How to Register Email in PIFRA | A Complete Guide

PIFRA is an online service, regulated by the government of Pakistan that allows you to stay connected and updated about your finances. All government employees are eligible to subscribe to this service. For this, they are required to make an online account using their employee number, CNIC, phone number, and email address.

Planning to apply for PIFRA? The most convenient way is to go for email registration, as it allows you to get notified about the latest updates anywhere anytime. Here is a complete guide on how to register email in PIFRA, so follow this and get yourself subscribed to the audit service.

How to Register Email in PIFRA

About PIFRA Email Subscription

PIFRA, also known as Payroll Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System is a new project, organized by the government of Pakistan. It is an online service that allows government employees to manage their monthly payrolls and other financial tasks.

This service takes place through emails from government employees. So, by subscribing to PIFRA, they can get updated about the latest information and notifications from PIFRA. Beneficiaries of this service can also manage their finances through their email subscription.

Not only this, the government has further launched the PIFRA application available on the play store. It is compatible with Android applications and allows you to get all the notifications, even when you don’t have a laptop nearby. All you need to do is register and log in to the email subscription.

How to Register for PIFRA?

In order to register for PIFRA, you will have to fill in the form and submit the documents required. It is easy and doesn’t take more than five minutes. Here is a step-by-step process on how you can register for PIFRA.

  • Open your laptop and visit the official FABS website.
  • Next, navigate this page and go to the Services section from the main menu.
  • After this, click the Salary Slip > Pension Slip from this section.
  • Then, it will redirect you to the controller general account page.
  • From here, download the PIFRA form and fill in all the information required.
  • Finally, submit the documents required and it is all done.

How to Register Email for PIFRA?

Now that you have registered yourself for PIFRA, it is time to enable email notifications. This will keep you updated on the latest information about the payslips. Follow these simple steps to register your email for PIFRA.

  • Open your laptop and visit the PIFRA official website.
  • Then, navigate to the Register button on the main menu.
  • After clicking this, fill in the personal information in all the boxes, including the maiden name, national CNIC number, mobile number, and so on. Similarly, enter the email address in the required field.
  • Next, you will be asked to give yourself a username and password.
  • Read and agree to all the terms and conditions of the form and click the Register button at the bottom-right corner.
  • Within two to three minutes, you will receive a confirmation email with a verification link. Click this link and confirm the activation of your account.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully registered your email for PIFRA.
  • If you have received any email already, congratulations, this address will get all the latest updates from now on.

Documents Required for Registration for PIFRA

In order to get yourself registered for PIFRA, you are required to submit some documents and information in order to complete the process. Here is a list of all the things you need to have in one place while sitting for the PIFRA registration application.

  • In Pakistan, all government servants have a specific employment number in the government records. This code is confidential and gives them a verified identity. You will need this to complete the PIFRA form.
  • The maiden name is the official name mentioned in the CNIC or national ID card. While entering your name in the field, make sure it is spelled correctly.
  • Similarly, you will be required to provide the number government authorized ID cards.
  • You are also required to give the date of birth, in accordance with the official CNIC card.
  • A mobile number is also a prerequisite to register for PIFRA. This is because it allows you to get OTPs and the latest updates regarding the PIFRA application.
  • Lastly, you also need to have Gmail in your name. This will verify your account and provide you with the latest information regarding the payslips through PIFRA. You can also opt to unsubscribe and delete the account through email.

Can you unsubscribe from PIFRA email services?

Yes, you can choose to unsubscribe from the PIFRA email service whenever you like.

What do you need to register your email in PIFRA?

To register your email in PIFRA, you are required to submit some important things, including the national ID card, maiden number (official), employment number, email address, and a registered phone number.

Is there any subscription fee for PIFRA?

No, there is no subscription fee for PIFRA services. All you need to do is register yourself in PIFRA.

How to log in to PIFRA?

Logging into a PIFRA account is pretty easy and straightforward. For this, visit the official PIFRA website or download this application on your Android device, and go to the Services action. Then, click Login and enter your email ID and password, and it is done.

Final Thoughts

PIFRA is a convenient and resourceful way for government employees to know all about their finances. It allows you to create a safe space while accessing your monthly payslips. In the end, I hope you have found this guide helpful in figuring out how to apply for email registration.

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