PIFRA Registration

In this digital world, it is important to adapt to modern ways to enhance the efficiency and transparency of governmental processes. The Pakistani government is not behind in adapting to these modern ways.

PIFRA is an online system introduced by the government of Pakistan to provide them with salary slips each month through PIFRA registration. However, not every government employee knows how to register on PIFRA for a salary slip. That is why we are here today.

If you are a government employee in Pakistan and want to register on PIFRA for a salary slip, this article is for you. So without any further delay, let’s get into this.

PIFRA Registration

What is PIFRA?

The government of Pakistan took a commendable initiative known as the Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing (PIFRA) to boost the salary and pension management system for government employees. Here is how you can register for PIFRA online.

How to Register on PIFRA for Salary Slip?

If you are a government employee in Pakistan, say goodbye to the traditional ways of getting your pay slip and say hello to this modern method and make your life easy. Don’t worry if you have no idea about PIFRA registration. I have recently registered on PIFRA for my salary slip so follow my lead.

  • First of all, visit the official website of PIFRA or FABS. You can use the following links https://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip_emp# and http://www.fabs.gov.pk.
  • Now on the PIFRA or FABS homepage find the registration form. It is usually labeled as “Employee Registration” or “Pension slip/ Salary Slip Online”.
  • Fill in the form correctly by providing your personal and employment details.
  • Add a username and password in the required field to log in to your account later.
  • Double-check all the information before submitting. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes or incorrect information.
  • Now hit the submit or register button to complete the PIFRA registration.

After completing the registration you may receive a message on your phone from PIFRA. This is typically to inform the applicant that the department has received their application and will proceed with the further steps.

Registering on PIFRA is not the only thing that is needed to receive salary pay slips by email. You will only be able to receive pay slips via email if PIFRA approves your application.

Approval may take time so be patient and wait for the PIFRA response on your application. If you have provided all the information accurately then there is no chance of your application being rejected by PIFRA.

PIFRA Registration Form Download

Don’t worry if you don’t want to apply online because the PIFRA registration form can also be downloaded from the official website of FABS or PIFRA. Individuals then fill in the form by hand and submit it to the concerned department.

PIFRA Registration Log-In

  • If you have applied to PIFRA for a salary slip online then wait for approval from PIFRA. Once your account is approved you can easily access the PIFRA portal using your credentials and manage all your data.
  • You can also check your pay slips here, update your information if needed, and you can also keep track of all your financial details on this portal.
  • You will also receive your pay slip every month in the email you provided at the time of registration. You can easily download and print your pay slip from here or save it as PDF if you want.

Understand the PIFRA Registration Form

Now you know the steps to fill in the PIFRA registration form but before you go to the PIFRA registration form for a pay slip, understanding the form beforehand will be of great help. This is why I thought to mention the details of the PIFRA registration form here so you don’t face any difficulty. So all employees who are registering on PIFRA should know about the following.

  • Only a government employee can register on PIFRA. Employees can be from any government department including health, education, WAPDA, etc.
  • You will need to select your province or region from the provided options. These include Federal, Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan.
  • Also, PIFRA Registration Form has codes for each province. Read ahead to know about these codes so you don’t make any mistakes while filling out the PIFRA registration form. Punjab (P), Balochistan (B), KPK (N), Federal (F), Sindh (S), District Government Punjab (DGP), Gilgit Baltistan (GB), District Government KPK (DGN), Kashmir Council and Kashmir (K).
  • Every employee has a personal number so make sure you have this information of yours before you start the PIFRA registration process.
  • Moreover, only Gmail and Yahoo email addresses are acceptable. So if you don’t have an email account on these sites then make one.
  • Know your pay scale before registering on PIFRA because you will need to provide that information on the PIFRA registration form.
  • Other than the employment details you will need to provide your details like your full name, CNIC number, Date of birth, and contact number.

Why is PIFRA not Sending Pay Slips?

Many applicants don’t receive any email from PIFRA even after registering for a PIFRA salary slip online. Check the spam folder of your email before worrying about why you are not receiving emails from PIFRA. The common reasons for not getting PIFRA emails are:

  • You have filled out the PIFRA registration form incorrectly.
  • You won’t receive any email if you have made a mistake in your CNIC number or email address.
  • Using email addresses other than Gmail and Yahoo. If you have provided the email address of any other site you won’t receive any email from PIFRA.
  • New registrants won’t receive pay slips in the same month. Wait for the next month and you will receive both the last and current month’s salary slip through an email from PIFRA.

In case of any mistakes in the form, you can visit the concerned department and change the incorrect information. You will only receive a PIFRA pay slip if all the information on the registration form is correct. This is why we advise you to double-check all the information on the PIFRA registration form before submitting it.

Benefits of Electronic Pay Slips

  • Through this online method, employees can access their pay slips anywhere anytime.
  • A more accurate and efficient way of getting pay slips than the traditional method.
  • Government financial procedures have become more transparent and accountable through PIFRA.
  • Employees will not face any more delays, errors, and misplacements in pay slips through this method.

How do I create a PIFRA account?

To create a PIFRA account you will need to go to the official website of PIFRA or FABs and fill out the PIFRA registration form. After the registration form is approved you will successfully create a PIFRA account.

How do I get a salary slip?

Employees get salary slips every month in printed form or via email. All your salary details, tax deductions, health allowances, etc. everything will be mentioned on your salary slip.

How can I get a salary slip online in Punjab?

If you are from Punjab or anywhere from Pakistan you can get your salary slip online through PIFRA. All you have to do is apply on the PIFRA registration form online and wait for approval from PIFRA.

What is the PIFRA abbreviation?

The government of Pakistan has taken an initiative to manage the salaries of the employees known as PIFRA or Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing.

What is your personnel number?

Every employee has a personal number that shows their employment details. Moreover, this number is an identity of the employee and is also mentioned on their pay slips and service/ ID cards.

How do I recover my pay slip password?

If you have forgotten your password for the pay slip account then you can easily recover it by pressing the “Forgot Password” button. You will receive a link in your email and can easily set your password for the PIFRA account using that link.

All the government employees of Pakistan can make their life easy by registering for this innovative program. Feel free to take help from this article if you need any help regarding PIFRA registration. We have explained the registration method, its requirements, and other important information related to PIFRA.

I hope you find the content of our article helpful. Thank you for reading.

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