Millat’s Tractors Price

The prices of Millat tractors were updated in March 2023 after the noticeable depreciation of Pakistani rupees against the dollar. The tractor prices increased in March and are applicable on all the bookings of tractors, whether on cash or loan. Although there is no significant difference in the specifications of the new tractors, still their prices have noticeably increased.

New prices of tractors are applicable from 29th March 2023. The list of new prices of the tractors is enlisted below. Look at the details of both old prices and new prices in this table so you know how much you have to pay for the tractor you want to purchase.

Millat tractors have a market share of more than 60% in the industry of tractors in Pakistan. They are also called Massey Ferguson Tractors.

Millat Tractor Price

List of Prices

Model NoOld PriceNew Price
MF-385 – 4WD 85HPRs. 4,282,000Rs. 4,585,000
MF-385 2WD 85HPRs. 3,213,000Rs. 3,465,000
MF-375 4WD 75HPRs. 4,165,000Rs. 4,500,000
MF-375-2WD 75HPRs. 3,102,000Rs. 3,345,000
MF-360 4WD 60HPRs. 3,514,000Rs. 3,795,000
MF-360 2WD 60HPRs. 2,480,000Rs. 2,690,000
MF-260 2WD (Turbo) 60HPRs. 2,350,000Rs. 2,550,000
MF-240 2WD 50HPRs. 2,020,000Rs. 2,190,000

About the Company

Millat Pakistan Ltd. company is one of the internationally renowned companies manufacturing high-caliber and top-notch products. It is one of those companies that produce high-end tractors and have a market share of more than 60% of tractors used in Pakistan. The company makes sure that the products it makes keep on satisfying both the customer and stakeholders.

Millat tractors are also known as Massey Ferguson tractors and are supplied in every district of Pakistan. The company is located in Lahore and has manufactured 9 8 tractor models with variable specifications and features. Let’s look at the key features of Millat tractors below.

Details Of Millat Tractors

Millat MF 240 Tractor

The product comes in Rs. 2,020,000 price and is one of the most popular and affordable tractors. It has a 50 horsepower range and is rugged and compact in its structure. Versatile functioning and the possibility of delivering the services and spare parts to your doorstep make it one of the top choices for most farmers.

Millat MF 260 Tractor

While being fuel efficient, this high-performance Millat MF 60 tractor offers better fuel burning and makes less smoke emission. It comes with oil-emerged multi-disc brakes and has a spring suspension deluxe seat making it comfortable for farmers to use.

Millat MF 260 Tractor

Millat MF 260 is one of the most robust and strong tractors that has hydrostatic power steering and is known for its longer wheelbase. It offers greater pulling power, is fuel efficient, and comes with a durable wheel. Moreover, the presence of high PTO power and a turbocharged diesel engine makes it ideal for agricultural usage.

Millat MF 360 Tractor

The Millat MF 360 is one of the most powerful tractors with a medium range of horsepower. It is durable and fuel-efficient in its functioning.

The tractor comes with a water-cooled oil cooler and also features a smart steering wheel to minimize the effort you have to put into moving the steering. Millat 360 is a heavy-duty tractor that comes with better traction and better drawbar pull.

Millat MF 375 Tractor

With better power, better durability, and high efficiency, this structure is known for the production of low noise in the engine. It comes in a new aerodynamic style and has an integrated oil cooler for better and more effective cooling. Moreover, the robust structure and heavy-duty construction make it one of the strongest tractors with better, smart, and more innovative features as compared to the previous tractors.

Millat MF 385 Tractor

With the most durable functioning, this Millat MF 385 is one of the economical tractors that offers low-noise engine functioning, high-end performance, and better hydrostatic power steering. It comes with an integrated spring suspension deluxe seat that offers a high comfort zone to the driver.

How many models of tractors are available in Millat tractor manufacturing company?

Millat Tractors Ltd., also known as Massey Ferguson Tractors, is a company located in Lahore renowned for manufacturing top-notch and high-end tractors in Pakistan. It covers up to 60% of the tractor supply in Pakistan and manufactures 8 models with different features and specs.

What is the price of a Massey 240 tractor?

The price of a Massey 240 tractor is 2020000 after the upgradation made on 29th March 2023. Recently the prices of tractors increased noticeably, and there has been a great increase in the prices of tractors as compared to the previous ones. This Massey 240 tractor was previously available at only 18,94000 prices.

Why has there been an increment in the prices of tractors recently?

There has been a noticeable increase in the prices of tractors recently due to the depreciation of Pakistani rupees against dollar prices.

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