PIFRA Vendor Number

Are you finding it hard to keep tabs on bill statuses? For government employees, it is one of the challenges to track their bills online; however, with the introduction of the PIFRA Vendor Number, individuals have an opportunity to do so through an online portal. Moreover, you need to register as a member of PIFRA in order to get access to this feature.

Additionally, the vendor assigns a unique number to the department, which is called the vendor number. This number helps in keeping a check on the bill status. So, let’s learn more about its registration and application.

Essentially, the PIFRA program is a platform that delivers payslips to government employees. Likewise, this system provides information on the employees’ monthly income, tax deductions, and duties payable. After the government implemented this system, the payslips acquisition became more effortless and more convenient than before.

PIFRA Vendor Number

Applying for PIFRA Vendor Number: Step-by-Step Form Submission Process

Government employees can obtain the PIFRA vendor number easily. You need to submit an application form to PIFRA through the online portal. Furthermore, submitting this application is compulsory because otherwise, you will not be able to get a vendor number, so let’s look into how to access and submit this form.

  • First, type fabs.gov.pk in your search engine and open the website.
  • Next, click on the ‘services’ tab to access more options.
  • Now you will come across a list of options like bill status, tracking system, budget expenditure, vendor information, pay slip, pension slip, and bill status. However, you should click the ‘vendor information’ and ignore the other options.
  • Then, you will reach the designated page for filling out the form.
  • Then, you must start filling out the form carefully and accurately by entering the government code and your CNIC, STN, or NTN number.
  • It is very important to enter the correct government code as it determines the specific province you belong to. Moreover, the codes stand for provinces, and here are its details;
  • F = Federal Government
  • P = Punjab
  • B = Balochistan
  • S = Sindh
  • N = Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • DGP = District Government Punjab
  • Finally, click on the search button after entering the details, and you can check your vendor information in the table below.

Furthermore, the table shows vendor number, vendor number 1, CNIC No/STN, and Vendor number 2. FABS also allows you to see your DDO per budget for monthly expenditures online.

Comprehensive Guide on Registration for Vendor Number and Payslip with PIFRA

PIFRA implements the SEP software that has left the traditional methods of taking payslips from offices. Alternatively, government employees can easily access it through the online PIFRA system every month without any issue.

The PIFRA program is now handling all financial matters, including payments, through the computer system to avoid any mistakes and errors. However, to take advantage of this convenient method, you must have an account with PIFRA payslip and register with them. So, allow me to guide you on the registration method step-by-step.

  • First, go to the official website by clicking here fabs.gov.pk/.
  • Next, click the ‘services’ button to access the drop-down menu.
  • Now, click on the first option from the drop-down menu that says ‘online salary slip/pension slip.’
  • Then, you will be directed toward a new page with a form to fill in.
  • Complete the form carefully by adding your government code, employee’s personal number, CNIC or Old NIC number, date of birth, and cell phone number in the respective order in the given boxes. Furthermore, the government codes are provided with the same codes mentioned above but with the addition of K = Kashmir, DGN = District Government KP, GB = Gilgit Baltistan, GBC = GB Council, and C = Kashmir Council.
  • Lastly, submit the form to register for vendor number and payslip with PIFRA.

PIFRA Vendor Information and Salary Slip Online

You can get your salary slip and vendor Information online through your email. If you have registered for it, all you need to do is to open your Gmail account with your ID and password. Furthermore, each month you will receive your payroll.

You can check your Gmail inbox or search for salary slips in the search box. However, if you still cannot find it, do not forget to check your spam folder. Moreover, you can download the payroll to your device to easily access it anytime you want.

One of the benefits of getting your payroll regularly is that you can keep track of your salary and take the necessary measures if there is any error. Similarly, you must register yourself to avail this convenient feature.

PIFRA Vendor Creation

PIFRA vendor creation form is a way to collect information from suppliers and register a vendor account within the PIFRA information system. Furthermore, you can download the vendor correction/ updation form for government servants/individuals by clicking agpr.gov.pk/download/vendor_general_public.pdf.

Complete the form carefully and attach the required documents with it. For instance, you must include two copies of this form, an attested copy of your CNIC, a computerized payslip issued by AGPR/AG/DAO, a sanction letter of hiring issued by the department with the owner’s name, and a CNIC.

Alternative Measures: Addressing Challenges in Obtaining the Vendor Number

If you cannot access your vendor number, there are alternative measures you can take to correct it. Typically, it can result from entering incorrect information during the registration process. Therefore, revise your registration information, like your email or CNIC number.

Additionally, go to the website again, fill in the information, and submit it again. Hopefully, this will resolve your vendor number issue.

What is vendor code?

A vendor code is used to pinpoint the vendor, producer, or insurance company that takes checks from your agency.

Can I check the status of my vendor number application?

You can check the status of your vendor number application through the PIFRA system. Essentially, you can go to the PIFRA account and search for the vendor information section to check the progress of your application.

What is the vendor number?

A vendor number refers to a unique number given to a business that wants to connect with the government, its departments, ministries, or the non-governmental organizations affiliated with the government. Once you register with PIFRA, your data will be fed into the PIFRA information system, and you can get paid after offering your services.

In short, PIFRA uses SEP software which offers great features to government employees who want to eliminate the traditional payslips receiving methods. Furthermore, you can check your vendor number and register to get your payslips regularly through email. The vendor assigns a unique number to the department, the vendor number, which helps in keeping a check on the bill status.

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