Kitchen Sink Prices in Pakistan

The current Kitchen Sink Prices in Pakistan is Rs. 15000 per Kitchen Sink. It was last updated on 12 September, 2023.

Kitchen Sink Prices in Pakistan

One of the most important parts of the kitchen is its sink because of its versatile use. It is used not only to do dishes but to wash food and other gadgets used in the kitchen. Therefore, choosing the right kitchen sink that functions well and lasts for a long time is crucial.

The kitchen sink is a functional centerpiece; therefore, it is essential to understand its various types to be able to buy a decent yet affordable one. So, in this blog, I will give you all the details on kitchen sinks in Pakistan, from prices to factors influencing them.

Kitchen Sink Prices in Pakistan

Measuring Unit

The standard measuring unit of kitchen sinks in Pakistan is in inches. Generally, its width, length, and depth are measured in inches. For instance, a kitchen sink with a standard average size will have 33 inches (width), 22 inches (length) 9 inches (depth).

If you want to measure your kitchen sink, you can do so with the help of a measuring tape. Moreover, take a tape and measure the basin, its depth, length, and width.

Kitchen Sink Types

As established earlier, it is important to understand the types of kitchen sinks based on the material it is made of. Because the material usually determines the price of the sink. So, let me give you a comprehensive guide on the basic types of kitchen sinks available in Pakistan.

Stainless Steel Sinks

The most common sinks in Pakistan are stainless steel. Its affordable price range, durability, sturdiness, ease of cleaning, and rust and stain resistance are the reasons behind it. Moreover, the price of these types of sinks is usually determined by the material’s thickness and quality.

Composite Granite/Quartz Kitchen Sinks

Granite sinks are made from granite stones; however, a small amount of resin is mixed in them. Therefore, it gives a luxurious modern look and makes your kitchen aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Moreover, these are heat-resistant and have multiple sizes and designs available.

Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

These sinks are made from clay and are known for their non-porous, durable, elegant finish. Moreover, after stainless steel, these are the most common types in Pakistan; however, this material is not as durable as stainless steel and is prone to dents. Likewise, it is also not as heat resistant as stainless steel.

Glass Kitchen Sinks

Glass Kitchen Sinks are also best for aesthetic purposes. However, these sinks are not as sturdy and durable as others. Moreover, it is not completely made of glass, but the sink top is made of glass, and the sink bowl is made of stainless steel.

Kitchen Sink Prices in Pakistan

The prices of kitchen sinks change simultaneously. Therefore, the following rates are not fixed and can change depending on the sellers, region, and time. So, this price table is just an overview of kitchen sink prices in Pakistan.

Kitchen sink typePrice range
Stainless steel kitchen sinkApproximately RS 15000
Ceramic kitchen sinkApproximately RS 90,000
Granite kitchen sinkApproximately RS 140,000
Glass top kitchen sinkApproximately RS 62,500

Factors Affecting Kitchen Sink Prices in Pakistan

There are various factors that play a huge role in the kitchen sink price fluctuation in Pakistan. So, let’s learn about which factors to consider before buying a kitchen sink.

Brand and Model

When buying a kitchen sink, look for an affordable and trustworthy brand because the brand and model of the kitchen sink play a big role in determining its price.

Size and Material

The material, its thickness, and the size of the kitchen sink also have an influence on the pricing. For instance, stainless steel is Pakistan’s most affordable kitchen sink material. Other materials like granite, ceramic, glass, and copper are relatively expensive.

Design and Installation Type

If you order a sink with beautiful and innovative designs and intricate patterns, it will definitely be more expensive than a regular sink due to the labor cost and material usage. Moreover, the installation type also has an impact on the total price of the sink. For instance, the under-mount sinks are costlier than the over-mount sinks.

Market Demand

If the demand for the product increases in the market, its price will automatically increase to meet the market demand. Similarly, if the country’s economy is growing, the construction projects are at their peak, and therefore, the prices are high due to huge demand. Moreover, the rupee rate against other currencies also has an impact on the import of the material.

What is the average price range for stainless steel sinks in Pakistan?

You can find a decent stainless steel kitchen sink ranging from RS 3,000 to 30,000. It depends on the size, design, and the installation type.

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