Bathroom Set Prices in Pakistan

The current Bathroom Set Prices in Pakistan is Rs. 2000 to 37000 per Bathroom sets. It was last updated on 12 September, 2023.

Bathroom Set Prices in Pakistan

If you are here, you must be looking for a bathroom set that suits your taste and style. So let’s explore bathroom set prices in Pakistan to transform your bathroom according to your comfort and budget. Whether you want a minimalist or a modern bathroom set, the Pakistani market offers an amazing variety at different prices.

One thing is for sure today’s article has something for everyone, from budget-friendly to luxurious bathroom sets. So stick around.

Pakistan’s sanitary fitting companies produce many bathroom essentials, from vibrant towel sets to chic soap dispensers and stylish toothbrush holders to shower and bath sets. In short, they have everything you need to style your bathroom that matches your vibe.

Before we check out the pricing of bathroom sets in Pakistan, let me tell you that bathroom products are measured in millimeters. So if you are doing everything yourself, from designing to picking products for your bathroom, take the measurement beforehand to find a bathroom set that complements your bathroom space.

Bathroom Set Prices in Pakistan

Top Brands Bathroom Set Prices in Pakistan

I started looking for bathroom sets from top brands in Pakistan. I came across various products offering diverse designs, material choices, and price ranges during my hunt. Each brand has its own sets with unique designs and signature elements, making them stand out among other options.

However, our main concern today is the prices of bathroom sets so we will discuss that only. So here are some of my favorite bathroom fitting brands from Pakistan, along with the average price of their products.

Top Brands of PakistanBathroom Sets Prices
Faisal SanitaryRs. 2000-37,000
Sonex SanitaryRs. 1000-20,000
Master SanitaryRs. 26,000-48,000
Super Asia SanitaryRs. 21,000-32,000
Porta Sanitary FittingRs. 10,000-35,000
Idrees Sanitary FittingRs. 1000-30,000
Roman Sanitary FittingRs. 21,000-28,000
3 Star Sanitary FittingRs. 7,000-34,000

Factors Affecting the Bathroom Set Prices

In a market like Pakistan, where variety is huge, there are several factors that affect the bathroom set prices. To choose a product you won’t regret, all buyers should enlighten themselves about these factors. So here are the factors that determine the bathroom set prices in Pakistan.

Quality of the Material

The quality of the material used to construct bathroom sets plays a significant role in determining the product’s price. High-quality materials like ceramic, porcelain, solid wood, etc., are more expensive because of their durability and elegance.

Design and Aesthetics

Another factor that directly impacts bathroom set pricing is its design and aesthetic appeal. Bathroom sets with complicated, stylish, and unique designs are costly compared to simpler ones.

Size of the Bathroom Set

The bathroom set prices in Pakistan also depend on the size of the set. Larger sets with additional features like cabinets, mirrors, matching accessories, etc., are generally more expensive than small-sized bathroom sets.

Brand Reputation

Bathroom sets from famous brands are comparatively expensive. The main reason is the high quality and demand for their products. Moreover, brands offer guarantees on their products to gain customers’ trust.

Do consider these factors while deciding your budget for a new bathroom set. This way, you will get your hands on an ideal bathroom set in less time that will complement your bathroom perfectly without breaking your budget limit.

What is included in a bathroom set?

A bathroom set includes all the essential accessories that complement each other and completes a bathroom’s overall look, such as a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, bathtub, shower set, etc.

Which sanitary brand is best in Pakistan?

Faisal sanitary is a well-known and famous brand in Pakistan.

What are the 5 pieces in a bathroom?

Bathroom sets come in various options. It could be a set of bathroom accessories, a shower set, etc. Generally, the 5 piece bathroom set includes a sink, toilet, bidet, shower set, bathtub or a soap dish, brush holder, paper holder, towel ring, and rod.

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