Fiat 640 Price in Pakistan

If you want to upgrade your previous tractor, invest in the latest Fiat 640 by New Holland which features excellent energy efficiency, high engine power, multiple cylinders, better piston displacement, a semi-automatic battery, and whatnot.

This tractor model is great for performing various field tasks like plowing, cultivating, and so forth. The versatility, excellent quality construction, and exemplary performance are one of the reasons that convinced me to buy and recommend this tractor.

As a long-term consumer, I can write extensive details on the Fiat 640. So, let’s disclose the Fiat 640 price in Pakistan, its variants, and other necessary details to help farmers in choosing the right tractor to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

Before I move on to the latest price of the Fiat 640 in the Pakistani market, it’s important to share my experience with the brand and this particular model. This will help beginners to get to know about the tractor and its usefulness.

Fiat 640 Price in Pakistan

New Holland Review

New Holland Agriculture company is a pioneer brand in the market today for manufacturing and selling top-performing tractors, not only in Pakistan but around the world. The company was based in America, but it has many subsidies in different corners of the globe.

The best thing about New Holland Agriculture tractors is that they are great in performance, features plenty of characteristics, and more without letting you break the bank. It would be right to say that the New Holland tractors are among the most powerful yet cost-effective options.

Fiat 640 Model Review

Among all New Holland Agriculture tractor models, the Fiat 640 stands out for many reasons like incredible engine power, pre-cleaner, semi-automatic battery, multiple transmission speeds, mechanical brakes, high power efficiency, comfortable driving seat, and whatnot.

It would be right to say that there is nothing major to compromise on with the Fiat 640 tractor and once you spend on this incredible vehicle, you’ll not need to buy another one for years. However, that too depends on how you treat the vehicle, its maintenance, application, etc.

Fiat 640 comes with a one-year exclusive warranty and lifetime technical support that convinces consumers to make this safe purchase. In my opinion, you should take care of the cleanliness and avoid direct water exposure for the long term to increase the shelf-life of this tractor.

Fiat 640 Price

In the 2023 market, the Fiat 640 price is updated to 3,082,000 PKR, whereas last year the price was less than 2,000,000 PKR. According to the trends, the price of this tractor will increase more in upcoming years considering the market inflation.

Fiat 640 Special Price

Fiat 640 Special tractor variant costs 1,472,000 PKR, but as per my information, this model was discontinued by the manufacturer. You may find a second-hand or upgraded version Fiat 640 special in the marketplace at a similar rate.

Fiat 640 Special With Disc Brakes Price

There is another variant of the Fiat 640 which comes with disc brakes and costs 2,746,000 PKR. This model is also discontinued by the manufacturer.

Factors Affecting Fiat 640 Price

There are a couple of factors that can affect the price of the Fiat 640 tractor in Pakistan. I’m enlisting a few of them below:

Dealership Location

The dealership location fluctuates the net price of the Fiat 640 tractor; let me explain it to you. If you buy the Fiat 640 in rural areas, it will cost you way less than if you purchase a similar model in urban areas.

Year Of Manufacture

The date or year of manufacture is also a reason behind the change in the price of the Fiat 640. In general, the latest Fiat 640 variant is the most expensive of all.

Machine Condition

The condition of the engine or machine determines the total cost of the Fiat 640 because this is what you’re paying for, right? If the condition of the machine is not good enough, the cost will get reduced automatically and vice versa.

Reasons To Buy Fiat 640

There are many reasons why you should invest in the Fiat 640 tractor, for example, it is versatile and can be used for multiple field tasks like plowing, cultivating, harvesting, and so forth. The build quality of this tractor is incredible which makes it last forever.

The Fiat 640 comes with a mechanical braking mechanism which is pretty convenient and features high stopping power. The 75 HP engine makes this tractor extremely powerful and worth buying for farmers.

In addition, it comes with an injecting-type torque mechanism which is pretty reliable for performing heavy-duty tasks. The inclusion of a gearbox, multiple speed options, high fuel capacity, and more makes the Fiat 640 a great purchase, in a nutshell.

Is a Fiat 640 a good tractor?

Yes, the Fiat 640 is a front-running model in the market today for various reasons like its great build quality, multitasking, high stopping power, comfortable seating, gearbox, and more. If you need a professional option for fieldwork, there is no better choice than Fiat 640.

How much HorsePower does a 640 Fiat have?

Fiat 640 comes with a 75 HP engine which is one of the reasons behind its powerful performance. To explore more traits of this tractor, please swipe up.

What is the price of the Fiat 640 in Pakistan?

In the 2023 market, the Fiat 640 price is updated to 2,035,000 PKR. As per trends, the price of this tractor will increase more in upcoming years considering the market inflation.

The Bottom Line

The price of the Fiat 640 tractor in Pakistan has reached 2,035,000 PKR and as per the trends, the cost will continue to increase in the future. There are many reasons why you should invest in this incredible tractor and I have summed up the needed information above, Please swipe up to read.

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