If you want to learn everything about the PIFRA DDO ber then you have most definitely landed on the right article. This is because I am about to bestow all my hard-earned knowledge relating to this matter to you guys. I would suggest that you pay keen attention to what I am about to disclose in the following article because it is rather a difficult topic to grasp especially if you are not related to this field.

But before we get started, let me tell you briefly who exactly is a Drawing and Distribution Officer (DDO). He is basically a gazetted officer assigned by the central government. He is in fact, the head of the department designed to draw bills and do payment transactions for the federal or central government.

Of course, there is so much more to it than that and I can not possibly discuss everything here in this introductory para. So, for further details, you will have to take out the time to read out what I have to say in the other half of this article. So, keep on reading and enjoying!



PIFRA DDO ber is an excellent budget execution system that is fully online. It works on a monthly basis. In fact, you can benefit from it no matter if you are a drawing or distributing government employee. It will save you precious time that you will have to spend otherwise on creating your own expenditure and budget reports on a monthly basis.

You will just have to submit your monthly expenses and the system will automatically generate a detailed report for you in a jiffy. However, in order for this to work out perfectly without a hitch, you as well as the government will have to submit monthly expenses without a single delay.

Furthermore, you can also get full information about your pay. In fact, you can also access your pay slip instantly whenever you need it. Furthermore, the most astonishing thing about the PIFRA DDO ber is that it also includes audits and training remittances.

DDO Monthly Budget

DDO stands for Drawing and Distribution Officer and he is the person you need to contact if you need your employee code. Once you have your hands on your employee code, you can easily access your monthly budget using the official website at FABS.

This employee code is a unique set of numeric and alphabetic character combinations that are granted by the employee’s sector. This code will be made up of six characters, composed of two alphabets and six numbers.

You will be required to keep this code to yourself and not share it with anyone you know. This is because this code is not intended for public knowledge and in case you let it slip to anyone, they will be able to check out your personal reports any time they want!

Details Of The PIFRA Code List

PIFRA has a detailed list of all its codes on its official website. This is because, unlike the employee code, the PIFRA code is for the public and anyone can access these by simply visiting their FABS website using the link www.fabs.gov.pk.

In order to access the report, all you have to do is shoot up their website and go to the services tab. After that, click on the budget execution report. A new page will open up showing you a detailed budget report on the screen.

DDO Government Code

The DDO government code is a unique code for each province of Pakistan. These codes are specified by the Federal government and are not changeable. However, the best thing about this code is that it helps you easily find the DDO location.

In order to find the location of your respective DDO, you will have to enter the code of your province behind your employee code. This will instantly pinpoint the location of your DDO. However, you must know the exact government code of your province in order for it to work out.

Is it possible to pinpoint the exact location of your DDO?

It is absolutely possible to pinpoint the exact location of your respective DDO. However, you will have to take an extra step while entering your DDO code. And that is to write your DDO government code before you enter your DDO employee code.

What sort of reports can I get out of the PIFRA DDO ber website?

You can get your monthly budget reports and expenditure reports at any time of the month. Apart from that, you can also get audit reports and training remittances at your own convenience.

So, this was all from my side and I really hope that you all found this information very helpful. I tried my best to state all the facts and information in as simple words as possible so that everybody could understand what I was trying to convey. So, feel free to share it with your friends and family as well who you think might benefit from this article.

In any case, I would like to conclude this entire discussion by summarizing the key pointers of this article. First of all, you must know that you can easily access your budget reports, expenditure reports, audit trails, and many other such kinds of reports through the PIFRA DDO ber execution system. Furthermore, you can also get the exact location of your DDO using the government-issued provincial PIFRA codes.

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