eHunar Applying Process & Courses List

As a Pakistani citizen, you must know Pakistan faces major unemployment issues because of inflation. In such difficult times, the government of Pakistan launched a digital platform eHunar to support IT, students. eHunar is one of Pakistan’s most prominent e-learning platforms that offers numerous computer courses.

It is a great platform that enables individuals to earn money through online work. eHunar offers many online courses, scholarships, and internships, helping them to learn different skills free of cost. Millions of Pakistanis are taking advantage of this platform and earning money as freelancers. This digital program manages around 25 courses, each with specific skills. The following article contains all details regarding this platform.

What Is eHunar?


Pakistan is a developing country. To improve its literacy rate, the government of Pakistan has announced numerous online learning courses for its students to enhance their knowledge regarding different subjects. One of Pakistan’s government’s most common e-learning platforms is the eHunar program.

This government-sponsored e-learning platform helps IT students to learn different computer courses and enhance their knowledge for better earnings. The primary objective of the Hunarmand platform is to improve Pakistan’s education, industry, and economy.

Additionally, the eHunar program allows young IT students to take advantage of these online courses and get jobs in the IT sector. This program has played a vital role in promoting digital media and helps students earn money online amid unemployment in the country.

One of the best parts about this platform is that it offers more than 25 computer courses to students, helping them to choose the course of their choice. Each course contains details of skills that one requires to work online.

Another significant element of this platform that inspired me the most is that it offers different internships to deserving students. As Pakistan is a developing country, many people are unaware of IT programs and online work. In such times, this platform is a savior for IT students and individuals who want to earn online. The Ministry Of Information And Technology in Pakistan is responsible for managing this platform.

As a Pakistani citizen, you must know that most citizens are unemployed because of fewer job opportunities. The government of Pakistan took this initiative to provide unemployed individuals with job opportunities and make Pakistan an IT hub to improve its economy, IT departments, and industry. Millions of individuals take advantage of these courses and earn millions of Rupees monthly.

eHunar Courses List

3 Months Certification Courses

eHunar offers various courses with different batch durations. The following list contains the names of eHunar courses with certification. The sourses following courses have a 3-month batch duration.

  • AWS Virtual Assistant
  • AWS FBA Business
  • AutoCAD 2D & 3D
  • Adobe AfterEffects (Motion Graphics and Animations)
  • Apps (Web, Mobile & Desktop Apps)
  • Certified Ethical Hacking
  • Cisco CCNA
  • MS Office
  • PHP Laravel
  • Python for Everyone
  • SAP Business One ERP
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Shopify Dropshipping
  • The Complete YouTube Mastery
  • UI/UX Designing
  • Video Editing

6 Months Certification Courses

As I mentioned earlier, eHunar offers courses with different batch durations. The above list contains the details of 3 months of certification courses, while the following list details the 6-month certification courses provided by eHunar.

  • Android App Development
  • eBay Dropshipping
  • Full Stack Digital Marketing
  • Full Stack Graphics Design
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • iOS App Development with SwiftUI
  • Machine Learning, AI & Data Science
  • PPC Google Ads
  • Penetration Testing & Web Hacking

eHunar Vocational Fields

Besides providing training in computer and freelancing courses, eHunar has a wide range of vocational fields to support individuals with vocational skills. For those who don’t know what a vocational field is, a vocational field is a career that requires specialization in a specific field.

One of the most common examples of a vocational career is hairdressing. To support individuals with vocational skills, eHunar offers services in different fields, including healthcare, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, and more.

eHunar Internship Program

Initially, I thought eHunar only offers online courses, but to my surprise, it manages different internship programs to support students. The primary objective of managing the internship program is to enable individuals to learn different professional skills for work. It allows you to collaborate with many professionals from your field and learn critical skills to strengthen your skills and business.

The practical work in the eHunar program allows you to experience the process of a job application. One of the most common benefits of this program is that its internship program will enable you to work in the national and international markets and become an IT expert. Remember, it offers internships for 3 months. Once you complete your internship, you can easily find a suitable job and earn money. eHunar offers training in the following fields.

  • Complete support from experienced and successful mentors
  • Daily work tasks as per profession and job description
  • Establishing connections with professionals and market leaders
  • Flexible meeting hours to suit your time zone
  • Interaction with industry leaders
  • Interview preparations
  • Personal Grooming and industry knowledge
  • Practical work structure
  • Resume writing and support
  • Tips on job hunting

eHunar Scholarship Program

Besides providing online learning services and internships to Pakistanis, eHunar offers numerous scholarships for students starting from matriculation, intermediate, bachelor, master, vocational diplomas, short courses, and Ph.D. programs. Although it benefits many Pakistani students, it is merit-based. Hence, a student must take a certain entry test and fulfill the eligibility criteria to gain a scholarship.

Though it supports Pakistani students, many overseas Pakistani can also apply for eHunar programs, including online courses, internships, and scholarships. International students must give IELTS to prove their English Language Proficiency and get scholarship. Additionally, eHunar manages certain scholarships in collaboration with Scholarship Council Canada to facilitate applicants.

Eligibility Criteria For eHunar Courses

Some people think eHunar doesn’t have specific eligibility criteria. Although it benefits most people, it has eligibility criteria for its courses.

First, many IT students take these courses to become a freelancer, but individuals from different fields can also apply for these courses. The minimum qualification to fall in the eligibility criteria for eHunar courses is matriculation.

Furthermore, the admission department manages a certain entry test for this program. You must pass that entry test to apply for the online courses.

A minimum of 45% marks is mandatory for eHunar online courses. If you fall into this eligibility criteria, you can apply for eHunar online courses of your choice.

How To Apply For eHunar Free Courses?

Since it is an online e-learning platform, you must apply online for the courses after passing the entry test with a minimum of 45%. Follow the following steps to apply for eHunar courses online.

  • First, visit the official website of the eHunar-Hunarmand Program.
  • Register an account on the website as a new applicant.
  • During the account registration process, mention your email address and confirm it through the One-Time Password on your email.
  • Once you confirm your email address, it is time to log in to your newly registered account on eHunar’s website.
  • Once you log in to your account, fill in the required fields with correct information regarding your contact number, personal information, education status, etc.
  • After filling in the required fields, recheck your entered information.
  • Now, submit your application for further procedure.
  • Once you submit your application form, eHunar schedules an online entry test.
  • Take the entry test and make sure to pass it.
  • Once you pass the entry test, pay your application processing fees and submit essential required documents.
  • After your documents’ submission, eHunar will confirm your enrollment in the applied course.

Can I Enroll In More Than One Program At A Time?

Although many e-learning courses are available online, e-Hunar remains my top favorite for multiple reasons. Among all those reasons, one of the most prominent reasons is that it enables applicants to enroll in more than one program at a time. It allows you to enroll in a maximum of three courses at a time. Hence, applicants get many opportunities to learn different skills at one time.


What is eHunar?

eHunar is Pakistan’s most prominent e-learning platform to facilitate Pakistani students, helping them learn different online courses for online jobs. It is an excellent initiative from Pakistan’s government to improve the country’s industry, education, and economy.

What services does eHunar offer?

eHunar is an online e-learning platform for Pakistani students. It offers around 25 online courses that can help you earn money online. Furthermore, it manages different internship and scholarship programs to facilitate students.

What are the eligibility criteria for eHunar courses?

Like many other online courses, eHunar also has specific eligibility criteria for its online courses. The minimum qualification to apply for this program is matriculation. In addition, the applicant must pass the online try test with a minimum of 45% marks.

How to apply for eHunar online courses?

To apply for eHunar courses, visit its official website and register an account as a new applicant. Verify your email address, log in to your newly registered account, and fill in the required fields to proceed. Once you submit your application, eHunar schedules an online entry test.

eHunar-Hunarmand Jawan Program is an excellent initiative by Pakistan’s government to improve the country’s economy and industry. It enables Pakistani students to learn different skills that can help them earn money online amid unemployment in the country.

Besides providing services in around 25 online courses, eHunar manages numerous internship and scholarship programs to facilitate Pakistani citizens.

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