Sehat Card Hospital List Islamabad Updated

Sehat Card Hospital List Islamabad

The Sehat Card Hospital List has been updated in September 2023 for Islamabad and here are the new hospitals.

Sr #Hospital NameCity
1Akber Niazi Teaching HospitalIslamabad
2Dr. Sadaf Specialized HospitalIslamabad
3Max Health HospitalIslamabad
4Isra Islamic Foundation G. LimitedIslamabad
5Riphah International HospitalIslamabad
6Rawal FoundationIslamabad
7Hbs TrustIslamabad
9Zobia HospitalIslamabad
10Pakistan Institute Of Medical SciencesIslamabad
11Medikay Cardiac CenterIslamabad
12Islamabad Intl Hospital And Research CenterIslamabad

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