Umrah Mubarak Wishes & Quotes

Your loved ones are about to arrive after a beautiful journey to the holiest places in the world, but you are confused about how to wish them, right? It is a moment when everyone gets over-excited, but instead of brainstorming, you can see Umrah Mubarak’s wishes below.

General Umrah Wishes

  1. May Allah today grant all your wishes. May He flood your life with happiness and joy with this Umrah… Wishing you a happy Umrah !!!
  2. Umrah Mubarak ‘O Allah, cause us to die Muslims and join us with the righteous, not disgraced, nor demented.’
  3. Umrah ki saadat Mubarak “In the name of Allah, Allah is the Greatest. There is no God but Allah. Praise belongs to Allah and blessings and peace beyond the Messenger of Allah.”
  4. O’ My fellow Muslims, let’s all turn to Allah and repose trust in him. May we seek his blessings along the way. Umrah Mubarak!
  5. On this Umrah, may Allah accept your Duaa, May He answer all your prayers, and grant your wishes. May this day bring joy and happiness in your life. Umrah Mubarak!
  6. On this Umrah, I pray that Allah gives you the courage and the ability to perform your Umrah without making any sins. I wish that He guides you along for his eternal blessings.
  7. Umrah Mubarak! Sending you my best wishes. May Allah remain at your side all the way and keep you safe on your journey to Umrah.
  8. Have a blessed Umrah, my friend! Sending you prayers and thoughts. May Allah give you the strength and courage to embrace a new life free of sin.

For Family

  1. My dear, I will pray for your safe and serene journey to Umrah! Umrah Mubarak.
  2. Sending my prayers for your safety and well-being in your journey to Umrah. May Allah grant you forgiveness. Umrah Mubarak.
  3. May the journey to Umrah light your life and bring prosperity and happiness in your life from now onwards. Umrah Mubarak, brother.
  4. Umrah Mubarak, my husband. May Allah bless you with prosperity for all the hard work you do and shower your life with happiness.
  5. May Allah present you with gifts of contentment and courage in life, Father. Sending you my thoughts and prayers for Umrah.
  6. May Allah keep you safe throughout your journey to Umrah, brother. Umrah Mubarak!


Every Muslim dreams of visiting the holiest places of the world, Kaba and Masjid ul Nabwi, but a few get a chance to see them in their worldly lives. If your close ones visited the holy sites, then these people are very lucky and close to Allah. On such occasions, you can wish them Umrah Mubarak with the help of the above wishes.

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