Massey Ferguson 375 Tractor Price In Pakistan

If you are searching for the latest 375 tractor prices in Pakistan and are confused about its quality, then you are in the right place. I will guide you all about the 375 tractor prices in Pakistan, its variants, quality, and price web. Come with me, and we will explore the grounds of the Massey Ferguson 375 tractor.


Massey Ferguson 375 is one of the most famous tractors among farmers because of its high power, smart design, and cushioning spring seat. The tractor is known for its 75 horsepower engine, which means it can carry heavy weight. According to an estimation, the 75 horsepower tractor can carry 1500 kg to 2000kg conveniently.

Well, the heavy weight capacity and incredible power make it one of the best tractors. If you are concerned about its rates, the price of MF 375 has risen with the passage of time and its current price is PKR 3,102,000 to 4,165,000. A few years ago, MF 375 was about 18 lakh to 20 lakh but as the inflation increases, Millat Tractors Limited also raises the rates of their products.

Now you should know that there are two variants of the MF 375 2WD and 4WD. One is more powerful as compared to the other while the second is cheaper than its competitor. Tractors are not only used for framing but also for other purposes so you should purchase a versatile one.

MF 375 Model VariantsNew Price
MF375-2WDRs. 3,345,000
MF375-4WDRs. 4,500,000

Differences Between 2WD Vs. 4WD & Their Prices


The first aspect, a farmer should notice while purchasing a tractor is the number of driven wheels. In simple words, 2WD MF 375 has 2 driven wheels but 4WD has 4 driven wheels. If you compare both of these variants according to their power then 4WD will win as it has a 4-driven wheels system.

Those who use tractors only for farming can go for the 2WD while 4WD is for those who use tractors for other purposes. In terms of horsepower, both 2WD and 4WD are the same but 4WD is more efficient in distributing the power and maintaining an organized function. Therefore, 4WD is used for all kinds of activities but 2WD is only for farming.


Differences are prominent between 2WD and 4WD MF 375 Tractors. Basically, the previous one provides less traction and is good for slippery conditions but not the best. On the other hand, 4WD has 4 driven wheels and provides an ideal job in slippery conditions plus provides more traction.

The price difference between 2WD and 4WD clearly indicates that both are made for separate purposes. Actually, the 2WD is perfect for small farms but the 4WD has a heavy engine that can work for hours in large farms. However, both the 2WD and 4WD have the same speed and number of gears.

Fuel Consumption

The last battle is about to occur and it is a battle of fuel consumption between 2WD and 4WD MF 375 Tractors. To be honest, 2WD consumes less fuel as compared to its rival because it has 2 driven wheels so it requires less energy. While 4WD can consume more fuel in difficult conditions because the tractor requires to run all the wheels therefore it needs more energy.


You have seen the basic differences between 2WD and 4WD MF 375 tractors. The last thing about them is that their prices, such as 2WD, are about 3,102,000 whereas the 4WD costs 4,165,000. The huge price difference between these two MF 375 tractors is because of their power, performance, and fuel consumption.

Qualities Of MF 375 Tractors

You have seen how 2WD and 4WD are different and their price variation but there are a few shared features of both model variants. These qualities make MF 375 tractors one of the best selling tractors in all around Pakistan. I have gathered these qualities, take a look!

Hydraulic Brakes

The major challenge farmers face while driving the tractor is the braking system. If they are driving in the farmland which is slippery and slides are possible, in such conditions controlling the tractor is highly difficult. But MF 375 tractors have a brake system that utilizes hydraulic pressure to engage brakes.

These types of systems provide incredible control and quick response and maintain the safety of the driver. The oil-immersed design helps to increase the overall life of the brakes and eliminate the chances of brake failure. Its hydraulic brakes provide a multi-disc configuration for increasing the resistance force and safe brake operation.

Air Cooler Added

The problem farmers consistently face is the heated engine which does not work after reaching a certain heat point. In contrast, this tractor has an air cooler for maintaining the temperature of the engine. Additionally, it enhances the overall life of the engine and extends per session farming duration.

Other Features

  1. It has 8 forward and 2 backward gears.
  2. It has manual steering.
  3. It has a spring suspension seat.
  4. MF 375 tractor generates less noise and consumes less fuel.
  5. The tractor has long-range headlights and effective backlights.
  6. MF 375 provides a 4-cylinder engine.

Why Do The Prices Of MF 375 Fluctuate?

There are several reasons why MF 375 prices fluctuate and the major one is the insatiable economy. As the country has faced a harsh phase of rise and fall in market trends, the prices of tractors have increased. Actually, Millat tractors rely upon market trends, as the market share value increases and the economy stabilizes the prices become constant.

But for a considerable duration, the share values and market trends were downward therefore major industries like Millat Tractors raised the prices of their products. Another reason why prices are uncertain is that the increased production cost has raised labor, transportation, and machinery costs. In simple words, as inflation increases the labor and transportation cost also increases so the prices of tractors go up.

The last reason is the rupee and dollar exchange rate, if the rupee has devalued then the prices of tractors increase. Basically, the high petrol prices increase the rates of other interlinked industries and it will negatively impact the price of the MF 375 tractor.

When Should I Purchase MF 375 Tractor?

The trends of the market also influence the prices of all commodities so a potential customer should consider all the factors that influence the rates of MF 375 tractors. The first phenomenon to notice is the stability of the economy and it is getting better as the Pakistan government is receiving bailouts from other countries.

Then comes the inflation and currency exchange rate which is constant for a few weeks. The inflation was increasing day by day but has stopped because of bailouts further the rupee value has slightly raised against the dollar. In short, these are the most favorable conditions to purchase MF 375 Tractors.

What is the engine power of an MF 375 tractor?

The engine power of the MF 375 tractor is 75 horsepower.

How can we book/purchase this tractor?

To book or purchase the tractors you need to visit the official website of the Millat Tractors.

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