Kamyab Jawan Program

The PM has decided to resume Phase 4 of the PM Youth Development Scheme. And this time, it is in the form of a small business loan scheme. According to this, young people with a higher education can apply for this loan, as long as they have an entrepreneurial mind and a feasible business plan.

This program will help them avail of a loan with low-interest rates to transform their business idea into reality. Under this program, the government of Pakistan will distribute funds between 40,000 and 5,00,000, with a special preference for women. The entire process will be monitored by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Here is everything you need to know about the PM Youth Kamyab Jawan Program and how to apply for it. So, don’t waste more time, and let’s get in.

About the PM Kamyab Jawan Program 2023

Kamyab Jawan Program

The PM Kamyab Jaawan Program is divided into three phases after it was originally launched by Imran Khan, the ex-PM of Pakistan. Here is a breakdown of all of its phases to help you understand its objectives and goals.

Phase 1

Former PM Imran Khan announced the Kamyab Jawan Program in 2019 with a total budget of 100 billion PKR. The funds were mainly targeted toward reducing the impact of inflation and stagnant economic growth during the Covid emergency. This was planned to achieve through the distribution of jobs and loans to youth with entrepreneurial minds and feasible business plans.

Phase 2

Just after a year, in 2020, the second phase of the program was declared. This time, the funding budget was somewhere around 25 billion PKR.

The aim of the second phase was the vocational and educational training of the youth with higher education. So, eventually, the youth associated with the program will have desired skills in different professions at the end.

Phase 3

Likewise, the third phase of the Kamyab Jawan Program was announced in 2021. The budget for this phase was 10 billion PKR, which is a little less than the previous two times.

The purpose of this scheme was environmental conservation. Simply, it means promoting green Pakistan and initiating training programs for the sustainability of natural resources.

Under the umbrella of the Kamyab Jawan Program, various institutes from within Pakistan announced a number of courses for youth. These courses were aimed to promote sustainability and skill development.

Here is a list of all the courses covered by this initiative, in collaboration with the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission and the University of Lahore.

YES Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme

  • Planning for Businesses
  • Sales and Marketing Techniques
  • E-Commerce Training for Youth
  • Management of Supply and Chain
  • Advertisement and Branding
  • Management of Business Finances

Green Youth Movement

  • Environment Management Training
  • Audit in Energy Sector
  • Management of Waste Techniques
  • Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Organic Farming Techniques
  • PV Solar Installation Program

Startup Pakistan

  • Fundraising and Investment
  • Leadership and Management
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Presenting and Pitching a Business Idea
  • Entrepreneurial Skills for Youth

Hunarmand Pakistan

  • Vocational and Technical Education Training
  • Placement Services (Jobs for Youth)
  • Soft Skills, Communication, and Leadership Training
  • Academia and Industry Collaboration
  • Entrepreneur Development Program

KSDS Kamyab Skill Development Scheme

  • Information Technology IT Program
  • Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Fashion Designing and Textile Training
  • Healthcare Services
  • Agriculture and Livestock Management
  • Heavy Machinery and Construction Operation

Phase 4: Youth Development Program Business Loan Scheme Registration

Phase 4 of the Kamyab Jawan Program is announced to cater to the crumbling economic condition and businesses in Pakistan. This time, it is in the form of a loan that will provide the youth of this country an opportunity to kickstart their feasible business idea and produce employment opportunities.

In a nutshell, the National Youth Development Loan Scheme is designed to cater to all three phases of its predecessor through a loan scheme. It has a complete funding program to help youth achieve their goal, keeping in mind the past history of the program. Here is a list of components that make up the 2023 NYPD, according to PM Shahbaz Sharif.

  • Educational/ Skill Training: The beneficiaries of this program will provide young people with vocational and educational training through different courses, apprenticeships, and internship programs. This will also help them gain work experience and get job opportunities in the future.
  • Entrepreneurship Scheme: The applicants will be provided with funding and technical assistance to kickstart their business ideas. Do consider that to apply for this area, you will have to provide a feasible business plan.
  • Job Placement Opportunities: This program has a comprehensive placement mechanism that will provide youth jobs in the private and public sectors, by collaborating with industrial setups.
  • Talent Showcase: It will provide young people an opportunity to showcase their professional skills and talents, through multiple exhibitions and competitions.
  • Financial Assistance or Funding: It will distribute the funds between the youth who are involved in some development programs, other than National Development Program 2023.

Eligibility Criteria of the PM National Youth Loan Scheme

Anyone who belongs to Pakistan and has a valid CNIC card, authorized by NADRA is eligible for the Kamyab Jawan Program. However, it is also required that you have certain characteristics of entrepreneurship. Here are the complete criteria to get the benefits of this business opportunity.

  • The applicants applying for the program must be between the age of 21 and 45 years.
  • The lower age limit for business applications related to IT is 18 years.
  • The applicant must have Pakistani nationality. This would be proved by a valid CNIC card with updated information, authorized by NADRA.
  • According to the new criteria, transgenders and disabled people can also apply for the program.
  • Almost 50% of the funds are reserved for women.
  • The lowest education required to apply for the PM Kamyab Jawan Program is matriculation or 10th grade.
  • The applicant’s credit score must be good. Simply, he/ she must have no previous record of bankruptcy or criminal activity.
  • If you are applying for the business scheme, it is required that you have a completely viable business plan.
  • To avail this opportunity, you should have a guarantor. The guarantor is a person that will claim your worth for the funds. This can be a government employee or a member of any professional body within Pakistan. If in case you have no contact with this guarantor, you can submit a person with a total net worth of more than the loan amount.
  • The interest rate of this program funds is around 3% per annum.
  • If you want to avail of the loan amount up to Rs 5,00,000, there will be a collateral amount registered with the application. Please consider that 8% of the amount is fixed for borrowers.
  • The maximum tenure for the loan is decided 8 years, including one year as a grace period.

Launch of the PM Kamyab Jawan Program: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ever since the Kamyab Jawan Loan Scheme was announced in 2019, it has been through a comprehensive mechanism. Here is a breakdown of how the government has planned the initiative to promote the fair distribution of funds and a smooth application process. So, dive right in.

Executive Agency

Though the application process for the Kamyab Jawan loan scheme is different for each bank, it is still monitored by the State Bank of Pakistan SBP. Secondly, the National Bank and First Women Bank are required to train the private banks to guide the application process smoothly. In the initial stages, SBP in collaboration with NBP and FWBL will be required to,

  • Encourage private banks to start this scheme and build a portfolio for funding.
  • Arrange training programs for these banks to implement the loan scheme.
  • Build a mechanism that will help the SBP supervise the process and play a lead role.

Sectors and Marketing

The next step in the launch of the Kamyab Jawan program is concerned with the sectors and areas of the loan scheme. Here, SMEDA (the highest authority) will sign all the schemes, projects, and undertakings with private and public sector providers. The role of SMEDA in this stage will be to

  • Market the possibilities designed and launched by SMEDA to make sure they are easily accessible to the public. This will be done through social media and relevant official websites.
  • Likewise, SMEDA will work with PITB Punjab Information Technology Board and prepare a survey. This will make it easier for the public to participate in the survey and register themselves.

Application Process

The third step is to get all the application forms filled out by the applicants. It is the duty of all private banks to make both the English and Urdu form easily accessible to the public. Likewise, it must have a simple format.

Moreover, the assessment committee will process the given information within 15 days. It will be clearly mentioned on all the forms. The applicants can get access to the forms through their nearest bank branch or by going to the official National Youth Program website.

  • Please note that you will be asked to pay a non-refundable fee of Rs 100 for the application form.

Now, there are multiple ways for you to apply for the Prime Minister Youth Business Loan. The best possible way for people hesitant to use online platforms is through partner banks. And here is how you can do it.

  1. First, visit your nearest partner bank. If you belong to a remote area, make sure that the branch you are visiting is designated by the State Bank for the PM Youth Business Loans.
  2. At the reception, you will be asked to fill out the application form. You can ask them for an English or Urdu form. The YDP officer at the bank will help you in filling out all the sections.
  3. You will be charged a 100 rupees processing fee for the application form.
  4. Next, you will be asked to submit some original documents and a comprehensive business plan with the application.
  5. After this, the official committee will process your application and you will get a call from the bank within fifteen days of application submission. They will tell you whether you have been selected as a beneficiary.
  6. Do consider that each bank has its own policy for the loan, interest rates, repayments, and working capital. Hence, the bank you have applied to will guide the further process.

Apply for the Kamyab Jawan Program Online

Now that you know how to apply for the loan scheme by physically visiting the partner bank, there is also an online option where most of the work is done on the Internet. Here are some steps you can follow to get yourself registered for the PM Youth business loan.

  1. To get the application form, you can visit the official National Youth Business Loan Scheme website or the official partner bank website. In this case, let’s talk about UBL.
  2. Once you are on the website, navigate to the PM Business Youth Loan and download the application.
  3. Make sure to check the eligibility criteria once again, in case the bank has added something to it.
  4. Next, click Apply Now and fill out the application form online. Finally, download it.
  5. Once it is complete, scan your documents and upload them on the bank’s website. They will verify the information and send you a verification SMS.
  6. Submit everything along with the application and you will get a call from the bank in case your application has been selected and you are a beneficiary.
  7. The further process will be guided by the individual partner banks you are associated with.

Note: Do consider that the application with the most feasible business plan (having the ability to generate maximum employment opportunities) will be given preferences, especially if they are from women and transgenders.

Things to Keep in Mind While Applying for a Business Loan

Now that you know what is the complete process of applying for a business loan through the above-mentioned banks, here are some important things you must keep in mind.

  • Make sure you have an age between 18 and 40 years at the time of application.
  • The CNIC of the applicant should be updated by NADRA. You will be asked to show the original ID card at the time of application.
  • Make sure you are not aligned with any other sort of government-launched skill development program while applying for a business loan through Kamyab Jawan Program.
  • Similarly, the applicants must be associated with any federal skill training program.
  • If you have used an online application form, it is required that you submit a hard copy of the online form to the bank. Along with this, they will further ask you to provide the original CNIC and qualification certificate. All of this is mentioned at the bottom of the application form.
  • All the applicants are required to appear in a NAVTTC interview. The team from the interview panel will test your skills and verify the documents, based on the evaluation of your application.
  • Make sure to keep in touch with the training institutions, so you don’t miss out on the deadline for the interview.
  • Do consider that you will be only considered for the loan if you possess business-relevant experience and aptitude. Likewise, it is required of you to submit a feasible and practical business plan and marketing strategy.
  • In case the information provided by you is factually incorrect, you will be asked to leave with the application canceled.
  • Physically challenged people and women will be given preference at the time of admission.

SBP Monitoring

After this, SBP will process all the information and give out the final listing of beneficiaries. This information will be published on the public websites for the public on a quarterly basis. Likewise, during this time, the complaint center will be effective, in case you want to submit or resolve a query.

Application Form Distribution in Pakistan

Please note that applicants from all big cities are directed toward any of the banks to submit their application forms. However, if you belong to a remote area like Balochistan, consider that not all NBP or other private bank branches will be designated for the Kamyab Jawan Loan Scheme.

Hence, it is ideal that you visit a non-designated branch of NBP due to unavailability and submit your application form. They will forward it to the designated branch for further processing. You can gather information regarding the geographical distribution of forms from the bank’s helpline number.

Partner Banks with Kamyab Jawan Program

The government of Pakistan has aligned some banks with this initiative to implement the program better and ensure the fair distribution of funds. Here is a list of all the partner banks you can turn to.

  • NBP National Bank of Pakistan
  • BOP Bank of Punjab
  • BOK Bank of Khyber
  • HBL Habib Bank Limited
  • ZTBL Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited
  • MBL Meezan Bank Limited
  • FBL Faysal Bank Limited
  • ABL Allied Bank Limited
  • ABL Askari Bank Limited
  • JSBL JS Bank Limited

These banks have their own version of the application process for the Youth Entrepreneur Scheme or YES. So, whatever bank you choose, make sure to check its website and follow up on the interest rates and repayment methods. Or, you can always visit the nearest branch of your preferred bank to get information for the registration process.

National Youth Program Helpline: Contact for Queries

In case you still have any queries, here are some useful contacts you can consult for assistance regarding the application process.

You can also contact the nearest partner bank branch, affiliated with the SBP.


How and where can I get information about the Kamyab Jawan Program?

All the information regarding the PM Youth Development Loan Scheme is present on the official PMKJ-YES website. You can also download the application form from this website. Or, you can visit the nearest branch of a partner bank to get assistance on how to apply for the scheme.

How can applicants check the status of their application?

The applicants can check their application status through the official PMKJ-YES website. Apart from this, you will also be getting SMS updates on the registered number, each time the application status is changed, from submitted to processing, marked by the bank, and so on. You are also free to contact the bank anytime to get notified about your application status.

Does the Kamyab Jawan loan program give preference to some business sectors or geographics?

As per the SBP’s directives, everyone with a valid business plan from Pakistan is encouraged to apply for the loan scheme. That said, it was also mentioned in the eligibility criteria that almost 25% of the loans will be given to women. This was to encourage women to start their own businesses.

What to do if my application is rejected by the bank?

In this case, the bank is obligated to tell you the reason for the rejection or approval of the application. Overall, any decision bank makes is strictly aligned with the SBP’s guidelines and the bank’s own credit policy. You can always take guidance from the bank in case such an incident occurs.

Are there any processing charges of the loan scheme by the Bank?

No, the bank itself doesn’t take any fee from the applicants. However, you will be asked to submit a 100 rupees bill as a loan processing fee for the application.


Kamyab Jawan Program has been working for almost five years now to improve the placement opportunities, education, business environment, and skill training for young people within the country. Currently, phase 4 of the program is designed to distribute funds among youngsters who want to explore a new business idea and implement it.

Finally, I hope this guide has been helpful for you in figuring out the application process for the Kamyab Jawan Program.

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