Electricity Wire Price in Pakistan

The current Electricity Wire Price in Pakistan is Rs. 5890 per 3/.029 250/440 V coil. It was last updated on 11 September, 2023.

electricity wire price in pakistan

No construction project is complete without electric wires. However, the real issue is finding the best electricity wires, as faulty wiring will not only damage the building but also endanger the lives of those living in that building.

Knowing the price is a great way to determine the quality of the wiring. In Pakistan, electric wires come in a wide price range, and there are many factors that are causing fluctuation in this cost range.

Therefore, read the article below to find out about the recent electricity wire prices in Pakistan. It will help you pick the best one for your construction project and save you from a lot of damage in the future.

Unit Of Measuring Electricity Wires

The weight of a bundle of electrical wires is measured in different units. It is mentioned in kilograms (kgs), pounds (lbs) and grams (g).

The weight of the bundle depends upon the thickness or the diameter of the wires, as well as the length of the bundle. The higher the length and diameter, the heavier the bundle of wires will be.

For instance, a solid copper building wire that comes with a length of 100 meters will weigh between 15 kilograms to 30 kilograms. The range depends upon the diameter.

Price Chart

Serial NumberType of CablePer Meter CostPer Coil Cost
1.3/.029 250/440 V70 PKR5890 PKR
2.3/.029 250/440 V143 PKR12570 PKR
3.1×1 MM² 300/500 V53 PKR4510 PKR
4.1×1.5 MM² 450/750 V76 PKR6610 PKR
5.1×1.5 MM² 450/750 V83 PKR7130 PKR
6.1×2.5 MM² 450/750 V125 PKR10740 PKR

Factors Affecting The Price Of Electricity Wires In Pakistan

Fuel Cost

The first factor that plays a role in the price of electrical wires in Pakistan is the fuel cost. Petrol is the most commonly used fuel in the cargo trucks used for the transportation and distribution of these wires.

So, if the prices of petrol will be higher, as they are these days, then the cost of electrical wires will also be high. When there is a decrease in the fuel cost, then the electricity wire price in Pakistan will also be lowered.

Cost of Raw Material

The overall cost of raw materials is another factor that influences the price of electricity wires in Pakistan. The major raw material in electric wires is copper. The price of copper is affected due to global supply. The higher the cost of copper, the higher the price of wires will be.

Similarly, the insulation material used in the making of electricity wires also affects its price range. PVC and XLPE are the most commonly used insulation materials. When there is a hike in the cost of these materials, the overall price of electricity wires increases in Pakistan.

Demand and Supply

Another factor which causes a hike in prices in Pakistan is the demand and supply dynamic. When there is a high demand for electricity wires from a specific brand in the market, and the supply is low, then the retailers increase the price of those wires.

How much does 1 meter of wire cost in Pakistan?

The price of one meter of wire in Pakistan depends upon the manufacturers, raw materials etc. However, on average, 1 meter comes at a price range of 50 PKR to 1000 PKR.

Which cable can be used for high lengths?

The best cable for high lengths is the solid core cable. It comes with a single copper wire in the conductor which makes it less flexible and perfect for high lengths as compared to the more flexible ones.

What should be considered before choosing a cable?

Every person needs to consider the current carrying capacity of the wire, and the voltage rating before choosing a cable. They also need to keep the insulation material, as well as the conductor material of the cables in mind.

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