PM Laptop Scheme 2023 | Registration Guide & Date

In an era driven by digital advancements, access to technology plays a vital role in promoting education. Laptops are a modern source of education and are becoming a necessity for today’s students. Recognizing this, the government of Pakistan has launched the PM laptop scheme 2023 for the students to provide them laptops, for free.

All the students must be feeling excited right now. Hold your horses and let’s explore what the Shahbaz Sharif laptop scheme is, its eligibility criteria, the application process, and much more with us. This article is full of important information that you might not know about the PM laptop scheme 2023 so let’s get started.

PM Laptop Scheme 2023

Pm Laptop Scheme 2023 Registration Date

In this digital era where technology is taking over every field of life education is no different. It won’t be wrong to say laptops are taking the place of textbooks and any kind of information is just a tab away.

However, not every student can afford a laptop. Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme is for all such students and has taken the initiative to provide this essential tool to every deserving student.

Eligibility Criteria

I have recently applied for the PM laptop scheme 2023 so for all my fellow Pakistani students who want to apply for the Shahbaz Sharif laptop scheme I am sharing the eligibility criteria with you all. Read it thoroughly before applying to confirm whether you are eligible for the scheme or not.

  • Students enrolled in HEC-recognized institutions can apply for the PM laptop scheme 2023. It can be a college, university, degree-awarding institute, etc.
  • Applicant must be a regular student in any HEC-recognized institution. Private students or individuals learning through any online platform are not eligible for this scheme.
  • Academic performance greatly impacts the eligibility of the students for the PM laptop scheme 2023. Undergraduate and postgraduate students should have at least a 2.5 CGPA out of 4.0 in the ongoing or previous degree. School and college students should score a minimum of 70% marks to be eligible for the laptop scheme.


The PM laptop scheme 2023 is not for students who have completed their degrees. It is only for those students who are still learning. So to avail this opportunity you should be a student enrolled in any program at HEC recognized university.

How to Apply for PM Laptop Scheme 2023

If you are reading this you must have read the eligibility criteria already. So if you are eligible for the scheme, you must visit its official website to apply online. If you don’t understand anything you can come back because in a while I will be sharing the application process of the PM laptop scheme 2023.

So anyone who needs guidance on the application process of this scheme can take help from the following stepwise guide. Follow these steps and you will be done in a few minutes. So buckle up.

  • First of all, go to the official website of HEC. There you will find the PM laptop scheme section.
  • Click to open it.
  • You can register yourself for the scheme here. Create an account if you are applying for the first time or a new user. All you have to do is add your basic information like personal details, email, and contact details. While old users should enter their credentials and press login to get access to their account.
  • Now start filling in your information on the application form. The form is composed of two sections. First, they will ask you about your details like your name, CNIC, address, etc. Enter the details accurately.
  • Now move on to the next step and that is academic history. Mention your previous or current degree along with its details like institute/ university address, your department, and obtained marks or CGPA. After entering your information in all boxes press next on the bottom right corner to complete the application process.
  • Congratulations, we are on the last step. The last step is the verification step where your email and contact details are verified. Enter your email and contact number again to receive a verification code.
  • Enter the codes when received and press submit.
  • Voila! Your application is submitted successfully.

What to Do After Submitting the Application?

After completing the application process don’t get too excited that you forget to keep track of your application. Many students just apply for the Shahbaz Sharif laptop scheme and roam care free. You won’t get the laptop at your doorstep so here’s what you should be doing if you have applied or thinking to apply for the PM laptop scheme 2023.

Track your application from the HEC online portal by entering your CNIC and check the status of your application often. Keep in mind not every student who has applied for the Shahbaz Sharif laptop scheme will get the laptop. Students will receive the laptops based on merit which is why it is important to check your application status to see if you are selected by the authorities or not.

Selection and Distribution

The most crucial steps involved in the PM laptop scheme are the selection of students on merit and the distribution of the laptops to deserving applicants. HEC takes charge once the applications are closed and evaluate all the applications submitted online. Each student’s data is verified by his/her university’s focal person of the concerned department.

After careful evaluation, if the university verifies the data of students on time, HEC updates the status of each applicant on the HEC portal to provide transparency and accountability during the whole process.

Moreover, only selected students will get the laptop and students need to provide required documents on the date of laptop distribution. So if you get selected don’t forget to bring your documents with you. Plus, all deserving students will receive the laptops from their university so there is no need to go somewhere specially to receive your laptop.


If any selected student fails to provide the required document he/she will not be awarded the laptop. I am sorry to break this news to you but any selected student who passed out from the university before the distribution of the laptops will not be eligible to receive his/her laptop.

Aim and Impact of the Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme

In the 21st century laptops have become a need of every student to complete various tasks and assignments of their courses. So to provide this powerful educational tool to every deserving student the government of Pakistan has introduced this scheme.

This scheme’s main goal is to enhance the youth’s learning experience, empower them, and prepare the students for the upcoming time by developing their digital skills.

Additionally, this scheme has made a great impact on the job market of the digital era. Students are not only using the laptops for educational purposes but also contributing to the economic growth of the country by learning modern skills to earn money from home using their laptops.


What is the laptop scheme 2023 in Pakistan?

The government of Pakistan has been providing laptops to the talented students of Pakistan for many years and the laptop scheme 2023 is the same as previous ones. The government is accepting applications till 30th June 2023 and the laptops will be distributed among selected students after the completion of the evaluation process.

What is the last date for the laptop scheme 2023?

The last date of the PM laptop scheme 2023 is 30th June 2023 but the closing date for online applications is 20th June 2023.

What is the prime minister youth laptop program 2023?

Prime Minister Youth laptop program 2023 is the Phase III of an innovative laptop scheme introduced by the government of Pakistan. Thousands of laptops are distributed among deserving students through this scheme. In 2023, the government will distribute about 100,000 laptops to Pakistani students.

Who is eligible for the laptop scheme 2023?

Any Pakistani student enrolled in an HEC-recognizedschool, degree college, or university is eligible for the scheme if their academic records match the required criteria.

How much percentage is required for a laptop?

The required percentage for laptops is 70% for school and college students.

Bottom Line

The PM laptop scheme 2023 is narrowing the gap in technology and promoting modern ways of learning by providing deserving students with an essential tool of education of this time.

It is an excellent way of encouraging talented students and equipping them with technical skills. Don’t miss this chance because the closing date is near. So hurry up and avail this amazing opportunity.

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