Tile Bond Price in Pakistan

The current Tile Bond Price in Pakistan is Rs. 510 per 20 kg. It was last updated on 12 September, 2023.

Tile Bond Price in Pakistan

If you are into modern interior designing, you must know the importance in revolutionizing your ideas and space. Whether you are a homeowner, interior designer, or architect, choosing high-quality tiles for your home or project would be useless if the flooring solution isn’t durable and aesthetically appealing. Let’s discover tile bond prices in Pakistan with us if you are planning to use tiles for your place.

The following information is for those curious who are about tile bond pricing in Pakistan. In a while, we will disclose the tile bond price of top brands in Pakistan, underlying dynamics that affect tile bond pricing, and much more. So stay tuned.

But before we come to today’s topic, I want you all to know the measuring unit of a tile bond. So if you go shopping, you will know how to ask for a tile bond in Pakistan. All types of tile bonds are packed in a bag and sold in kg.

Tile Bond Price in Pakistan

Latest Tile Bond Price in Pakistan

Anyone actively looking for tile bonds in Pakistan should not miss out on the following brands because they have the best tile bonds. As an interior designer, I always provide my clients with the best, so the following are my go-to brands whenever I work on any project in Pakistan.

BrandQuantity in kgPrice
Master Tile Bond20Rs. 510
PCI Tile Bond40Rs. 990
Happilac Tile Bond20Rs. 1090
Bestway Tile Bond20/40Rs. 490/900
Metro Tile Bond20Rs. 550
Stile Tile Bond20Rs. 410

Finding tile bond prices in Pakistan was no less than a hassle as you get a huge variety in the market in terms of price, quality, quantity, etc. So make this journey easy for yourself with the given table and compare prices of tile bonds of top Pakistani brands to choose a product that suits your requirement and budget.

Factors Affecting the Tile Bond Price in Pakistan

Multiple factors determine the tile bond price in Pakistan, and it is important to understand the market dynamics for both customers and industry professionals to keep the products at an affordable price without compromising on the quality of the products.

Raw Material Cost

Tile bonds are made from various materials such as cement, epoxy, polymers, etc. Fluctuation in raw material prices affects the tile bond’s final price.

Supply and Demand

This factor significantly impacts the tile bond price. If the demand for the product is high, but the supply is limited, the price will increase automatically.

Quality of the Tile Bond

When you go out in the market, you will find several tile adhesives, but not all are high-quality products. So if you prefer quality over everything, it may cost you a little more than ordinary tile bonds.

Brand Reputation

Reputed brands sell their products at higher rates. Brands never compromise on their products’ quality, performance, and durability. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker if you get a reliable product at a slightly high price.

Economic Factors

Economic factors like inflation, currency fluctuation, taxes, etc., play a major role in determining the price of a product. The same is true for tile bonds. Even a slight change in these factors greatly impacts the tile bond price.

Which bond is best for tiles in Pakistan?

Stile Bond is the best bond for tiles in Pakistan. It is a high-performing and strong adhesive for natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tile surfaces.

Is tile bond waterproof?

Yes, tile bonds are waterproof because they are constructed by keeping their usage in bathrooms, kitchens, etc., in mind.

Is tile glue stronger than cement?

Tile bonds and glues offer a better and stronger grip on several surfaces, which fixes the tile to the surfaces better than cement.

Tile bonds are as important as tiles themselves. Without a reliable tile bond, you can not transform your floors like you want. Understanding tile bond prices in Pakistan will help you find a reliable product without overspending.

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