from IMT Bull Power. This will help you in analyzing the features and choosing the one that is perfectly suitable for the job. I hope you soon get your hands on a good deal.

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