Blocks Price In Pakistan

The current Blocks Price In Pakistan is Rs. 30 per 12x2x8 inches. It was last updated on 11 September, 2023.

blocks price in pakistan

Concrete blocks are a major part of the construction industry in Pakistan. Whether it is a house or a 7-story building, blocks are a necessity in construction.

However, not knowing the price before splurging on the blocks is a critical mistake that will result in a lot of loss. Many people who are entering the business of construction or are making their own homes are unaware of how important it is to know the price of all the materials.

This knowledge can help in the long run and prevent much loss. The article below contains a price chart along with other helpful information.

Unit Of Measuring Blocks

In Pakistan, blocks are usually sold by their weight or by the number of blocks. Cement blocks and concrete blocks are measured in lbs or tonnes. The most commonly used unit for measuring these blocks in Pakistan is tonnes or tons.

Different factors affect the weight of a block. The material used in their construction is the first factor that influences the weight of a block. Moreover, the size, and shape also affect how much one block weighs.

Price Chart

The price of a single concrete or cement block depends upon many factors. Not every block available in the market has the same price because not all of them are the same in size. Following is a chart that explains the most commonly used sizes of blocks in Pakistan, along with their recent prices.

NumberSize (inches)Dimensions (mm)Price
A116x8x8400x200x20075 PKR
A216x6x8400x127x20070 PKR
A312x5x8400x127x20065 PKR
A412x4x8400x101x20040 PKR
A512x3x8400x76x20035 PKR
A612x2x8400x50x20030 PKR

Best Brands Offering Blocks In Pakistan

When it comes to blocks, there is a wide number of manufacturers present in Pakistan. Each claims to offer a better design and construction than the previous one.

However, not every block from every brand is worth the bucks. Because the entire structure of the house depends upon these blocks, you need to buy them more carefully from trustworthy brands.

Some of the best brands offering the finest blocks in Pakistan are shared below. You can pick anyone from these.

  • KM Mughal
  • Faisla Associates
  • Tameer Karo
  • Payeefy
  • Tradworth International
  • Banu Mukhtar Products Pvt ltd
  • Crocyard Trading
  • Reckon Concretes Private Limited
  • Flyash bricks and Blocks.
  • Hubcrete Pvt Ltd.

What Factors Affect the Price of Blocks in Pakistan?

Raw Material

The first factor that greatly influences the price of blocks in Pakistan is the cost of the raw material. Blocks are usually constructed from concrete or cement, along with some additives.

When there is a hike in the raw material’s price, the blocks’ overall cost is also affected naturally. Similarly, a decrease in the cost of even a single raw material will influence the price of the blocks.

Transportation Cost

Another major factor that has a direct influence on the price of blocks in Pakistan is transportation cost. The cost of transportation depends upon the price of the fuel in the country.

When the fuel prices increase, then there is a hike in the transportation cost. So, naturally, the overall price of blocks increases overnight.

How much is 1000 block bricks?

The price of 1000 block bricks depends on multiple factors, including the manufacturers and the type and size of the blocks. However, generally, the 1000 blocks price range is 30,000 to 75,000.

How many blocks will build a 12 by 12 room?

To build a 12×12 room with blocks, first, take the walls’ length and height. Multiply these two measurements, and then multiply the answer by 60.
You also need to add some extra numbers as there is a lot of waste. If the area is 144sq/ft, then the number of bricks will be between 1700-1800.

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