Golden Water Pumps Price in Pakistan

The current Golden Water Pumps Price in Pakistan is Rs. 16550 per 0.5 horsepower pump. It was last updated on 11 September, 2023.

golden water pumps price in pakistan

Whether it is the supply of water or drainage, only the best water pumps present in Pakistan can do these jobs effectively. One prime example is the golden water pumps.

If you are looking for a good water pump and are not sure about the golden water pump price in Pakistan, then you need to continue reading. This article will provide you with all the relevant information.

Along with the price of the pumps, you will also find out the reasons behind their current prices. Furthermore, the list of the best manufacturers of these pumps in Pakistan is also shared below.

Unit Of Measurement

Before we dive into the details about the golden water pumps price in Pakistan, you first need to know about the weight of these models. Internationally, these water pumps are weighed on different scales.

Multiple units are used to represent the weight such as tonnes (ton), grams (g), ounces (oz), and pounds (lbs). However, in Pakistan, a golden water pump machine is weighed in kilograms (kg).

There are different types of pumps that also come in different sizes. Kilograms is used to weigh all of these different pumps.

Price Chart

Type Of PumpMotorModelPrice
Golden Mono-Block Pumps0.5 HorsepowerGMB-100516,550 PKR
Golden Mono Block Pump Stainless Steel0.5 HorsepowerGMBS70/0.3733,000 PKR
Golden Multistage Pumps5 HorsepowerMS-235,793 PKR
Golden Self Priming Pumps0.5 HorsepowerGXP-D1/0.3722,500 PKR
Golden Shallow Well Jet Pumps0.5 HorsepowerJet25,000 PKR
Local Golden PumpGolden Pump7000 – 15,000 PKR

Factors Affecting The Price Of Golden Water Pumps in Pakistan

Brand Quality

The first factor that affects the price of golden water pumps in Pakistan is the difference in brands. There is a multitude of brands offering water pumps in the country. Each brand has a different level of quality that they strive to maintain.

Well-known brands use high-quality materials in the making of the pumps, as compared to the less famous brands. Therefore, the brands that offer high-quality charge more than the other manufacturers.

Pump Capacity

Every model of golden water pump comes with a different capacity. This capacity determines how much water flow the machine can handle.

The pumps that come with a higher capacity and have a higher horsepower are also more expensive. On the other hand, the ones that are available in the market with a lower capacity come at a much low cost.

Construction Material and its Cost

The third important factor that affects the cost of these machines in Pakistan is the prices of the materials used in their making. Everything from the motor components to the casing of the pump comes in a different price range.

When the cost of each material used in the construction is high, it automatically causes a surge in the price of the golden water pumps in the country. If even a single part comes at a reduced cost, it will decrease the overall price of the machines.

Best Manufacturers In Pakistan

There are many brands that are offering water pumps. However, in order to stay away from bad-quality pumps and awful investments, it is best to always go for the best manufacturer. Following are some of the top names in Pakistan.

  • Ibrahim Water pumps
  • Hi-Flow Pump Industries
  • KSB Pumps
  • Golden Pumps (PVT) Limited
  • Falcon Pumps
  • Super Asia Water Pumps
  • Shalimar Submersible Pumps
  • Infinity Star Trading
  • Castle Pump Limited

Which pump is good for home?

For home use, every person needs to go for the golden water pumps. They come with various capacities and horsepower and also perform really well.

What will be the average cost of water pumps in Pakistan?

The cost of water pumps depends upon many factors. However on average, the price range swings between 7000 PKR to 35,000 PKR.

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