Door Lock Prices in Pakistan

The current Door Lock Prices in Pakistan is Rs. 300 to 37000 per door lock. It was last updated on 11 September, 2023.

door lock price in pakistan

Door locks play an important role in your safety. They should be your main concern when it comes to the security of your home and workplace. The market now is providing you with several types of door locks, all different from one another. This is why when you go door lock shopping, you come across so many options with different prices. The door lock price in Pakistan ranges from 300 to 37,000 on average.

This guide here tells you everything about door lock prices in Pakistan, the factors that affect the price types, and what are the renowned suppliers of door locks that manufacture high-quality door locks to provide sufficient safety.

Let’s start with the guide without wasting any more time.

Before directly jumping on the list of prices, I want to divert your attention toward the unit used for measuring door locks.

What Is The Unit Used For Measuring Door Lock?

The size of the door lock is measured from the center of the keyhole to the corner of the lock. And the unit used to measure the door lock size is mm.

List of Door Lock Prices In Pakistan

Following is the list of door locks with their prices written in front of each name. Look at the table carefully so you know what type of lock is available at what price.

SR NoNamePrice (PKR)
1Verona Handle Lock 58031900
2Variety Handle Lock 5801-462200
3Handle Lock 195 MAB2700
5Maximum Handle Lock Kh-0014300
6Handle Lock 325H72 CF5000
7Triumph Handle Lock 15476500
8Doganlar Handle Lock Orignal Sn9500
9Handle Lock 9126-F1 MSN/CP10500
10Doganlar Handle Lock Ramsey Oksit Brown11000
11Mandelli Handle Lock 1210 MBR28500
12Mandelli Handle Lock 1010 MBR35000
13Mandelli Handle Lock1020 MBR37500

Factors Affecting The Prices Of Door Lock In Pakistan

Following is the list of factors that affect the prices of door locks in Pakistan. The main factors that affect the prices include construction quality, the brands they belong to, and their size and type.

Brands They Belong To

Not all companies manufacture door locks with the same price tag. Some of the renowned companies manufacture extremely expensive door locks.

Similarly, some companies manufacture mechanical door locks that are not expensive but can provide you with the safety you need.

Construction Quality

The construction material used in the manufacturing of the door locks also depicts their price. Those that are made up of aluminum materials are more expensive than door locks made up of other construction materials like stainless steel.


There are basically two different types of door locks: mechanical and digital. Mechanical door locks are the older types of door locks and are traditional ones. They are affordable as compared to the digital ones.

In contrast, digital door locks are an expensive and modern type of door locks with a smart locking system that includes biometric and remote control locks.

List Of Door Lock Industries In Pakistan

There are several companies that are manufacturing door locks nowadays, but the most reliable companies that are making high-quality door locks to provide ultimate safety to your doors include,

  • UPVC door and window system Alfavin
  • Home Hardware store
  • glass designing in Lahore
  • Emperial enterprises Pvt.
  • Home automation system by smart innovations
  • DXB doors
  • Hussain safe engineering
  • Fatima networking solution

What Are The Benefits Of Door Locks?

  • Door locks provide you with upgraded security in your building and home.
  • They just do not let everyone enter without your permission.
  • You can connect the home automation system with the door locks. The overall system will help you in getting alerts whenever someone comes inside your home or goes out.
  • The latest and more modern types of door locks provide supreme safety.
  • They are one of the reliable methods for safety.
  • Door locks are also used for the safety of cars and automobiles so that no unauthorized person can step in.

What are the drawbacks of door locks?

Some of the door locks come with a difficult installation. Maintenance and installation of premium door locks are quite expensive. There is little security risk of door locks because they can be broken and can be picked up by other persons. Smart door locks are difficult to use and create discomfort when you forget the password or lock.

Why are door locks important?

The door locks are important things to protect your home, and your workplace from unauthorized entry or theft. They make living spaces secure and provide homeowners with great mental peace.

What types of door locks are important for household use?

There are different types of door locks that you can go with. Mechanical door locks are easy to use and are affordable, whereas smart locks are expensive but provide outstanding security to your home and workplace.

Is it possible for the thieves to hack the door locks?

Yes, there is a great chance that the door locks can get hacked. Those with bad intentions around you can make a duplicate key of your lock or can break the lock with some other specialized tool. Similarly, electronic locks can also get hacked with software or other equipment.

What are electronic door locks?

Electronic door locks are the most secure type of door locks that are operable via the electronic control system. They are controlled by a card reader or a keypad and are used for mounting both interior doors and exterior doors. These electronic door locks are safer to use for securing your precious items too.

What are biometric door locks?

Biometric door locks are an advanced type of electronic door lock. The physical traits of a person control them. For example, fingerprint or retina eye scan. Because fingerprint and retina are unique physical characteristics of a person, it is not easy to duplicate them, which means you cannot hack the biometric lock system.

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