Belarus Tractor Price In Pakistan

The MTW Pak Assembling Industries Private Ltd company is the company responsible for introducing Belarus tractors in Pakistan. It is a joint venture between MTB and Belarus that grants the former exclusive rights for the usage of the Belarus trademark. It imports, assembles, and manufactures Belarus tractors of all models.

However, the following article is all about Belarus Tractor price in Pakistan in 2023. Since all the major parts of Belarus tractors are imported, the prices of these tractors fluctuate depending upon the currency exchange and spot rates at the time of import. But don’t worry, the following article will give you an adequate understanding of the prices of Belarus tractors that you may expect.

Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan

Belarus Tractor Prices With Model Names

There are a lot of models of Belarus tractors currently being sold in Pakistan. This is because when newer models are introduced older ones are not discontinued. So, you will even see Belarus tractor models from 2021 in the market as well.

To start off, the Belarus 510 Simple2021 costs PKR 4,800,000 whereas the Belarus 510 Simple 2022 tractor costs PKR 4,900,000. The Draft Control 2021 costs PKR 4,800,000 while the Belarus Draft Control 2022 costs PKR 4,900,000.

Apart from that, the Belarus Air Compressor 2021 has a price of PKR 4,850,000 while the price of Belarus Air Compressor 2022 is PKR 4,950,000. The Belarus 512 4WD 2021 costs PKR 5,500,000 and the Belarus 800 Simple 2021 has a price of 5,300,000 and the price of Belarus 800 SPECIAL 2021 is PKR 5,600,000.

Moreover, the Belarus 820 Simple 2021 has a price of PKR 5,700,000 while the Belarus 80.1 A/C Cabin 2021 tractor costs PKR 5,700,000.

Prominent Features Of Belarus Tractors

There are various spectacular features of the Belarus tractors that count them as one of the best tractors in Pakistan. First of all, these tractors are ideal for loading hobby, and rural farming because they have a very powerful high-performance D-244 Diesel engine.

Furthermore, Belarus tractors have a super powerful hydraulic system and a sun canopy frame cabin. Plus, they have a very leisurely operator’s station which provides superb visibility.

Apart from that, the Belarus tractors have the best wheel traction that I have ever seen. In fact, when I took my Belarus tractor for a spin, I was surprised at how well it kept its cool and maintained traction even on the most treacherous soils.

Reviews Of Belarus Tractors

Although you may disagree with me depending on your own experience with Belarus, I absolutely loved these tractors. In fact, it is a general consensus that the Belarus tractors are hands down one of the best and most powerful tractors currently available in the market.

The prices of Belarus tractors are quite high as compared to those quoted by other brands of tractors in Pakistan including Al Ghazi tractors and Ford Tractors. The reason is that these tractors are way heavier than their counterparts. This is the reason why the Belarus tractors are used mainly for haulage purposes. For instance, I use my Belarus tractor for loading sugarcane, wheat sacks, and fertilizer bags.

Besides all that, the one thing that I absolutely find fascinating about Belarus tractors is that they have a much longer lifespan than their counterparts. You can expect it to keep you company for a very long time in the field.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all from my side and I hope with all my heart that you all enjoyed reading through. In fact, I tried my best to provide you with all the information that I had relating to the Belarus tractors and their latest prices. So, if you found all this helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues as well so that they can benefit from it as well.

In any case, let me summarize all the best features of the Belarus tractors in this paragraph. First of all, it has a super powerful diesel engine that will get you out of the most stubborn and treacherous souls.

Besides, it is equipped with a mechanical gearbox and a hydraulic-type steering wheel. And last but not least, the Belarus tractors provide a 360-degree view!

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