Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

The current Solar Panel Price in Pakistan is Rs. 85 per Watt. It was last updated on 07 September, 2023.

solar panel price in pakistan

The demand for solar panels is increasing with each passing day in Pakistan because besides providing a green energy solution, it also helps you get rid of lead shedding and saves electricity bills in the future. The average life of a solar panel is up to 25 years, which is why it is considered a long-term investment.

That’s why every Pakistani is curious to know solar panel prices in Pakistan and more details related to it. As a property dealer, I have bought a couple of panels for houses I built and experienced a fluctuation in the cost trend of solar panels, which I’ll share in this blog post.

I hope that this information will help you in choosing the right-priced model by a good Pakistani brand. Let’s begin!

How are the Prices of Solar Panels Calculated?

Solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy. These are the sheets consisting of photovoltaic cells that perform this function. To estimate or measure the output of the solar panel, we need to calculate the electrical energy it produces.

In general, electrical energy is measured in kilowatt-hours, shortly written as kWh. For your information, if a solar panel produces 200 watts of energy for an hour, it means it has produced 200 watt-hours, which can be written as 0.2 kWh.

To measure the solar panels’ output, there are different types of devices used, for example, multimeter, solar charge controller, watt meter, and more. As a general idea, you need to connect one of these devices to the panel using cables and a battery to calculate the output.

If you don’t want to indulge yourself in this stuff, simply read the product information section to see the output value of a solar panel before you spend money on it. That’s all for measuring solar panels, now let’s move on to the price structure.

Solar Panel Costs

The solar panel cost varies greatly, especially based on watt output. For example, 550-watt solar panels price ranges between 40,000 PKR to 70,000 PKR, while if you go for more watts, the price will tend to increase and vice versa.

Sr.Output (Watts)Average Price (PKR)

Factors Affected Solar Panel Price In Pakistan

The price of a solar panel can be affected by multiple factors, for example, brand, efficiency, power output, panel type, and more. Let’s discuss them all shortly!


The output of the solar panel (or electrical energy it creates) is measured in watts. As a general rule of thumb, if you go for more wattage, you’ll need to pay more, and vice versa. The table below will show you the price of solar panels depending on watts in Pakistan.

Panel Type

There are four different kinds of solar panels in Pakistan: Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Passivated Emitter Rear Contact, and Thin-film panels. The Monocrystalline solar panels, as the name indicated, are composed of one silicon crystal and they are most popular for their increased efficiency.

Due to their highest efficiency, Monocrystalline solar panels are the most expensive. In contrast, polycrystalline panels use more than one silicon crystal. However, they are less efficient than Monocrystalline because they have compact space for electron movement.

Polycrystalline panels are less expensive than Monocrystalline panels, in a nutshell. Moving on to the PERC panels, which are one of the latest types of solar panels in Pakistan. PERC stands out for its better efficiency and reduced power loss, and they are available in different price ranges in Pakistan.

Lastly, thin-filmed panels are the most budget-friendly solar panels that are composed of photovoltaic cells. They are composed of different layers of PV cells and can be used in different applications. The multiple layers of cells make these panels versatile, flexible, and efficient.


The brand you choose also decides the price of the solar panel in Pakistan. This is because if you go for a high-quality and reputable company, for instance, Sky Electric, Premier Energy, etc., you will need to pay more. In contrast, if you go for a local brand or a newcomer product, you’ll get the same wattage panel for less price.

However, I don’t recommend opting for cheap quality panels for the sake of a few thousand rupees only. This is because the cheap panel will not work efficiently and may damage your appliances or system, etc. In the long run, opting for a reliable solar panel is always a good idea.

Installation Cost

The cost of solar panels, in a nutshell, also depends on their installation budget. That’s simple! You’re not going to get a panel and place it on your roof and it will start producing energy; of course, it needs to get installed in a loop with your home’s electricity channel.

In this sequence, you should consider the installation cost as well as some solar panels get installed on your rooftop, while others are portable. I found the portable solar panels less expensive as far as the installation cost is concerned.

Petrol Prices

The increasing petrol prices are also one of the factors that influence the rate of solar panels in Pakistan. In general, when petrol price increases, everything in the marketplace tend to become more expensive than before because of transportation cost.

In this sequence, I have experienced that with an increase in petrol rates in Pakistan, solar panels are also getting expensive, so in the future, if we get to see any decline in petrol, the solar panel prices will also get reduced. Let’s hope for the best!

Best Solar Panel Brands In Pakistan

I’m ranking the popular Pakistani brands for designing and manufacturing solar panels for your assistance. You can see more details of these brands by visiting their official stores or websites.

The best Pakistani brands which makes solar panels is Sky Electric

  • Premier Energy
  • Solar System Pakistan
  • Net Solar
  • Alpha Solar
  • Beacon Energy
  • Sanainergy
  • Zorays Solar Pakistan
  • Advendsol Private Limited


What is the price of 1 solar panel in Pakistan?

On average, the price of 550-watt solar panels in Pakistan is up to 60,000 PKR. However, it depends on several factors, for example, the type of solar panel, wattage, brand, and more. In this article, I have shared my knowledge on the current prices of solar panels in Pakistan; don’t forget to read.

Can I run 2 AC on a 5kW solar system?

Yes, you can run two air conditioners on a 5kW (5,000 Watt) solar system, but only up to 2.0 tons ACs. If you will try to run more than that, the efficiency will get reduced with time and the appliance may suffer, so please keep these little things in mind.

How many batteries are required for a 5kW solar system?

A hybrid 5kW inverter will need around 500 ah batteries of 12 Volt. You can also connect split batteries of 250 ah batteries that will fulfill the requirement. However, this also depends on the time for which you need to run the inverter, for instance, for one hour, you will require more than 500 ah 12 V batteries.

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