Top 6 Ghazi Tractors Price in Pakistan

It is a widely known fact that the Al Ghazi tractor price in Pakistan has experienced an insane surge. This price hike is due to many reasons, especially the rapid devaluation of Pakistani currency, all-time high inflation, reduction in government subsidies, and change in the structure of GST.

Of course, there is so much more to it than that but I can not possibly cover each and everything right away. So, if you want to find out everything about the AGTL tractors and the company itself then keep on reading the following article.

I will start off with the basic introduction of the company and then move on to the reasons for the price hike. Following that, I will mention the latest prices of all AGTL tractor models.

Finally, I will mention the order placement, delivery procedure, warranty period, and frequently asked questions. So keep reading and enjoying!

Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan

About Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited

Al Ghazi Tractors Limited is one of the oldest and most well-established companies in Pakistan currently supplying tractors in the market. These tractors have hands down the best engine power in all of the subcontinent. And the best part is that they are also quite affordable.

In fact, even other countries prefer to import Al Ghazi tractors from Pakistan. This company works under the umbrella of New Holland Technology and is in constant competition with Millat Tractors Limited also based in Pakistan.

Reasons For Increase In AGTL Prices

Recently, in April 2023, Al Ghazi Tractors Limited produced a new list of prices for all their tractors including old and new models. And people are going crazy over the price hike that goes as far as PKR 400,000.

The reasons behind this price hike are also pretty obvious. In fact, as per the statement issued by the Al Ghazi Tractors Limited (AGTL), they claim that the extreme currency devaluation followed by all-time high inflation hike has led up to this insane price increase.

All the raw materials necessary for the assembly of tractors have become more costly. In addition to that, the government has also removed the subsidies on utilities that were being provided by the previous government. And to top it all, there have been huge changes in the GST structure which has led the company to reluctantly increase the prices of their products.

AGTL Models With Their Old And New Prices

  1. NH-480S – 55 HP tractor used to be sold at a price of PKR 1,898,000, but the new price is PKR 2,024,000.
  2. NH-480 Power Plus – 55 HP tractor’s price increased from PKR 1,975,000 to PKR 2,101,000.
  3. NH Ghazi – 65 HP tractor was priced at PKR 2,185,000 whereas, the new price stands at PKR 2,350,000.
  4. NH 640 – 75 HP tractor’s old price was PKR 2,865,000 and the new price is PKR 3,082,000.
  5. NH Dabung 85 HP tractor costed PKR 2,957,000 previously whereas, the new price is PKR 3,178,000.
  6. NH – 70 – 56 4 WD 85 HP tractor’s old price was PKR 3,892,000 and the new price is PKR 4,272,000.

Booking And Delivery Procedure

You will be relieved to find that there is a vast dealership network of Al-Ghazi Tractor Limited. It is available in every district and tehsil so as to allow everybody to book their own tractors without having to do much. However, you will be required to pay the full and final amount of payment for your respective tractor model at the time of booking.

You may pay the price in any bank suitable for you or nearest to your location. Once you make your payment, you will be allotted a sales order number and asked to await your delivery.

You must know that your sales order will not be confirmed unless you make the full payment. This payment could be in the form of an online cash deposit or demand draft whatever suits you best.

On the other hand, if you do not want to have to make your purchase through a dealership, you may opt for a direct purchase from the AGTL showroom. In this case, you won’t be required to pay the extra charges or commission to the dealer.

In fact, you will be charged according to the market rate of the tractor at that time. This rate could be below or above the invoice rate I mentioned above.

In any case, your tractor will be delivered to your requested address in about ten to fifteen days depending upon the availability and market demand. However, it is just an estimated time period, the actual delivery period could be shorter or longer than that.

Al-Ghazi Tractor Warranty/Claim Period

The Al Ghazi Tractor provides a warranty to all its customers on all their tractors. This claim is valid for about fourteen months or 1200 running hours. It is also valid for all parts of the tractor.

However, there is a condition that you must fulfill in order to benefit from this warranty claim. First of all, you must get the first and second tractor service on a timely basis and in the proper manner. Secondly, all the coupons must be submitted to the company within the time period allotted by the AGTL.

In case you do not fulfill any of the above-mentioned conditions, you will be rendered ineligible for your warranty claim and hence your claim shall stand null and void. Thus, you will have to get your tractor fixed all by yourself.

So, I would highly recommend you all take extra care to meet the requirements of the warranty claim. Besides, the conditions make sense and ensure that your tractors stay optimal for as long as possible.

Prominent improved Features Of NH Ghazi Tractors

There are certain prominent features of NH ghazi tractors that differentiate them from all other tractors currently manufactured in Pakistan. For instance, these tractors have SG iron rear axle tubes, supreme quality General Company tires, front and rear indicators, and halogen tube headlights.

Apart from that, these tractors also feature a Thermo Starter head (Heat plug), strong rear hydraulic links, and an additional spacer between the gearbox and axle case.

If you ask me, these features are a steal at the price you are required to pay for Al Ghazi tractors. In fact, there is no company in Pakistan that will provide you with all these features in a tractor and still sell them at the price stated by AGTL.

How to book or purchase new tractors?

If you are thinking about buying yourself a new tractor then you must know that there are two ways to do it. You can either visit their private show room, select the tractor amongst the models displayed and make the full payment then and there.
Or, you could contact a dealer, he will do all the hard work for you. You will just have to make the full payment in any bank nearest and easily accessible to you. However, you will have to pay extra charges and a separate commission to the dealer for his services rendered.

How much warranty is offered by AGTL on a new tractor?

AGTL is known for its extensive warranty offered on all its models. It offers fourteen months of undisputed warranty or up to twelve hundred engine running hours.
However, in order to avail of this warranty claim, you must get your tractor services twice in this duration and submit all the coupons to the company. Otherwise, this warranty period shall stand null and void.

What makes Ghazi tractors so unique?

Ghazi tractors are so unique because they are super affordable as compared to other counterparts currently available in the market. Furthermore, these tractors have extremely powerful engines, and top-notch tires, and are highly durable.

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