Massey Ferguson 385 Price in Pakistan

If you are planning to purchase Massey Ferguson 385 and are worried about its price then you chose the right place. Here we will discuss the prices of both 2WD and 4WD MF 385, their specifications, and the advantages of using these tractors. Separate your 5 minutes and come with me to discover all about Massey Ferguson 385.

Massey 385 Price in Pakistan

In the past few years, the MF 385 price increased because of market trends. The model is famous in the areas where sugarcane cultivation is prevalent and has become one of the best-selling tractors in Pakistan, so its price has risen within a few years. The current price of MF 385 is 3,210,000 to 4,282,000 for the 4WD version.

If you are planning to purchase the MF 385, you should know that there are two model variants. The 2WD and 4WD are both famous because they can fulfill all the needs of farmers. But their performance and prices make them different models as one is more powerful while the other is fuel efficient.

Massey Ferguson 385 Model VariantPrice
Massey Ferguson 385 2WD3,465,000
Massey Ferguson 385 4WD4,585,000

The above table is showing the price differences and model variants but I want to add, why one model is inexpensive as compared to the other. There are a few technical differences between 2WD and 4WD tractors on the bases of their engine and power. I have discussed the features of both models in depth below!

Features & Qualities In 2WD Vs. 4WD


The first difference between the 2WD and 4WD is because of the power variation in tractors. The 2WD has 2 powered wheels whereas the 4WD has 4 powered wheels. Now you can understand the reason for the price difference as one is more powerful than the other one.


Then comes the difference between the performance of these two variants. The 2WD is less powerful as compared to the 4WD therefore it provides less traction in slippery conditions. On the other hand, 4WD is more powerful so it offers more traction on the slippery farms that’s why 4WD is more expensive than its rival.

People do not use tractors as farming machines but also consider them as means of transportation. Hence a tractor should have the ability to work both on and off the road. In this regard, 2WD is less efficient as compared to 4WD as it has a large engine and 4-powered wheel system.

Fuel Efficiency

The major element a farmer should always consider while purchasing and estimating the price of MF 385 is fuel consumption. The 4WD wins the above 2 battles whereas it is unable to win this fuel battle because it consumes more fuel as compared to the previous one. If you want a fuel-efficient tractor then you should purchase a 2WD MF 385.

What Are The Advantages Of Using MF 385?

Massey Ferguson 385 is one of the best-selling models in the market of tractors and the basic reason is its beneficial features. Because the price has risen within a few years the tractors have updated features and are equipped with more advanced properties. Here are the advantages of using MF 385.

High-Performance Diesel Low-Noise Engine

The thing that amazed and attracted a huge class of farmers to use MF 385 is its high-performance diesel engine. The tractor is equipped with a 4.41L 4-cylinder diesel engine and it can produce 85 horsepower. If you do not know, the 4-cylinder diesel engine means that an engine with 4 chambers and each one generates power when the diesel ignites.

A tractor with 4 chambers and 85 horsepower is highly reliable and durable but it can make high noise. On the other hand, MF 385 by Millat Tractors has a low-noise engine and produces bearable sound. It consumes low amounts of diesel and provides a good fuel consumption rate.

Decreased Gaseous Emission

Climate change is a reality and governments from all around the world are taking serious actions against carbon emissions. In this regard, the European Economic Commission has set a quantity for releasing the pollutants in the air. MF 385 meets the standards of ECE and it produces R49 pollutants.

Other Benefits Of MF 385

  • Hydrostatic power steering
  • Multi-disc brake system
  • Equipped with cooler
  • Spring suspension spring

Why Massey Ferguson 385 Price Fluctuates?

There could be several reasons for the price fluctuations in which economic instability is a major one. Within a few years, the price of MF 385 increased from 2,992,000 to 3,213,000. It happened because of the ups and downs in the market trends and the insatiable economy.

Another reason that can affect the price of MF 385 is inflation which is also associated with an insatiable economy. As inflation increases, the production cost also increases which takes the rates of MF 385 tractors from a low surface to a higher level. The last reason could be the dollar and rupee exchange rate; if the rupee is consistently devaluing you cannot expect low prices of MF 385.

The price loop is a bit complicated because tractors are made of different parts manufactured by various companies. As these companies raise the prices of their products then Millat Tractors also increases the price of their tractors.

When Should I Purchase Massey Ferguson 385?

I have mentioned above the factors that affect the prices of MF 385; you should purchase it when the economy is stable. If you observe economic conditions nowadays you can see that they are getting better as compared to a few months before and leading towards stability.

It is true that inflation has increased but for a few weeks, the percentage is on a point, so you can purchase MF 385 right now. Rupee slightly recovered a few weeks ago, therefore, all the conditions are favorable. You can purchase MF 385 these days but in the future, its prices may rise again.

What is the engine power of an MF 385 tractor?

The engine power of the MF 385 tractor is about 85 horsepower. It possesses a 4-cylinder engine which is available in two variants 2WD and 4WD.

Does MF385 have disc brakes?

Yes, the MF 385 brake system is advanced and it possesses disc brakes.

How can we book/purchase this tractor?

To purchase the MF 385 you are required to contact the Millat Tractors dealership; you can visit their website or showroom.

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