Paint Prices in Pakistan

The current Paint Prices in Pakistan is Rs. 4000 per Gallon. It was last updated on 07 September, 2023.

paint prices in pakistan

Pakistan has a big paint industry with a lot of competition and industry giants. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these popular companies are responsible for changing the price trends across Pakistan.

Here is a complete guide on paint prices in Pakistan from popular regional and international brands. So, dive right in for more.

How is Paint Calculated in Pakistan?

Before we dive right in and talk about the paint prices in Pakistan, let’s talk about measurements. This is because it largely determines how much it will cost you to get the house or desired area painted.

Generally, paint is sold in different container sizes. Typically, for residential applications, these come in quarters. These packages usually come in containers of 1 liter, 1.5 liters, 2 liters, and 2.5 liters, up to 3 liters.

Apart from this, you can also find container sizes of gallons and drums. All in all, to get the price estimates and suitable containers, you can always consult the contractor.

Paint Prices in Pakistan

You can find multiple formulas and never-ending shades from these giant companies in modern times. Here is a breakdown of price estimates from popular brands within Pakistan.

Brighto Paints

Type of PaintsPrice Estimate (Per Quarter) PKRPrice Estimate (Per Gallon) PKRPrice Estimate (Per Drum) PKR
Plastic Emulsion1200400014900
Wall Putty95012504100
Weather Sheet1500450015500
Wall Emulsion80022007500

Gobis Paints

Type of PaintsPrice Estimate (Per Quater) PKRPrice Estimate (Per Gallon) PKRPrice Estimate (Per Drum) PKR
Plastic Emulsion1000375014500
Wall Putty85011003600
Weather Sheet1150380015000
Wall Emulsion55018006700

Nippon Paints

Type of PaintsPrice Estimate (Per Quarter) PKRPrice Estimate (Per Gallon) PKRPrice Estimate (Per Drum) PKR
Plastic Emulsion1100360014000
Wall Putty900260013200
Weather Sheet1050370014000
Wall Emulsion70023009800

Aiwan Paints

Type of PaintsPrice Estimate (Per Quarter)Price Estimate (Per Gallon)Price Estimate (Per Drum)
Plastic Emulsion950365014000
Wall Putty89010003600
Weather Sheet1100390015000
Wall Emulsion60018006700

Master Paints

Type of PaintsPrice Estimate (Per Quarter) PKRPrice Estimate (Per Gallon) PKRPrice Estimate (Per Drum) PKR
Plastic Emulsion1000370014500
Wall Putty80010003600
Weather Sheet1150370015200
Wall Emulsion55018006600

Happilac Paints

Type of PaintsPrice Estimate (Per Quarter) PKRPrice Estimate (Per Gallon) PKRPrice Estimate (Per Drum) PKR
Plastic Emulsion1050385014500
Wall Putty95010003700
Weather Sheet1100400015500
Wall Emulsion60018506800

Factors that Affect the Price of Paint in Pakistan

Prices of paints vary within Pakistan because there is so much to consider, from the production cost to location, the quantity of paint, and the cost of labor. Here are some things that can help you compare brand prices while you are planning to buy paints. So, let’s get in.

Brand Value

The thing that makes a huge difference in calculating the painting price in Pakistan is the brand value. It is pretty obvious that international brands tend to be more expensive than local and regional options.

That said, it is always better to go for popular options like Berger, Masters, Nippon, ICI, Dulux, and Diamond Paints. This is because cheap local options have bad quality and no value. Still, if we talk about local brands, AzkoNobel and Jotun are at the top in Pakistan.

Type of Paint

Similarly, the paint you are using also matters a lot when it comes to calculating the price of paint. And when it comes to residential paints, there are multiple options, including water-based formulas, oil-based compositions, enamel, and texture paints.

So, you have the freedom to choose a formula that is suitable for your budget. Usually, water-based paints and textured paints are durable and less expensive than their counterparts. However, if you are planning for specialty paints, there is a heavy investment involved.

Surface Area

The area to be painted is yet another component in determining the price of paint in Pakistan. For instance, painting two rooms would be less costly than coating the entire house.

And also, most contractors do not have a set cost for the rooms, and they may charge the customer based on the surface area. Hence, it is always wise to negotiate with the contractor beforehand and calculate the price according to the surface of your specific area (room, house, kitchen etc.).

Cost of Labor

Lastly, labor cost is a factor that requires extra attention, especially if you are based in metro cities of Pakistan. For instance, if you are professionally consulting a contractor, it is obvious that labor costs will double. Yet, in this case, the quality and results would be top-notch.


What type of paint is best for exterior walls?

Oil-based paint formulas and acrylic latex paints are great for exterior walls and other surfaces. The reason for this is their durable composition and water resistance. Hence, even if you live somewhere where it rains a lot, this paint won’t crack or fade away easily.

How much does one liter of wall paint cost in Pakistan?

Well, it depends on what brand and type of paint you are planning to go for. For instance, if we talk about popular brands like Berger, Master, Brighto, and Diamond, it will cost you anywhere around 600 to 800 per liter.

What is Berger distemper price paint in Pakistan?

The price of the Berger distemper 3.64-liter container cost around 6000 to 7000 PKR. If you want to pair it up with Silk Emulsion, it may add 2000 rupees more to the investment.

The paint industry in Pakistan is pretty big, yet it has some leading brands that partially sets the price trends. I hope this guide has helped you in making the right purchase plan for paints.

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