Sand Price in Pakistan

The current Sand Price in Pakistan is Rs. 28 to 110 per cubic foot. It was last updated on 12 September, 2023.

Sand Price in Pakistan

Are you looking for sand prices in Pakistan? Well, you are at the right place because, in this blog, I will explain sand prices in Pakistan and the factors that affect them. Moreover, sand is an important element in the construction industry as it is used for concrete production, land reclamation, and infrastructure development.

Pakistan has witnessed a significant rise in sand prices over a short period. Therefore, the citizens are quite worried about its impact on the construction cost and the decline in construction projects. In this blog, I will give you a comprehensive overview of the sand prices in Pakistan.

Sand Price in Pakistan

Measuring Unit

The measuring unit of sand in Pakistan is cubic feet or cubic meters. This indicates the volume of the sand that you will get from the market. Moreover, its unit is not fixed and it may not be measured in cubic meters or cubic feet, depending on your area.

So, if you want to buy sand, clarifying the measuring unit is important to prevent misunderstandings. Otherwise, cubic feet and cubic meters are generally the standard units of sand.

Top Sand Brands in Pakistan

There are several brands of sand working in Pakistan currently. It is important to know the brands before looking at the prices because they vary from brand to brand. So, the following are the top sand brands in Pakistan that people generally like.

  • Sand Chenab
  • Sand Ghassu (Slit Sand)
  • Sand Ghazi
  • Sand Lawrencepur
  • Sand RaviS

Sand Price in Pakistan

Please note that although these are the current prices of sand in Pakistan, the price might change due to the constant fluctuation of the country’s economic condition. Therefore, take this price as an approximate price to get an idea about the current prices.

Sand Brand NamePrice Per Cubic Foot
Sand ChenabRS 60
Sand Ghassu (Slit Sand)RS 28
Sand GhaziRS 110
Sand LawrencepurRS 105
Sand RaviRS 42

Factors Affecting the Price of Sand in Pakistan

Supply and Market Demand

The market demand has a direct effect on the sand price in Pakistan. The market demand can increase due to various reasons, like urbanization, a construction boom, and the growth of the real estate sector. So, when the demand increases, the brands also increase their prices to keep up with the increasing demand.

Sand Extraction and Availability

The price of sand also depends upon its accessibility. The government can restrict the extraction of sand from riverbeds, beaches, or quarries due to over-sand mining, environmental protection, and land. Moreover, if the sand is unavailable, the price increases because of the decrease in the supply.

Sand Transportation and Logistics

The increase in the cost of sand transportation can also influence the prices. There are various reasons behind the increase in the transportation and logistics challenges. For instance, an increase in fuel prices can directly impact the sand price.

Additionally, fuel price increases quite often in Pakistan. Therefore, the sand prices also change with it. Moreover, distance from the extraction site, infrastructure quality, and logistical challenges also affect it.

Economic Conditions

The economic condition of the country has an indirect impact on the country. Inflation and the rupee going down against other currencies can affect the supply and market demand, resulting in a change in the sand price.

What is the price of one-ton sand in Pakistan?

The price per ton of sand depends on the type of sand. Furthermore, it will cost around RS 2500 to 3000 per ton.

What is the meaning of 1CFT?

CFT is the measuring unit of sand and is a short form of cubic feet or cubic feet. So, 1CFT of sand means 1 Cubic Foot of sand.

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