Tractor Prices

A large part of Pakistan’s economy comes from agriculture, which means a massive tractor market. The tractor dealership in the country is highly optimized and has a wide variety of commercial and residential machinery available.

In the market, you will find a number of international and local companies that deal with the import, production, and assembly of tractors. Hence, some of these popular high-end brands set the market trends.

Wondering what are the current tractor prices in Pakistan? Which brand is most compatible with your budget? Here is a complete breakdown of tractor prices in the local market, along with some factors that matter while buying a tractor. So, let’s get in for more.

Tractor Price in Pakistan

Popular Brands for Tractors in Pakistan

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson is an American-based Canadian truck manufacturing company having a separate loyal audience in Pakistan. Pakistan has been importing agricultural tractors from the company for a long time. Currently, it has one of the biggest dealership networks in the country, with its customer service centers based in all cities.

This company started its alliance with Millat Tractors back in 2015, another market leader in the country. This was formed to create innovative tractors and create a research authority to bring innovation to the table. It has a wide variety of durable and powerful agricultural tractors for commercial-scale applications.

It specializes in all lawn hauling and commercial agriculture-scale equipment. And some of the popular options from Ferguson include MF 1745 D Round Baler and MF 2900 Series Round Baler. Here is a breakdown of the prices of tractors currently being sold in the Pakistani market.

Tractor ModelPowerPrice Ranges
MF 240 2WD50 HP2,190,000 pkr
MF 350 Plus50 HP2,350,000 pkr
MF 385 (4WD)85 HP4,585,000 pkr
MF 385 2WD85 HP3,465,000 pkr
MF 375 2WD75 HP3,345,000 pkr

New Holland

New Holland is yet another international North-American based brand, having its own loyal audience in Pakistan. It is known for its electrical and manual industry-graded tractors that are perfectly apt for commercial work. Over the years, they have come up with reasonable alternatives with simplistic mechanics, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance requirements.

Recently, they started out a collaboration with Al-Ghazi, originally known as AGTL, a subsidiary of the Al-Futtaim Group of Dubai. This partnership has taken the Pakistani market by storm, which is why it contributes largely to the market share. The vision of this alliance is to bring lower-cost production equipment to the country.

Here is a complete breakdown of tractor prices from this company in the Pakistani market.

Tractor ModelPowerPrice Ranges
MF 240 2WD50 HP2,020,000 pkr
MF 350 Plus50 HP2,350,000 pkr
MF 385 (4WD)85 HP4,282,000 pkr
MF 385 2WD85 HP3,213,000 pkr
MF 375 2WD75 HP3,102,000 pkr

Al-Ghazi Tractors

Al-Ghazi is a pioneer of the tractor industry in Pakistan, founded in 1984 under the subsidiary of Al Futtaim Dubai Group. This company started its production in 1983 and is known for importing and producing tractors from Holland and Fiat. It contributes to around 45% of the market shares in Pakistan.

Over the years, their tractors have gained a stellar reputation across the country for well-engineered and cutting-edge innovative technology. Their manufactured tractors have power ranges between 55 and 98 HP, which works for specialized agricultural jobs.

Currently, this company produces around 30 thousand tractors annually. This includes everything from cultivators to planters, tillers, and rotary sprayers. Among these, electric generators and customizable attachments are best-selling in Pakistan.

Tractor ModelHPPrice Ranges
NH-480s55Between 19,89,000 and 20,24,000 pkr
NH-480 Power Plus55Between 19,75,000 and 21,01,000 pkr
NH-64075Between 28,65,000 and 30,82,000 pkr
NH Dabung85Between 29.57.000 and 31,78,000 pkr
NH-70-56 4WD85Between 38,92,000 and 42,72,000 pkr

Millat Tractors

Millat Tractor has been one of the pioneer brands and a market leader when it comes to agriculture and related equipment in Pakistan. The company started its production journey in 1964 and turned to privatization in 1992. Over the years, it has managed to gain a stellar reputation across the market for its electric and mechanical tractors.

Millat Tractors currently have a license from Massey Ferguson UK, which makes it a reliable international exporter of tractors. This alliance was formed to deliver well-engineered equipment in both homesteading and industrial farming alike. Currently, they have the largest network of dealerships and service centers, spanning all across the country.

They are known to produce commercial products like electric generators, batteries, prime movers, and forklifts. Not only this, the company annually makes significant investments in their Research and Development to come up with cutting-edge and latest technology. Their major successes have been fuel-efficient engines, ergonomic controls, and advanced transmission engines.

Tractor ModelPowerPrice Ranges
Millat MF 240 2WD50 HP2,020,000 pkr
Millat MF 260 Plus Special Edition60 HP2, 350,000 pkr
Millat MF 260 2WD60 HP2,392,000 pkr
Millat MF 375 2WD75 HP3,102,000 pkr
Millat MF 385 2WD85 HP4, 282,000 pkr

Belarus Tractors

Belarus is yet another popular brand for tractors, known for its range of most powerful and durable tractors across Pakistan. They started their production in 2015 in collaboration with the manufacturing plant of MTW Pak Assembling Industries. Over these years, the company has gained the Belarus International Russian Tractor Company License.

Whether you are a farm owner or have a lawn, this tractor has something for you. The designs are assembled in a versatile manner, which makes them great for multi-purpose functioning, like plowing fields, heavy load hauling, and other farm duties. The majority of their tractors use simple mechanics and require low maintenance.

Among their line, the Belarus 510 is the most powerful Russian tractor and is available in multiple variants across the market. It shares almost one-third of the market shares after Al-Ghazi and Millat Tractors. Here is a breakdown of the prices of its popular tractors sold in Pakistan.

Tractor ModelPowerPrice Ranges
Belarus 510 Simple57 kW/h4,800,000 pkr
Belarus 82081 kW/ h5,700,000 pkr
Belarus 800 Simple60 kW/ h5,300,000 pkr
Belarus 800 Special55.8 kW/ h5,600,000 pkr
Belarus Draft Control55 kW/ h4, 800,000 pkr

Bull Power/ IMT Tractors

The next company on my list of popular tractor brands is the IMT Tractor, also known as Bull Power. This company started its journey in 2013 and was previously known as Orient Automotive Industries Pvt Ltd. It specializes in importing and producing CKD items to Karachi.

Their tractors are primarily manufactured in Serbia. And these are similar to that of OAI Pvt, with small changes. The equipment from Bull Power comes in different power ranges and sizes, which is why almost all of its products are utilized in commercial and residential applications.

The best part about their tractors is the simple designs. The majority of their tractors use simple mechanics and straightforward controls, so someone with little knowledge can easily utilize them for residential work. They also have reasonable prices, as compared to other brands.

Tractor ModelHPPrice Ranges
Bull Power 549501,905,000 pkr
Bull Power 565602,235,000 pkr
Bull Power 577762,860,000 pkr
Bull Power 565 S Power602,232,000 pkr
IMT 577 Special Edition7642,72,000 pkr

YTO Tractors

Another popular local brand for tractors is YTO, which is expected to start its journey in 2023 within the agriculture industry. It imports China-based machinery and equipment in the Pakistani market at an affordable price. This company specializes in creating large-scale industrial equipment for commercial agriculture.

The expected products of this company would be manufactured under Tradimpex Group and will largely be categorized as two, three, four, and six-cylinder tractors. These tractors will use hydraulic steering (adjustable) and a setup of sleeve gear shifters. Finally, let’s get into the expected price range of these China-manufactured tractors in Pakistan.

Tractor ModelExpected Price Ranges
YTO X904H8,752,425 pkr
X704 WITH CABIN5,948,250 pkr
YTO X9046,798,000 pkr
X12548,837,400 pkr
MF 554 ROPS4,673,625 pkr
LF2204 POWER SHIFT31,593,705 pkr
MF 404 ROPS4,163,775 pkr

Ford Tractors

Ford is a Euro company that specializes in industrial and agricultural machinery equipment. This commercial brand has a separate audience base in Pakistan, with a wide range of tractors and related equipment easily available. They have a vast dealership network along with service centers in all major cities.

Tractor ModelPowerPrice Ranges
Ford 385050 HP1,090,000 pkr
Ford 456060 HP1,190,000 pkr
Ford 588080 HP1,586,000 pkr


Fiat needs no introduction, as it is a famous global automobile industrial brand that started manufacturing its own tractors back in 2010. Since then, they have had local Pakistani industry dealers selling their tractors to local farmers and commercial owners. Here is a price breakdown of the tractor prices in the local market.

Tractor ModelPowerPrice Ranges
480S Special50 HP1,167,600 pkr
480S Power Plus50 HP1,221,000 pkr
NH 640 Special85 HP1,472,100 pkr
NH 640 Special with Disc Brake85 HP1,475,250 pkr

Rahi Tractors

Rahi is originally a tractor assembling company as a venture between Ruba Automobile Pakistan and Chifeng Automobile China. This brand started off in 2013, with its main assembling unit located in Lahore, Pakistan. It primarily works as an authorized dealer and imports CKD tractors.

It has a wide range of powerful and durable tractors for commercial agriculture hauling applications and residential loads. The good thing about the company is that it delivers quality at an affordable price. As of now, this brand has three models, SR 550 (55 HP), SR 650 (65 HP), and SR 750 (75 HP), costing around 726,570 pkr, 813, 150 pkr, 1,063,400 pkr, respectively.

Ursus Tractors

Urus is a Poland-based tractor company located in Lublin, and it specializes in the automotive industry. Currently, it started exporting machinery to the Pakistani industry back in 2010 and now has a separate audience base in the country. The brand is known to specialize in 2×2 and 4×4 tractors.

Their prices are neither too high nor too low because of the mid-range production cost. They have a vast dealership network in the local industry, and you can easily find their products in any big city. As of now, they have launched three popular models, 2812 (50 HP), 3512 (60 HP), and 4512 (75 HP), costing around 6.5 lakh pkr, 7 lakh pkr, and 11 lakh pkr.

Dewan Tractors

Dewan Tractors is not literally considered an original tractor manufacturer due to the lack of assembling plants. Rather, they import Chinese tractors and sell them in the local market. Some popular options they have right now include Shanghai Tractors, Tumosan Tractors, and Foton Lovol, and for 2023, the company is yet to announce the revised prices.

GM Tractors

Finally, GM Tractors is a local Pakistani brand with its production plant located in Karachi. They are currently in the process of licensing with UTB and Fiat tractors to import some international equipment, which is why they are revising the prices. Just to give you an idea, all their tractors are available at an affordable budget, considering that the production is within the country.

Factors that Matter While Buying the Right Tractor in Pakistan

Buying a tractor is a big investment, which is why it becomes important to do all the research beforehand and choose what type of machinery will work for you. Here, everything matters, from the size of the property to the terrain, the type of work, and your budget. Still confused? Don’t worry, and give this guide a quick read.

Power of the Tractor

The first and foremost thing you need to consider here is the tractor’s horsepower or power capacity. The power of your machinery will determine for how long it is able to work. The thumb rule is that the higher the horsepower is, the better it is equipped to haul heavy loads and the more work it can handle.

That said, having a high horsepower for mowing small lawns and typical farms is not necessarily good, as it will be a waste of money. And if you are hauling a small lawn, any tractor with 15 to 20 HP will work just fine. However, investing in a tractor with horsepower between 60 to 85 HP is ideal for big farming areas and commercial work.

Tractor Transmission Mechanism

The second most important thing when buying a tractor is its transmission mechanism. In a nutshell, it determines how your tractor will work and can be categorized as manual or automatic transmission. And the question is, which transmission is better?

Let me tell you, there is no simple answer to this; it all comes down to what you are comfortable with. For instance, manual transmissions are harder to work with, as they require extra control and experience. In contrast, automatic ones are easier and more appropriate for people who have relatively less experience with tractor operations.


Tires are definitely one of the primary things you should be looking into while buying a tractor, whether it is for residential or commercial applications. Across the market, there are two types of tires, radius and bias. And the choice of your tire comes down to the driver’s preferences and the terrain.

For instance, radial tires are designed to drive on rough and hard surfaces, as they have better traction and stability. On the contrary, bias tires are relatively inexpensive and work great for people who want a smooth and comfortable ride over basic farmland. Do consider that, apart from the type, the quality of rubber is equally important.

Hydraulics Control

Likewise, you also need to look into the hydraulics of the tractor, as it will determine whether it is easy to control the frontloader and backhoe of your vehicle. Like any other thing, you also need to consider what type of work you will be doing. For instance, stronger hydraulics is necessary for commercial purposes, and vice versa.


Another thing that matters when buying a tractor is its number of attachments, as this will determine the equipment’s usability. Even if you have a low budget, it is ideal that it at least has a front-end loader, a mower, and a backhoe. That said, the type of work you will be doing matters a great deal when choosing the right attachments for your tractor.

Ease of Convenience

If you are a farm owner who needs a tractor on a daily basis, it becomes equally important to make sure the controls and mechanics are straightforward. Here, options like air conditioning cup holders, adjustable gear shifters, easy hauling mechanisms, and adjustable seats can be a great help. So, if you have the budget, do consider them while buying.

Price/ Budget

Last but not least, the price makes up a great deal of your investment, considering that you will be making all decisions based on this. I have explained some high-end, affordable, and in-between brands. Hence, it is always wise to set your budget beforehand so it is easy for you to pick and choose.

Finally, I hope you are clear about which tractor to buy and what brand.

Which tractor brand is best in Pakistan?

There are a number of tractor brands available in Pakistan with different budget ranges. For instance, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Al-GHazi, Millat, and Belarus are high-end brands specializing in advanced cutting-edge technology. Likewise, Rahi, Ursus, and GM tractors are affordable alternatives in the local market.

Does Pakistan make tractors?

Yes, some local brands specialize in the production and assembling of tractors. These include Al-Ghazi, GM Tractors, Massey Ferguson, and Millat tractors.

Which tractor is famous in the Pakistani market?

Millat and Al-Ghazi Tractors are definitely the most popular tractor brands in Pakistan. They make up almost 75% of the market shares in the local market. And this is why these two brands set the most price trends in the market.

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