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Every person living in Pakistan knows about the economic crisis the country has been going through for more than a year. One of the worst things that came out of this crisis is a rise in inflation. It has the lower and lower middle classes crushed.

free atta scheme 8070

To make the situation easier for the citizens of Pakistan, the caretaker government introduced the free atta scheme 8070 in 2023.

The thought behind this scheme is to give people belonging to the lower class free atta. It is difficult for them to get a sufficient amount of atta for themselves due to the hike in prices that especially happen before Ramadan.

As it has been initiated for the poor and deserving citizens of the country, the process of this scheme is quite simple. You will find all the relevant data in the article below.

Free Atta Scheme 8070 Initiative

At the beginning of 2023, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif, held a meeting with his ministers to discuss the rise of inflation and how to overcome it. One of the prime agenda discussed in that meeting was the 8070 free atta scheme. The PM mentioned starting a scheme that could allow people who are earning under a specific amount of money per month to get flour for free.

By the end of the meeting, the panel finalized the scheme and named it the ‘free atta scheme 8070’. The caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab also referred to this idea as the Ramzan Kareem ration program as it was about to take place right before Ramzan. The scheme would offer a subsidized amount of flour to each family that registers and qualifies for it.

It was decided that each registered and approved family would receive 3 bags of 10kg flour. The registration for the scheme started not long after. From 15 March 2023, people were asked to register themselves to qualify for the free atta from the scheme started by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The government allocated a budget of 53 Billion Pakistani Ruppees to this initiative. To make it easier for the people to avail their share of the flour, around 20,000 sales points have been established across the country. Therefore, any person who qualifies for the program can get their share from any one of the multiple sales points.

The commencement dates for this scheme were for one month. It started on the 25th of Shaban and went up to the 25th of Ramzan.

During this one month, all those who qualified received their share of the subsidized amount of flour.

The scheme ended on the 25th of Ramzan which was the 16th of April 2023, and those who applied after this date were not able to receive free atta from the scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

The atta scheme is a great initiative by the caretaker government of Pakistan as it solely focuses on distributing free flour among needy families. Each family is to receive a specific amount. However, there is a criterion set by the committee for qualifying for the scheme. This criterion entails that only the families that are earning 60,000 Pakistani Ruppee per month or an amount less than this are eligible for the scheme.

So, all those families whose collective monthly income is less than 60,000 Pakistani Rupee can register themselves for this initiative to receive their share of the flour. The people who earn more than this amount will not qualify for the scheme, nor receive any free atta from the government.

The second step of the eligibility criteria is that the person must be registered onto PSPA, which is the abbreviation of Punjab Social Protection Authority or the BISP which stands for Benazir Income Support Program. If a person is not registered to any one of these, they can not qualify for the free atta program. Therefore, in order to receive free of cost, subsidized flour for your family, you need to get yourself registered with PSPA and BISP.

The third criterion that allows a person to get free flour is that their CNIC should be valid. As the major part of registration depends upon the CNIC of the person applying for the scheme, it is critical that their card should be valid. In case, the card has expired, they will not qualify for the scheme or receive their share of the free atta. Even if the family earns under 60,000 PKR per month, they will need a valid National Identity Card for qualifying for the scheme.

How To Avail The Scheme?

Now that you are aware of the eligibility criteria of the scheme, it is time for you to know how to become part of it. As this initiative is for the low-income families of Pakistan, the procedure has been made very simple.

There are a few ways a person can become a part of the scheme. They do not need a wide collection of documentation, merely their own National Identity Card or the CNIC. There are two major ways to apply for the initiative and avail of this scheme of free atta.

Through The Application

In the era of technology, everything has been made easier for people through online services. Keeping this in mind, the government added online registration to the atta 8070 scheme. Online registration requires people to download an application onto their phones.

The procedure is quite simple. All you need to do is open Play Store on your phone and search for the Ramadan 2023 Ata Subsidy in the search bar.

When you click on the search icon, the application will appear. Click on the install button present right under the title of the app. It will take a few minutes for the installation to complete, so you need to sit tight and wait.

Once the application has been installed on your mobile phone, click on its icon to open it.

From there, you can register yourself through your CNIC number to find out whether you and your family are eligible for the scheme or not. In case of non-eligibility, your request will be denied. On, the other hand, when you do qualify for the program, you will be able to get your family’s share of atta. You can get it from any one of the 20,000 utility stores that are registered under BISP, or PSPA.


For those citizens of Pakistan that are unable to download the application on their devices, there is a second method. As this program was designed and initiated with the low-income people of the country in mind, its application process is very simple.

The second method for checking your eligibility and applying for the scheme is through SMS. There is no need to download applications or visit websites.

  1. Simply take your phone, type ATTA and then write the number of your CNIC. Make sure that you are using a valid National Identity Card. Another thing to keep in mind is to not give any space between ATTA and your CNIC number.
  2. Once the text is written, send it to 8070. After you have sent the message, you need to wait as the process will begin. It will take some time to process. After a while, you will find out whether you are eligible for the scheme or not.
  3. In case of non-eligibility for any reason, your application will be canceled and you will not receive any free atta. On the other hand, if you meet all three requirements of the eligibility criteria and qualify for the program, you will be able to avail of the scheme. In case of qualifying, you will receive a confirmation message.

Go to the nearest sales point and show them the confirmation message that you received on your phone. Without showing the person the message, you will not receive the atta. Once the salesperson does confirmation, you will get the 10kg atta bag.

You can not take all 30kg in a single setting. The person will only give a single bag of 10kg in one go. For the remaining 20kg, you will need to make 2 more trips to the sales point.

Reason Behind The Scheme

One of the major reasons behind this initiative was to provide some relief to the people of Pakistan that had been suffering from severe inflation. Due to the hike in Petrol prices, and the Dollar rate, every single item in the market doubled, if not tripled in price over the span of a few weeks. This made it highly difficult for low-income citizens to get food with the meager amount they are earning.

Moreover, with the beginning of Ramzan, food items from flour to fruits also double in price every year. To tackle this issue, the caretaker government of Pakistan came up with the Free Atta Scheme 8070. The purpose was to offer a subsidized amount of flour to each deserving family. So that low-income families can have meals at home and not suffer during these tough times.


In these tough times that the citizens of Pakistan are facing, the ones that are on the front line of getting hit are the low-income people. Their living standards have lowered significantly due to the insane inflation the in the country. To make the situation slightly better for them, the caretaker government of Pakistan started the free atta scheme 8070 on the order of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. You can find out every bit of information about this initiative in the article above.

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