Dabang Tractor Price In Pakistan 2023

Prices of tractors are increasing day by day in these chaotic conditions. If you are interested in purchasing one, you are on the right path because here we will talk about the Dabang tractor prices in all areas of Pakistan. Furthermore, you will see all the features of the Dabang tractor and why its prices are rising frequently; here we go!

The Dabang tractor project was launched by a famous tractor manufacturing company, Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited in 2007. In the beginning, it had lower prices, but over time, the rates increased because of a list of factors I have discussed below. Anyhow, the current price of the Dabang tractor is PKR 3,178,000.

The tractor is famous all around Pakistan because of its high power and incredible performance. It has 85 horsepower and manual steering, plus powerful brakes. When it was launched, it had a few faults, but with improvements, the tractor became one of the best-selling Al-Ghazi Tractors Products.

If you trace the price statistics of the Dabang tractor, it was about 18 lakh to 20 lakh rupees a few years ago. But after a few happenings, the price reached 30+ lakh and in the future, it may rise further. Therefore, purchasing the Dabang tractor right now is a wise decision.

Dabang Tractor Price in Pakistan 2023
Tractor ModelNew Price
Dabang TractorRs. 3,178,000

Comparison Of Various Al-Ghazi Tractors With Dabang Tractor


The major reason why the Dabang tractor is better than others is because it is more powerful. Actually, other Al Ghazi tractors are 55 HP or 65 HP, but this one is different.

It has an advanced engine that can produce nearly 85 horsepower. Furthermore, the tractor has a 4WD driving system in which all the wheels have the power to drive.

If you use a tractor not only for farming but also for transportation, then an 85-horsepower engine is perfect for lifting giant bundles of sugarcane. The majority of the farmers use tractors as a source of transporting sugarcane or wheat, which are heavyweight. Meanwhile, this tractor can carry nearly 2500 kg effortlessly.


People run to purchase the Dabang tractors because of their ultra-level performance and smooth driving experiences. Once you use it on the farm or take it on concrete roads, the tractor will provide the same performance. Such a reliable and highly efficient farming machine is far better than all the other Al Ghazi tractor models.

In terms of performance, the most impressive part is its high-traction wheels. The tractor has wheels with patterns of traction which are highly helpful for running it on the farms. As you know, farming is all about running tractors on slippery grounds, so this tractor is perfect for slippery surfaces and provides incredible performance.

Fuel Consumption

There are a few things you should notice regarding this tractor that it consumes more fuel as compared to other models. Actually, it is because the Dabang tractor possesses a 4-cylinder engine that has 4 different chambers and each chamber produces energy when the fuel ignites.

As far as the concern is about fuel consumption the Dabang tractor will take 2 liters of diesel per hour. But the statistics vary according to the type of place and speed. The highest speed of this tractor is about 50 to 60 km per hour.

Now there are two reasons why the tractor consumes more fuel. First, it has a heavier engine and second, the tractor weight is about 160 kg.

It is one of the heaviest tractors and such farming machines require more fuel for energy. But its performance is far better than our expectations and other models of the Al Ghazi tractors.

Advantages Of Using Dabang Tractor

The model is ruling the hearts of farmers because of its performance. There is a list of Dabang tractor features that make farming easier than before. Anyhow, I have gathered a few advantages of using the Dabang tractor, look below!

Diesel Filter

Finding clean and pure diesel in remote areas is not only hard but nearly impossible. However, if you use the local diesel which is full of impurities, it will destroy the engine of the tractor and decrease its service life. But thanks to Al Ghazi Tractors Limited which placed dual diesel filters in the tractor.

First, you do not need to pour the clean and pure diesel because the filters will separate impurities from diesel. Second, it will increase the overall service life of the tractor. That’s why Dabang tractors work longer than all other tractors.

Hydraulic Brakes

Another feature that deserves an award is its hydraulic brake system which is highly durable and ensures the safety of the user. Actually, the hydraulic brakes provide quick response and increase the ratio of safety while driving the tractor. The brake system is dependent upon the hydraulic pressure, as you press the brake, it stops the tractor quickly without shocks.

Usually, brake failure occurs when you instantly press the brakes and the entire system does not work. But these hydraulic brakes are not like other simple brakes, instead, they are based on advanced technology so brake failure is impossible for this tractor.

Other Advantages

  1. It has 8 forward and 2 backward gears.
  2. The tractor provides an incredibly soft and cushioning seat.
  3. Dabang tractor has high-quality spring suspensions.
  4. It has a 4-cylinder engine, which has multiple chambers.
  5. It has a cooler to maintain the temperature of the engine.

Why Do Dabang Tractor Prices Fluctuate?

As I have mentioned the previous prices of the Dabang tractors you can see the price hype in the past. It occurred because of several reasons, but the prominent one was economic instability.

In the past few years, the prices increased because of the low market trends. As the market goes down, the price of tractors, including Dabang tractors, rises.

The economic instability raises the prices of all the accessories and parts of the tractors. When Al-Ghazi Tractors purchase parts at a high cost, they increase the price of their products, and you see the hype in prices. Additionally, it raises the labor cost, transportation, and machinery costs and all these affect the rates of Dabang tractors.

Furthermore, the currency exchange rates can impact the price of tractors. Here an interesting phenomenon occurs: when the rupee devalues against dollars, the prices of tractors go up. On the other hand, the global crisis can also impact the prices of tractors as the price of steel or petrol increases globally, the rates of tractors will also rise.

When Should I Purchase A Dabang Tractor?

If you see the previous rates and estimate the future prices of the major industries such as steel or petrol, you will see a price hype. But for the past 3 to 4 months, the economy has stabilized a bit, and the rupee slightly recovered against the dollar. So, purchasing a Dabang tractor right now is a wise decision.

How do you book/purchase new tractors?

To purchase or book the new Dabang tractor, you should visit the official website of Al-Ghazi Tractors.

How much warranty is offered by the company on a new tractor?

The company offers a warranty of 14 months.

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