Wall Paper Price in Pakistan

The current Wall Paper Price in Pakistan is Rs. 450 to 8000 per wall paper. It was last updated on 12 September, 2023.

Wall Paper Price in Pakistan

Do you still have boring painted walls in an era of wallpapers? Bring change in your life and enhance the beauty of your home with wallpapers. Do you live in Pakistan and want to transform ordinary places into extraordinary ones with wallpapers without compromising on a budget?

In that case, you must enlighten yourself about the wallpaper price in Pakistan. So buckle up and prepare yourself today; we will explore the fascinating world of wallpapers and their prices in Pakistan.

Nowadays, almost everyone prefers wallpapers over paints because apart from giving a room beautiful finishing, they also cover imperfections of walls, if any. Isn’t it great? What I like the most about the wallpapers is they come in a huge variety, from vibrant colors to eye-captivating designs. No doubt, the Pakistani wallpaper market caters to everyone’s taste and style.

Traditionally, wallpapers are sold as a bolt or double roll, which covers up to 57 to 61 square feet. It can cover less or more from this value, depending on the width of the wallpaper. While looking for wallpaper for my bedroom and living room, I considered many options and figured out that the price in Pakistan depends on many factors, like design, quality, and size.

You can find a wallpaper roll in price as low as Rs. 2100 or as high as Rs. 6,500. Keep in mind the price may vary with the quality of the wallpaper.

Wall Paper Price in Pakistan

Latest Wallpaper Prices in Pakistan 2023

The Pakistani market never disappoints when choosing a captivating wallpaper; anyone can get lost in the beauty of the alluring designs of these wallpapers. But our main focus is on the wallpaper price in Pakistan, so let’s shed some light on that too.

I am sharing the wallpaper price in Pakistan in the table below. These are the common and most famous wallpaper designs that people of Pakistan love to decorate their homes with.

Wallmaster wallpapersRs. 8000
Flower WallpaperRs. 4000
Wall stickersRs. 300-800
Self texture wallpaper colorsRs. 4500
Self adhesive brick wall stickerRs. 1500-2500
LED wallpaperRs. 1500-3000
Kitchen Cabinet WallpapersRs. 1500
Korean wallpapersRs.7000
Kitchen marble sheet wallpaperRs. 450

Factors Affecting the Wallpaper Price in Pakistan

Wallpapers have emerged as a popular choice for adding style to homes and commercial areas in Pakistan. While exploring I got my hands on a vast range of wallpapers.

Observing the table given above, you can instantly notice the price difference among wallpapers. To understand this price difference, let’s discuss factors that affect the price of wallpapers.

Material Quality

Wallpapers are crafted on various materials, including vinyl, fabric, grasscloth, and non-woven. So wallpaper prices vary with the type of material; high-quality materials are expensive but offer incredible durability, color vibrancy, and weather resistance.

Design Complexity

The design complexity is another factor significantly affecting the wallpaper price in Pakistan. Artistic craftsmanship is the reason why complex design wallpapers are sold at higher prices than simple designs.

Size and Coverage

Few wallpaper rolls vary from the standard size, impacting the overall cost. Longer wallpapers with higher coverage come at a higher price tag, but it reduces additional purchases, which makes them a cost-effective option.


Some wallpapers are self-adhesive and super easy to install, while with others, you might need professional help. Professionals charge you extra for flawless installation of the wallpapers. Therefore, professional installation is also a factor that will increase the final cost of wallpaper.

How much does a 1 room wallpaper cost in Pakistan?

The finest quality wallpaper will cost you around Rs. 38000 to 42000, covering all four walls of the room with professional installation.

What is the price of normal wallpaper in Pakistan?

The average price of wallpapers in Pakistan can lie anywhere between Rs. 2100 to 6500 per roll.

How many rolls of wallpaper do I need for a 12×12 room?

A wallpaper roll covers 57 sq. ft, so to cover a 12×12 room, you will need three wallpaper rolls to cover the room with stunning and your favorite wallpapers completely.

Undoubtedly, wallpapers make your rooms and homes 10x more attractive. Take help from our article to buy a product that suits your style and budget. Thank you for reading.

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