Bajri Price in Pakistan

The current Bajri Price in Pakistan is Rs. 120 per cubic foot. It was last updated on 11 September, 2023.

bajri price in pakistan

If you have been a part of a construction team before, then you know how important bajri is. It is a critical part of the construction of the foundation or the structure of any building.

However, due to the fluctuations of rates in the market, many people are unaware of the current Bajri price in Pakistan. Well, worry no more.

The article below comes as a blessing in disguise, as it does not only have the current price rate. But it also comes with other important information about bajri that also goes by the name of Crush. So, keep reading to find out.

Unit of Measuring

In Pakistan, bajri or most commonly known as Crush is measured in cubic feet. If you are unaware of how much 1 cubic foot is, then allow me to give some examples.

One cubic foot is roughly around 28 kilograms. However, this is a general conversion, you will need the exact density of the bajri you use to do an accurate conversion.

Price Chart

Bajri NameSizeUnitPrice
Margalla Bajri2 soter1 cubic foot130 PKR
Sargodha Bajri2 soter1 cubic foot120 PKR
Margalla Bajri2 soter200 cubic feet (trolly)26,000 PKR
Sargodha Bajri2 soter200 cubic feet (trolly)24,000 PKR
Margalla Bajri2 soter900 cubic feet (damper)117,000 PKR
Sargodha Bajri2 soter900 cubic feet (damper)108,000 PKR
Margalla Bajri3 soter1 cubic foot135 PKR
Sargodha Bajri3 soter1 cubic foot125 PKR
Margalla Bajri3 soter200 cubic feet (trolly)27,000 PKR
Sargodha Bajri3 soter200 cubic feet (trolly)25,000 PKR
Margalla Bajri3 soter900 cubic feet (damper)121,500 PKr
Sargodha Bajri3 soter900 cubic feet (damper)112,500 PKR

Factors Affecting the Price

Government Policies and Taxes

Bajri is mined in various locations across the country. So, the government of Pakistan has some policies regarding mining as well as transportation.

These policies combined with the taxes affect the cost. When the government increases the taxes on the companies, they increase the cost of bajri per cubic foot.

Fuel Cost

This is another important factor that affects the price of bajri in Pakistan. As this material is hauled from different locations in dampers and trollies, its cost depends upon the fuel as well.

When there is a hike in fuel costs across the country, the transportation costs of the material increase. Therefore, the price of bajri shoots up as well.

Supply and Demand

This is another critical factor playing a role in the cost of the bajri across the country. When there is a high demand for a specific type of bajri, and the supply is low, the brands increase its price of it.

Moreover, other factors such as weather changes also affect the mining operations. So, when there is rain, mining is paused, and construction work is at a peak, the demand crosses the supply. This leads to a hike in the price of bajri.

What is the size of Bajri in Pakistan?

There are two sizes of bajri available in Pakistan. The finer one that goes by Fine Aggregate comes at 9.5mm and the rougher one that is called Coarse Aggregate comes at 4.75mm in size.

Which factors affect the cost of Bajri?

The major factor that affects the cost of bajri in the country is the fuel costs. In addition to that, the demand and supply dynamic combined with the taxes from the government and environmental regulations also influences the price of bajri.

Which unit is used In Pakistan to measure the quantity of bajri?

In Pakistan, the unit used to measure the quantity of bajri is cubic feet. It is not measured in kilograms but in cubic feet in every part of the country.

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