260 Tractor Price in Pakistan

The Massey Ferguson MF 260 tractor price right now in Pakistan is 2,350,000 PKR, and its special edition is available at 2,392,000 PKR. These are the upgraded prices that are recently updated and are applicable from 29th March 2023. The MF 260 2WD is one of the well-known Millat tractors and is more popular than other models.

Millat Tractors Ltd. company is one of the reliable companies in Pakistan that is located in Lahore and is known to manufacture high-end tractors used for multiple purposes needs, mainly in the agriculture industry of Pakistan. This tractor industry has a market share of more than 60% of tractors in Pakistan and is known for manufacturing top-notch high-end tractors used for versatile needs.

Let’s look at the key details of MF 260, its price, general specifications, features, and details that make it stand out among other options in the list of Millat tractors.

This guide tells you about the 260 tractor price in Pakistan, its features and specifications, and the reason why it is one of the most popular tractors among the list of tractors from Millat Tractors Ltd. Let’s look at the comparative study of previous and latest prices of the tractors in Pakistan before focusing on the features and key specifications.

260 Tractor Price in Pakistan

MF 260 2WD

This Massey Ferguson tractor was previously available in 21,85000, and now its rate has been raised up to 2350000. And the special edition of this MF 260 2WD tractor is available for rupees 2,392,000. Let us now look at the applications, key features, and specifications of this 260 tractor.

Usage And Application

This Millat 260 tractor is used in the commercial segment and for haulage. It is in high demand, mainly in the southern areas of Pakistan. It is specifically used for the purpose of transportation of sugarcane.

Key Features Of 260 Tractors in Pakistan

Some of the prominent features of the MF 260 tractor in Pakistan include,

  • The presence of a turbocharged engine is responsible for making the tractor more powerful by increasing the airflow and transporting more fuel into the engine.
  • It is highly fuel efficient and is a high-performance tractor that not only makes it easier when it comes to maintenance but also affordable when it comes to usage.
  • The tractor makes sure the fuel is burnt properly so that there is lower smoke emission, ultimately enhancing the performance and increasing the life of the tractor.
  • The tractor comes with an oil cooler feature. This feature is responsible for effective and efficient cooling, making sure the engine of the tractor does not heat even if you use it continuously.
  • These tractors can be used for tubewell operations, Rotavators, and threshers. This is because of the presence of high PTO power. This high PTO power makes it possible for the tractor to transfer the power to other equipment, making the tractor versatile and reliable for multipurpose usage.
  • The tractor comes with efficient oil-emerged multi-disc brakes. These multiple brakes make sure to maintain the temperature of the engine and provide immediate stopping even if you are applying brakes in the toughest of surface conditions.
  • The 260 MF tractor comes with a spring suspension deluxe seat that actually makes it comfortable and highly cushioning for the driver.

Key Specifications


Gross weight: 1,900 kg


  • Over exhaust: 2,220 mm
  • Oversteering wheel: 1,490 mm

Turning Circle

  • With brakes: 5,840 mm
  • Without brakes: 6,580 mm


  • Wheelbase: 1,892 mm
  • Overall length: 3,260 mm
  • Overall width (min): 1,890 mm


  • Front: 7.50 – 16 (6PR)
  • Rear: 14.9 / 13 – 28 (6PR)

Track Adjustment

  • Front: 1,245 – 1,854 mm
  • Rear: 1,423 – 2,134 mm


  • Engine power at 2,250 rpm Torque at 1,600 engine rpm

Engine Specifications

  • Type of engine: Diesel / T 3.1524
  • Capacity (liters): 2.5
  • No. of cylinders: 3
  • Bore: 91.5 mm
  • Injection: Direct
  • Stroke: 127 mm
  • Aspiration: Turbo
  • Compression ratio: 16:5:1
  • Cooling: Water
  • Starting aid: Thermostat
  • Throttle control: Hand and foot
  • Air Cleaner Type Air: Oil bath
  • Pre-Cleaner: Over bonnet
  • Oil Cooler: Air Cooled, Fin Type
  • Fuel filter: Dual, high capacity
  • Exhaust: Vertical
  • Diesel / T 3.1524


  • Type of clutch: Dual
  • Diameter of Clutch: 305 x 254 mm

Power Take-Off (PTO)

  • Type: Live
  • Shaft diameter: 35 mm
  • Engine speed at 540 PTO rpm: 1,789 rpm
  • No. of splines: 6

Speed (km/hr)

  • Road speed at 2,250 engine rpm with 14.9 / 13-28 rear tires.


Number of Gears: 8 Forward, 2 Reverse

  • Forward 1: (First low) 2.6
  • Forward 2: 3.8
  • Forward 3: 5.2
  • Forward 4: 7.0
  • Forward 5: (First High) 10.4
  • Forward 6: 15.2
  • Forward 7: 20.8
  • Forward 8: 27.9
  • Reverse 1: (low) 3.5
  • Reverse 2: (high) 14.7


  • Voltage: 12 V Negative Earth
  • Battery: 118 Ah
  • Starter Motor: 2.2 kW
  • Alternator: 32 Amp


  • Fuel tank: 47.51 Liter
  • Engine sump: 6.81 Liter
  • Cooling system: 11.70 Liter
  • Hydraulic system: 36.00 Liter
  • Steering box: 0.9 Liter
  • Oil bath air-cleaner: 0.5.0 Liter

Front Axle

  • Type: Adjustable, Box Section,


  • Type of steering: Manual

Brakes And Rear Axle

  • Axle Type: Straddle with epicyclical reduction unit
  • Brake Type: Oil Immersed, multi-disc
  • Brakes Actuation: Mechanical
  • Parking Brake: Hand Lever Operated

Instruments In Tractor

  • Tachometer
  • Battery condition
  • Hour meter
  • Fuel level
  • Water temperature
Warning Lights
  • Headlight main beam
  • Low engine oil pressure
  • Direction indicators
  • Electric charge
  • Auxiliary socket
  • Brake lights

What Is The Booking And Delivery Procedure For MF 260 Tractors?

Your tractor will only be booked after full payment is made to the respective dealer. The full amount should be paid in the name of Millat Tractors Ltd. The delivery time of the Millat Tractor is somewhere about 3 months, and you will receive the tractor at the place you want it to be delivered. Additionally, the company also charges the freight charges exclusively for the price of the tractor.

What is the price of Massey Ferguson 260 in Lahore?

The price of Massey Ferguson 260 in Lahore right now is 2,350,000 PKR. And the price of its special edition is 2,392,000. These are the latest updated prices that are applicable from the bookings of tractors from 29th March 2023 and onwards.

Is Massey Ferguson worth purchasing or not?

Yes, it is one of the highly functional and premium tractors that is available at a budget-friendly price. The tractor comes with features that make it reliable for versatile functioning. Some of the key features of the MF 260 tractor include turbocharged engine fuel efficiency, low smoke emission, oil cooling, and higher PTO power.

Final Thoughts

The article tells you about 260 tractor prices in Pakistan and how much money you have to spend to purchase this tractor. The guide also covers its key features, specifications, how you can make a booking, and what are the basic applications of the Millat 260 tractor. It is one of the most affordable choices for most users and is known for being one of the most powerful tractors available.

It has numerous prominent features that make it top-notch in its performance. The features include high-performance fuel efficiency, less smoke emission, effective cooling, integrated oil-immersed multi-disc brakes, robust construction, and better fuel burning.

The tractor at today’s rate is available at 2,350,000 PKR, and its special edition is available at 2,392,000 PKR. The tractor was 2,185,000 rupees before the increment was made in its price.

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