Commode Price in Pakistan

The current Commode Price in Pakistan is Rs. 16000 per 620mm x 710mm x 415mm commode. It was last updated on 11 September, 2023.

commode price in pakistan

Whether it is a commercial building or a residential one, there is always a need for one thing, a good quality commode. A bad-quality commode will not only cause the obvious problem of stench but will also cause other plumbing issues.

Knowing the current commode price in Pakistan can really help you save yourself from trouble. You can find out which ones are the best in quality judging from the cost.

Therefore, for your ease, every bit of information about commodes, from the current prices to the best manufacturers, has been shared below. Keep reading to find out which ones you need to pick.

Unit of Measuring

Before we share more information, let us first discuss the unit of measuring a commode. First of all, special balances and weighing scales designed for heavy objects are used for this purpose.

Secondly, in Pakistan, the unit of measuring a commode is kilograms (kg). The weight range starts from 10kg and goes up to even as heavy as 40kg. The weight depends upon its design, and whether it is one-piece or two-piece.

Price Chart

Commode BrandDesignSizePrice
Galaxy CommodeOne-piece620mm x 710mm x 415mm15,000 PKR
V444 CommodeTwo-piece686mm x 700mm x 390mm16,800 PKR
Porta(HD177A)One-piece710mm x 418mm x 845mm70,000 PKR
Porta (HD180A)One-piece670mm x 385mm x 695mm43,400 PKR
Porta (HD257N)Two-piece642mm x 365mm x 785mm24,000 PKR
Grace(OP-2) Master Sanitary WareOne-piece660mm x 620mm x 394mm17,542 PKR
Diamond Pool Sanitary WareOne-piece710mm x 410mm x 600mm16,885 PKR
Fantasy(OP-6)Master Sanitary WareOne-piece690mm x 725mm x 382mm18,390 PKR
Royal Tank CommodeOne-piece700mm x 735mm x 400mm19,990 PKR

Factors Affecting The Cost

Fuel Costs

The first major factor affecting the prices of commodes is the cost of fuel. The reason behind this is that fuel costs affect transportation charges.

When there is a hike in the prices of fuel, it increases the cost of transporting the commodes. Therefore, the brand has to increase the prices of the commodes as well.

Raw Material Costs

Commodes are most commonly constructed from ceramics and porcelain. When the government increases the prices of raw materials with taxation, the company has to buy them at increased rates.

So, they, in turn, increase the prices of the final product which are commodes. The cost of raw materials directly affects the prices of commodes in Pakistan.

Import Duties

There are many brands in Pakistan that import their products from other countries. Therefore, when the government increases the import duties and taxation, the brand has to pay more for each piece. This also causes a hike in the prices of each product.

Demand and Supply Dynamic

Another important factor that influences the prices of commodes in the country is the dynamic of demand and supply. As we know there are many brands in the country, offering commodes.

However, only some of them are the best. So, when the demand for a specific brand increases in the market, and the supply is low, there is also a surge in its prices.

Best Brands in Pakistan

When you search the market for commodes, you will find many brands. However, the ones shared below are among the best manufacturers of commodes in the country.

  • Porta Sanitary
  • Master Sanitary
  • Sonex Sanitary
  • Ceramic City
  • Faisal Sanitary
  • Al-Faisal Marble and Granite
  • National Tiles and Ceramics Ltd.
  • Farid corporation
  • Mussa Traders PK
  • Mahmood Son
  • Handyman services

Which commode is best in Pakistan?

There are many commodes that are best. However, Porta Sanitary is the best brand that offers commodes in Pakistan. After them, Galaxy and Diamond are the best.

Which size is best for a commode?

The best size for a commode is 20 inches to 30 inches deep. Moreover, it needs to be 20 inches wide, 27 inches to 32 inches high, and a standard of 15 inches bowl height.

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