Fiber Door Price in Pakistan

The current Fiber Door Price in Pakistan is Rs. 300-500 per Square Foot. It was last updated on 07 September, 2023.

fiber door price in pakistan

In Pakistan, there is limited competition in the fiber door category. The prices of these doors from the same manufacturer may differ from city to city.

Want to know how much a fiber door will cost in your area? Here is a breakdown of fiber door prices in Pakistan. So, dive right in to know more.

Size of Fiber Doors in Pakistan – Calculating the Price

Before we talk about the price of the fiber doors, we need to establish the division of sizes available across the market. For the most part, these either come in small or large sizes. And when you go out to buy these doors, they are measured in square feet.

The major component seen while buying these doors comes down to their design and panels. Typically, these doors come in arch and panel designs. In all the major cities across Pakistan, there are five most commonly sold designs of fiber doors.

  • Oval Design doors have three panels with a rounded shape. These doors usually use two layers of fiberglass.
  • The Arch design doors are equipped with a single panel (arch-like shape). These doors use a single layer of fiberglass and are used mostly for bedrooms and office areas.
  • The four-panel fiber doors have four arch-like curvy molded panels. These doors are usually made up of composite materials and used for entrance doors.
  • Round-Arch fiber doors have a centered arch panel that blends easily into your home. These options work perfectly for people who want minimalist bedroom doors.
  • The most extravagant option of fiber doors is the Clifton doors, also known as D-shape or five-panel doors. These are usually preferred options for entrance doors.

Fiber Door Price in Pakistan Based on Cities

The price of fiber doors in Pakistan is dominated by some local brands, which is why there is not much difference in the cost. On average, you can get a decent-quality fiber door (four or six panels) in all metro cities for a price between 300 and 500 pkr/ sq ft.

That said, in Karachi, the prices tend to be a little higher, and this is partially because of the demand. So, an average fiber door (four or six panels) can cost you anywhere around 700 to 800 pkr/ sq ft. However, you still need to consider the changing factors that can add to or reduce the price.

Factors that Affect the Price of Fiber Doors in Pakistan

When it comes to fiber doors, the prices vary from location to location. Here are some factors that have a huge influence on how much a fiber door costs across major cities in Pakistan.

The Design of Fiber Door

The thing that matters the most in determining the price of fiber doors is the design. For instance, a six-panel, four-panel door, and Groove doors are more expensive than arch designs. Likewise, if you are someone customizing their own designs, it may add to the cost.


Moreover, the size (length and width) of the fiber doors is yet another factor that makes a huge difference in the cost. An entrance and bedroom fiber door tends to be more expensive than smaller doors for bathrooms. That said, custom sizes can be negotiated with the contractor.

Material of the Door

Typically, these doors used two layers of fiberglass within a polyurethane frame. Hence, the materials used to make these doors also play their part in determining the fiber doors’ price. Some cheap brands use inexpensive composite and hardcore, which can reduce the cost and quality alike. So, in the end, it is your call.

Brand Value

The local fiber door industry in Pakistan is not quite large, which is why brand value is not a primary factor in determining the price. That said, it still plays a part, as some popular options like Pak Doors and DXB Doors dominate the price trends. Some locally available brands are inexpensive, yet they do not have the best quality.

Why Should You Pick Fiber Doors over Wooden Doors?

There are a number of reasons why a fiber door is better than other alternatives, especially if you are tight on budget. Here are some of them mentioned so you can make a decision.

  • The best thing about fiberglass doors is that they are waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Hence, they are going to last you for decades.
  • These doors are low maintenance. You can easily clean the stains with a wet sponge or a soapy solution.
  • Despite being affordable, they are strong and protect your property really well. They have artificial glass that doesn’t get shattered easily. Also, they have the ability to act against forced entry.
  • The material used in the doors has insulation properties. So, you won’t feel the effect of outside heat or cold.
  • These doors come in different sizes and shapes. Likewise, you can always customize your doors to your liking.


Can you use fiber doors for your home?

Yes, fiber doors are great to be used at homes. They are affordable, long-lasting, eco-friendly, and come in different shapes and sizes. Not only this, they are strong and have high-insulation properties, so you won’t feel affected by outside weather with these doors in your home.

What is the price of fiber doors in Pakistan?

The estimated price of fiber doors in all major cities across Pakistan lies between 300 and 800 pkr/ sq ft. However, this may vary based on things like the design, material, and size of your door.

Can I paint my entrance fiber door?

Yes, you can paint any fiber door on your property to blend them into your space. However, do consider that there is no need to sand these doors.

Are fiber doors waterproof?

Yes, fiber doors are made up of polyurethane, composite, and fiberglass, all of which are resistant to water.

Fiberglass doors are the new trend in modern housing. The best part is that they are easily available in Pakistan at a reasonable price. Just a quick tip; whenever you are going out to buy one, make sure to consult multiple contractors to get your hands on the best deal.

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