Copper Rate in Pakistan

The current Copper Rate in Pakistan is Rs. 2400-2500 per Kg. It was last updated on 07 September, 2023.

copper rate in pakistan

The copper rate in Pakistan is always fluctuating. There are a lot of factors that determine its price in Pakistan however, the most common factor is its huge demand and restricted supply in the market.

This is because copper is used almost everywhere. It is in the buildings we live in, the jewelry we wear, the appliances we use, and even most of our decorative ornaments are made of copper.

So, it is imperative to know the prices of copper in Pakistan. For your benefit, I am about to dedicate the following complete article on this subject. Make sure that you read it out completely till the end because I will also discuss some of the most common factors that determine the price of copper.

How is Copper Price Calculated?

It is a given that you need to state the unit of quantity whenever you want to buy something. For example, fruits and vegetables are sold in kilograms, eggs in dozens, and juices in liters. The same is the case with copper.

You need to know the exact quantity unit for copper if you want to effectively communicate to the vendor about how much copper you want to purchase. Thankfully, this unit is not too difficult to remember since you have been hearing its name probably from childhood!

To answer your query in simple terms, copper is rated and sold in terms of Kgs. In fact, you can find its current prices online as well in Kgs at any time of the year. The prices may fluctuate depending on inflation and the economy of Pakistan, but you can always get updated prices online at any time of the day.

Price of Copper in Pakistan

Although stating the exact price of copper is a near to impossible task since it fluctuates constantly. And not only that, but it is also due to the fact that copper is present in various forms, sold by innumerable brands, and found in a plethora of purity ratios.

However, I can give you a basic range of prices which you can expect to pay for copper per kg. But still, I would recommend you check out the updated price of copper the next time you go out to buy copper in whatever form you want.

The two most common copper types currently being sold in Pakistan are new copper and scrap copper. As the name suggests, new copper is a little more pricey than scrap. You may expect to pay about PKR 2400 to 2500 per kg for new copper.

On the other hand, scrap copper is way cheaper than new copper because it is not a very pure form of copper. You may expect to pay about PKR 1600 to 1700 for a single; kg of scrap copper.

List of Copper Brands in Pakistan

As I mentioned earlier, copper is sold by various vendors under a huge number of brand names. Some examples of these brands include Pioneer Cables Limited, Musleh Trading, Pearl Cables and Conductors, Orient Trading Company, I&H Trading and Manufacturing, Mian Mohammad Feroz and Sons Enterprises, and System Electrical and General Equipments.

Some other brand names include Atta Steel and Copper Industries, PM Engineering, Petro Sourcing, Maaz 360 Private Limited, Trading Strings, and Petro Sourcing.

Factors that Affect the Price of Copper In Pakistan

1. Demand And Supply

The demand and supply of copper in Pakistan are highly determining price factors. In Pakistan, there is a huge demand for copper. It is used in electrical appliances, infrastructure, and electrical wiring.

On the other hand, there is also a huge supply of copper in Pakistan. However, the extraction and refinery companies play a huge part in the supply of copper. They may withhold or cut off the supply of copper to the market in order to cause a shortage and a sudden surge in pricing.

2. Infrastructure Development

Copper has widespread use in infrastructure. It is used in buildings, bridges, electricity generation, transformers, cables, and so on. So, whenever there is a huge project underway, the price of copper skyrockets.

Whereas, on the other hand, when there is no such project going on or at the end of a huge project, when the demand for copper falls, the price decreases.


How does inflation affect copper prices?

Inflation generally increases the prices of all consumer products. This is closely related to the devaluation of currency and the economic crisis. The currency devalues, and all the commodity goods are sold at a higher price than at what they were sold previously.

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