Marble Prices in Pakistan

The current Marble Prices in Pakistan is Rs. 70-100 per sq. ft.. It was last updated on 07 September, 2023.

marble price in pakistan

Building a house is the dream of every Pakistani but fulfilling this dream requires a lot of struggle. Such as one has to focus on flooring, the types of marble he will use on the floor, and so on. Just like all other things, marble’s price determines its quality; the more you pay for it, the better you will get.

Price of the marble in Pakistan varies from city to city and is high in different regions because of the factors that affect it. We will discuss all about marble; its types, its prices, and the factors which affect marble prices. All you need is 5 minutes to read this guide and these 5 minutes will save you thousands of rupees.

How Marble Prices are Calculated?

Before you go to the market you should know that the marble is measured in square feet or in square metres. Actually, these two units are there because of the size and the shape of marble.

For example, if you are purchasing it for flooring then you need small marble tiles which are measured in square feet and their average price is PKR 70 to PKR 100 per square foot.

On the other hand, if you place a larger and single marble tile then you should measure it in the square meter. For instance, a slab that is 1 meter wide and 2 meters long is 2 sq.m. At the same time, a small slab 3 feet wide and 4 feet long is 12 sq. ft.

Marble Prices

BrandTypePrice (PKR/sq. ft.)
China VeronaCream95
Botticino FancyBrown140
Tipi FlowerBrown90

How To Choose The Best Marble?

While purchasing the marble, there are a few points you should consider such as the color or cracks. Plus, you should purchase a marble of high quality; one that can stand against high pressure. So, here are a few points you should notice in marble while purchasing, take a look!

Color & Veining

The first thing you should notice in the marble is the color, but here is something more, you should purchase a marble that matches the wall paint. In my opinion, you should plan a color scheme such as grey marble with white paint or dark marble with brown paint.

The veining is the most significant part but if you do not know about it, veining in a marble plate are the patterns. A marble should have a prominent veining so the viewer can see it clearly. Plus, the veining should match and look good with the wall paint otherwise your house will look awkward.

Quality & Grade

Quality and grades are interlinked because these are two different names of similar phenomena. While choosing the marble you should consider the quality of the stone. The stone quality depends upon the A to D grades, in simple words, grade A marbles are used for bearing more pressure and lifting more weight.

Other grades B, C, and D are made of a bit weaker stone to stand against a lower pressure. Plus, you should consider the pressure and weight limit because if you are buying it for flooring then heavyweight and high-pressure marbles are suitable for you. Anyhow, the quality is dependent on the way you use it.

Factors That Affect the Prices of Marble in Pakistan

Type of Marble

There are countless types of marbles depending on the strength and thickness of the stone and the color of the stone. Usually, black and brown marbles are more expensive as compared to grey and white. It is because black marble is difficult to mine and Pakistan has fewer resources of black marble.

Mining Prices

Marble is not produced in the factory but mined in the mountains. These mountains are on the north and south sides of Pakistan. Here you should note that mining in these areas requires heavy machinery and more labor therefore as the price of the mining increases the marble rate also fluctuates.

Production Cost

Another major factor in the marble prices is the product cost, actually, multiple factories have large marble stones which are cut apart into multiple pieces. For this, these factories require laborers, energy, and transportation to provide marble to their dealers. As the energy source such as electricity price increases the price of marble also goes up because the machinery requires electricity to cut marble stones.

Then comes the labor cost, as inflation increases in the country, laborers ask for bonuses, so factory owners increase prices to fulfill the demands of the labor. The last one is transportation because heavyweight stones are transported on heavy-duty vehicles which consume more fuel. If petrol prices go up, transportation costs more and marble prices also increase.


Which is the most durable marble in Pakistan?

The durability of the marble depends upon the stone quality however the strongest stone in Pakistan is Tavera.

Which Pakistani marble is best?

The best Pakistani marble is the Ziarat White Marble. It is durable, looks attractive, is inexpensive, and can lift more pressure.

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