Water Tank Price in Pakistan

The current Water Tank Price in Pakistan is Rs. 3500 per 100 litre water tank. It was last updated on 11 September, 2023.

water tank price in pakistan

Having a water tank in a building is extremely important. It helps in retaining water that is clean from all kinds of impurities.

For picking the best water tank, it is critical to know its price range. If not knowing the recent water tank price in Pakistan has you worried, then do not fret.

The following article will help you become aware of the latest rates for water tanks. In addition to that, you will also know who is the best supplier of tanks in Pakistan. So, you will not have to face the problem of finding one yourself.

Unit of Measuring

In Pakistan, the units used for measuring a water tank are kilograms (kgs) and litres (L). The weight of the water tank is measured and noted in kgs.

However, its capacity is covered in litres. Therefore, to measure the weight of a water tank, you need to be aware of its weight in kgs as well as its capacity in litres.

Price Chart of Water Tank

Serial NumberCapacityWeight (Kg)Price
1.100 litre43500 PKR
2.200 litre53700 PKR
3.300 litre64400 PKR
4.400 litre86000 PKR
5.500 litre107600 PKR
6.600 litre129200 PKR
7.700 litre1612,200 PKR
8.800 litre2015,000 PKR
9.900 litre2418,000 PKR
10.1000 litre2620,000 PKR

Factors That Affect the Price of Water Tanks in Pakistan

Cost of Transport

The first factor that plays a major role in the hike of water tanks in the country is the cost of transportation. This cost is affected by the fuel prices in Pakistan.

When there is a hike in the price of fuel, the transportation charges increase automatically. Therefore, the suppliers of water tanks in the country increase the price of every piece of water tank.

Brand Quality

The second factor that has a role in the price of water tanks in Pakistan is brand quality. There are many manufacturers as well as suppliers of these tanks in the country.

Every brand and supplier has a different quality of construction. The ones offering the best quality also charge more for it. On the other hand, the ones that are making low-quality tanks offer them at a lower price as well.

Cost of Raw Materials

The third factor that has an impact on the prices of water tanks in Pakistan is the cost of raw materials. The most common material used in the making of water tanks in the country is plastic.

Other materials are also used in the making which adds to the cost, along with the manufacturing procedure cost. All of this affects the final price of the product. So, when there is a hike in even a single raw material, the cost of water tanks is increased across the country.

Best Brands Supplying Water Tanks In Pakistan

When it comes to water tanks, there are many companies supplying them to consumers. However, not all of them are reliable. The following are some of the top suppliers of water tanks in Pakistan.

  • Decent Corporation
  • Wali Enterprises
  • Star Water Tanks
  • Al-Khair Water Tanks
  • Ayyan Tuff Plastic Engineering
  • Dura Max Water Tanks
  • API Water Tank Unit
  • Bawar Khan Water Supply Tank
  • Master Water Tanks
  • Umar Tuff Water Tanks
  • Popular water tank
  • Baitun Water Supply System
  • Insu Tank
  • Usama and Ubaid Water Tanks
  • Shandar water tank
  • Al Makkah Plastic Water tank

Which type of water tank is best for household uses?

Plastic water tanks are ideal for home use. They come at a cheaper price than concrete tanks. Moreover, they are also easier to clean as compared to concrete tanks.

What is the best water tank in terms of price and quality in Pakistan?

The Dura Max water tanks are hands down some of the best pieces available in the market. They come at a reasonable cost and are also good in terms of quality.

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