PVC Pipe Price in Pakistan

The current PVC Pipe Price in Pakistan is Rs. 350 per 10 ft. It was last updated on 07 September, 2023.

pvc pipe price in pakistan

When it comes to sewerage systems, plumbing systems, or water transportation setups, all of these are incomplete without PVC pipes. Knowing about the PVC pipe price in Pakistan is an important thing you should know beforehand because PVC pipes are the basic components of the plumbing system used for water transportation.

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC pipes are becoming famous daily because of their resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemicals. They are durable and tolerant against high water pressures.

This detailed article will inform you about the PVC pipe price in Pakistan, including how the pipe size is measured, its types, common brands, and other relevant information.

PVC pipe price in Pakistan depends upon the size and type of the pipe you are selecting. It also depends on the brands they belong to. But the general calculation of the price of the PVC pipes is mentioned below. This will help you in selecting the right pipe while keeping things within your budget.

Well, before directly jumping on to the price of the PVC pipes, I want to divert your attention towards how the size of PVC pipe is measured.

How To Measure PVC Pipe?

There are basically two metrics on which the PVC pipe is measured, the diameter and length.


The size of the PVC pipe diameter is measured by measuring the inside diameter of the pipe instead of its outside diameter. This size of the pipe is denoted by DN. It stands for Diameter Nominal. And is generally measured in inches. PVC pipes are available in 1-inch to 6 inches diameter sizes.


The length of the PVC pipes ranges from 1 foot to 13 feet. You will find all the length sizes in the available diameters of PVC pipes. Keep in mind the rate of the PVC pipes increases with the increase in length.

Let’s now look at the PVC pipe rates in Pakistan.

Table For PVC Pipes Rates

Pipe SizePipe LengthWeightPrice
1-inch pipe10 feet Length700 gRs. 350
1 ¼ inch pipe10 feet Length1 kgRs. 500
2-inch pipe10 feet Length1 kgRs. 500
2-inch pipe Double10 feet Length1.5 kgRs. 710
3-inch pipe13 feet Length3 kgRs. 1,500
4-inch pipe13 feet Length4 kgRs. 1,720
5-inch pipe13 feet Length7 kgRs. 3,300
6-inch pipe13 feet Length10 kgRs. 4,250

Important: Remember that the above rate list is made after a market survey. The survey is done by visiting different suppliers of PVC pipes. You may find a slight difference in the prices due to factors like area and supplier.

What Are The Common Factors That Impact The Rate Of PVC Pipe Price In Pakistan?

Upstream Energy Values

The price of petrochemical substances like crude oil, coal, and natural gas affects the prices of PVC pipes. The changes in the prices of these petrochemical products change the PVC pipes prices. This is because coal, natural gas, and crude oil are used in the making of PVC pipes.

Prices of Utility Costs

If the prices of utility costs like electricity and gas charges change, it ultimately affects the prices of PVC pipes. The prices of utility costs are directly related to the prices of PVC pipes. The PVC pipes prices increase with the increment in electricity bills and gas charges and vice versa.

Production of Chlorine

Polyvinyl chloride pipes are the largest derivative of chlorine. The production of chlorine in Pakistan affects the price of PVC. If there is minimum chlorine available, the PVC price increases, and if the chlorine production is in abundance, the PVC price decreases and comes to the average price.


If the supply of PVC pipes is increased at the global level, it results in a shortage of pipes that ultimately results in a rise in the prices internationally. On the other hand, if the PVC supply is decreased, it results in an abundance of PVC pipes that ultimately will decrease the prices at the international level.

List of PVC Pipes Industries In Pakistan

If you want to get the best quality PVC pipes, here is the list of top renowned companies manufacturing high quality and reliable PVC pipes. The prices of PVC pipes in all of these industries may differ from each other, but I can assure you that all of these companies manufacture high-quality products.

  • New Tech Pipes
  • Royal Pipes
  • Al Safa Pipes
  • National Pipe Industry
  • Rehan Plastic Industry
  • Adamjee Plastic Industry
  • Master Pipe Industry
  • Beta Pipes
  • Alpha Pipes

What Are Some of The Precautionary Measures You Have To Take To Make Sure You Are Safely Handling The PVC Pipes?

Make sure you are not twisting or bending the pipes while installing them, as it may cause leakage in the water flow.

  • Try your best not to place the PVC pipes directly in front of the ultraviolet rays.
  • Keep the PVC pipes in a shaded, cool, and dry area.
  • Look for the weight limit of the PVC pipe you purchased and ensure that it does not exceed the limit to prevent damage.
  • Wear all the safety gadgets, including gloves, glasses, and face masks, to avoid any potential hazards.

What are the advantages of using PVC pipes?

PVC pipes are high-quality polyvinyl chloride pipes that offer effective and reliable water transportation. These are the main components of the sanitary system. Moreover, PVC pipes are lightweight, easy to install, affordable, and have low friction loss.

Are there any disadvantages to using PVC pipes?

Yes. PVC pipes have a limited temperature range and are prone to damage when they come in contact with direct ultraviolet rays. They come with a limited size range and are not suitable for very high-pressure water.

Is the price of PVC pipes affected due to size and type?

Yes, the size and type of PVC pipes are the major factors that affect their price. With the increase in size, prices also increase, and with the decrease in size, the prices also decrease. Different types of PVC pipes have different prices because they have different properties.

Can PVC pipes be used underground?

Yes, polyvinyl chloride pipes are reliable and safer to use for underground purposes. They are one of the important components of a sewerage system and are made in a way that protects them from damage, rust, and corrosion, mainly when they come in contact with water.

Are PVC pipes resistant to heat?

The PVC pipes are constructed in a way that can tolerate temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them resistant to heat and makes it possible for PVC pipes to transport hot water from one area to another.

What sizes do PVC pipes come in?

PVC pipes are available in different sizes. You can get PVC pipes from 1 to 13 feet in size and from ⅛ inches to 6 inches in diameter. The prices of PVC pipes differ in size.

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