Cement Rate Today in Pakistan

The current Cement Rate Today in Pakistan is Rs. 1150 per 50 Kg Bag. It was last updated on 07 September, 2023.

cement rate today

Cement price uncertainty is common in Pakistan because of the current political and economic instability. As a future customer, you should know all about cement price complexity and rate fluctuations. The rate of cement is dependent upon multiple factors in which the quality and demand are prominent ones.

If you are about to begin a house construction and your estimation is unclear then you should consider those factors which cause cement rate fluctuations. The cement prices also vary from brand to brand. To ease your journey and provide you with an inexpensive deal, I will discuss the cement rate today and the factors that affect price hype.

Cement Rate Today May 29, 2024

BrandPrice (per 50kg bag)
Lucky CementRs. 1,100
Maple Leaf CementRs. 1,110
DG Khan CementRs. 1,110
Fauji CementRs. 1,100
Askari CementRs. 1,100
Cherat CementRs. 1,095
Flying CementRs. 1,090
Bestway CementRs. 1,140
Power CementRs. 1,105

How is the Cement Price Calculated?


Before we dig into the rates session you should know about how to measure the cement quantity. Cement is measured in kg or lbs but in Pakistan, we measure it only in kilogram units. There are two major types of cement used in Pakistan which are white cement and Ordinary Portland Cement however both are measured in square centimeters per gram.

The cement which is widely used in Pakistan is the OPD and it is available in 50-kilogram bags. The average price of the OPD bag is about PKR 1000 to PKR 1200. On the other hand, white cement bags are available at PKR 1035 to PKR 1300. Here you should know that both the OPD and White cement vary according to their composition and are used for different purposes. That’s why they have price differences.

The cement prices vary from city to city, for example, cement in the middle of Lahore is a bit more expensive than in the slum areas. Actually, there are multiple factors involved in the price variation. Here are 3 major qualities in cement and each one is used for different purposes.

Ordinary Portland Cement

OPD is the most significant type of cement which is used for constructing strong houses. The OPD is made of limestone, clay, and iron oxide that’s why it is stronger than other types of cement. It has 3000 to 6000 psi strength.

OPD’s price is lower than its competitor’s even though it is stronger than white cement. That is because OPD is used for construction purposes, used in bricks, tiles, and mortar. The setting time for the OPD is about 30 to 120 minutes plus it offers less fineness than its competitor.

White Cement

After that we have a second option; white cement which is made with a strong chemical composition. The white cement is made of chalk, clay, and limestone and provides 3000 to 4000 psi strength. White cement is not widely used because it is only for decorative construction, tiles, paints, and sculptures.

White cement is expensive as compared to OPD because it is made of high-priced raw materials. It is available in small bags of 5kg plus you can also purchase the bigger ones of 20 to 50 kg. The price of the white cement is dependent upon the brand and quality of the cement.


Grade 33

The grade 33 cement is used for general construction such as building a house or mosque. The grade 33 cement is powerful enough to stand against earthquakes and provide a guard against floods. It is cheaper than the higher grade cement because the raw materials used in this cement are inexpensive.

Garde 43

Then comes the grade 43 cement which is used for more strength and provides a solid base as compared to the previous one. Grade 43 cement is used in the beams, columns, and panels. It is also used when the cement needs to lift heavy loads. That’s why grade 43 cement prices are higher than previous ones.

Grade 53

The last one is grade 53 which is known for building bridges and other mega projects. This type of cement is the most expensive as it can lift the heaviest loads and can bear more pressure. Grade 53 cement is also used in dams and buildings which have long heights.

Factors That Affect The Price of Cement In Pakistan

To understand the price complication, you must know that cement is the result of different materials. These raw materials are produced in the country plus imported by Pakistan to manufacture things like cement. Additionally, cement mills require labor and transportation to provide you with cement therefore after all these expenditures, the cement mill determines their prices.

Raw Material

When it comes to the cement price the first thing which affects its price is raw materials. The most prominent raw materials used in the formation of cement are limestone, clay, and sand. When the price of raw materials goes up, the price of cement also increases.

Production Cost

Then comes the production cost which is highly important to consider. Mills like Lucky Cement count the production cost by adding the labor, machinery, and transportation costs. Actually, the first thing we need to understand is the power source of the machinery which is making cement.

Let’s say the power source is LPG gas, then the price of gas is directly associated with the price of cost. After that, the laborers who work in mills and run machines also play a great role in the price paradox. The last one is transportation because if the price of petrol goes up, the transportation sector will charge more and the cement mill will increase the rates of their products.

Government Policies

The Government of Pakistan independently intervenes in the policies of mills and provides them with a practical way to proceed further. Therefore, any cement mill cannot raise the prices of cement without the consent of the government. Basically, the government set a certain point for the prices, and cement mills cannot surpass their rates from that limit.

Global Cement Rates

Here you should also note that global conditions can impact the price of cement such as the Ukraine and Russian war. As the war began, the petrol prices increased which increased the cost of transportation. Hence the price of cement also increased.


Which cement brand is best in Pakistan?

It depends on the subjective choice but there are a few brands in Pakistan known for the best quality which are DG cement, Lucky cement, and Maple Leaf cement.

Which cement is very strong?

Certainly, OPD cement is stronger than white cement. Plus grade 53 cement is known as the strongest one.

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