Massey Ferguson 240 Price in Pakistan

If you want to purchase the Massey Ferguson 240 but are confused about its price then, you are in the right place. Here we will discuss Massey Ferguson 240; its advantages and disadvantages, its price fluctuations, and when you should purchase it. Separate your 5 minutes and come with me as we will explore the facts regarding MF 240 and its price in Pakistan.

Within a few weeks, the price of Massey Ferguson has increased, but still, it is one of the most affordable options for farmers. Basically, a great part of Pakistan’s economy is based on agriculture, and 47.64% of Pakistan’s land is occupied by agriculture area. According to a recent survey, each farmer owns 5.6 acres, which is a long land to farm.

In more simple words, purchasing a tractor is the need of every farmer, but the problem of price occurs between the farmer and his productivity. Anyhow, Massey Ferguson 240 is available at a reasonable price, and it is about PKR 2,190,000. A few years ago the MF 240 price was 14 to 16 lakh rupees but within the short span of 5 years, its price increased by 25% to 30%.

MF 240 has a 50 horsepower engine which is equal to 746 watts and it can take a huge weight. When it comes to power, this tractor is able to carry 2268.5 kg effortlessly at normal speed. Actually, in our country tractors are not only used for farming but also for transportation.

Massey 240 Price in Pakistan

If you are purchasing the MF 240 for transportation then it can carry huge bundles of sugarcane conveniently. The average speed of this tractor is about 25 km per hour and it is able to lift more than 2 thousand kg. The tractor consumes diesel and its consumption average is less than other models.

About Massey Ferguson 240

Massey Ferguson 240 is one of the best selling products of Millat Tractors and is known as the power giant. The tractor engine power is about 2500 rpm while its 50 horsepower is extremely impressive. MF 240 has a 3-cylinder engine, if you do not know, it means that the engine has 3 different chambers and each one generates power when the diesel ignites.

Usually, tractors wear out within 5 to 10 years and farmers run to repair the entire engine. It happens because of using impure diesel but finding pure diesel is near to impossible in remote areas. Keeping all the scenarios in mind Millat Tractors has created it in a way that it has dual high-quality fuel filters.

They are responsible for separating the impurities from diesel and providing a smoother ride. There are two benefits of fuel filters; first, you do not need to find pure diesel and second, the overall life of the engine will increase when filters will remove impure agents from diesel.

Another important specification of MF 240 is that it has manual steering as well as possesses a huge fuel tank. Normally, farmers keep giant tankers of diesel to refill in emergency crises but the case is different for MF 240. Actually, it possesses a 47.5-liter fuel tank plus a 6.8-engine sump.

What Are the Advantages Of Using MF 240?

MF 240 is the choice of every second farmer because of its countless benefits. There are several factors a farmer sees while purchasing the tractor in which its fuel consumption, power, performance, and other minor benefits are significant. Here are all the advantages of using MF 240.


It is highly important to consider the wheels powered system of a tractor because some provide 2 wheels powered systems while others have 4 wheels powered systems. But MF 240 is 2 wheels powered system and its engine can generate 50 horsepower. In my opinion, the MF 240 tractor is the most suitable option for 50 to 80 acres of land.


When it comes to performance, the MF 240 provides high traction in slippery places. Farming is all about controlling the tractor on a slippery place therefore MF 240 has high traction wheels and easy to manage body. You can use it for both farming and carrying heavyweight as it has bigger wheels with traction patterns.

Because we do not only use tractors for farming but also for transportation, farmers need a vehicle that can work on both broken and smooth roads. But if you are using a tractor on a smooth road, it must not emit a high amount of pollutants otherwise it is violating the laws against climate change. Fortunately, MF 240 has the ability to run on both surfaces and emit fewer pollutants as compared to other models.

Why Massey Ferguson 240 Price Fluctuates?

The price of MF 240 has considerably increased within a few years which indicates that its price is dynamic. Actually, there are multiple factors that contribute to the increase in prices of the MF 240. First, the economic instability in the country has contributed to the price dynamics of MF 240.

As the economy destabilizes, the trend of the market goes down and people run to sell their shares. It creates chaos in the market and affects all the heavy-duty machinery industries including Millat Tractors. Instead of cutting its profit and jamming the salaries of employees, the industry increases the price of its product to manage the destabilization.

Another reason is when government imposes heavy taxation on sales and purchases, the prices of tractors rise. Because agriculture is a part of the giant economy loop and the tractor industry is a small element of the huge economic sector, the government imposes heavy taxation on tractor sales and purchases that increase the price of MF 240.

There could be internal factors in the tractor industry for example a tractor is made of different parts in which wheels, generator, body or brakes, and steering are prominent. Here is an interesting fact, not all these parts are manufactured by Millat Tractors. Instead, it purchases automotive parts from other industries. If these companies increase the rates of their products, the tractor manufacturing companies will also raise their prices.

When Should I Purchase MF 240?

The price web is highly complex therefore people are not willing to purchase tractors. Well, there are solutions to all problems, so this problem is also easy to manage. I have mentioned a few factors that affect the price of MF 240 such as an insatiable economy, high government taxation, or internal problems.

If you are willing to purchase MF 240 then you should consider the stability of our country’s economy. After high chaos and disturbance, the economy is about to revive, and market trends are also positive. According to a few reports, the economy will stabilize in the future as the government of Pakistan is receiving bailouts therefore you can purchase MF 240 nowadays.

But if you are thinking that the price may fall in the future then you should discard such imagination because in a few years, the prices will go up and inflation will reach nearly 60%. Hence purchasing MF 240 right now is a wise decision instead of delaying it.

What is the engine power of an MF 240 tractor?

The engine power of MF 240 is 50 horsepower.

How can we book this tractor?

You can book a tractor on the official website of Millat Tractors, otherwise visit the showroom.

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