Are you a government employee who is tired of visiting the accounts office to get his monthly payroll? You can get yourself registered with PIFRA to get your hands on the monthly pay slips online without visiting the accounts office daily. This can reduce the burden on the accountant and is convenient for employees too.


If you are new to the government sector and want to know about PIFRA, my friend you are at the right place. My article has all the details that will help you register on this efficient system to get your salary slips easily. Read till the end to know how it works and where to find the contact details from.

What Is PIFRA?

PIFRA is an abbreviation for Project Improvement of Financial Reporting and Auditing. This program was started for government employees working in Pakistan. It has introduced an online salary slip system that lessens the burden on the accounts department.

All the employees working in the government offices were instructed to get their pay slips through it conveniently. Moreover, people can check their pension or any other funding they have been waiting for. In 2014, PIFRA was closed and one of its components named FABS was continued since 2015.

Millions of rupees were spent on establishing this project in the country. PIFRA is one of its types in the country and aims to improve the financial and auditing system in organizations. It was established in three phases by the government.

PIFRA was started in 1996 and was completed in 2014. It was implemented at federal, provincial, and district levels in phases and took years to complete. This project is a complete system and has responsibilities to fulfill.

What Are Its Responsibilities?

As mentioned, PIFRA was established by the government of Pakistan to streamline the auditing and financial reporting system of employees. It aims to provide salaries to all government workers without any delay. The process has less to no error when it comes to payments to employees.

One of the benefits of PIFRA is that it improves overall financial management. All the government departments along with agencies use it for smooth payroll. Moreover, they can manage all their financial responsibilities by using this system.

PIFRA is one of the largest Management Information Systems being used by the government. All the budgets for the federal, provincial, and district governments are managed by it. Almost 3 million people get their salaries, funds, and pensions after they are processed by this system.

You can find this system at more than 500 locations around the nation at different levels. Many departments including the Pakistan Public Works Department, Directorate of Postal Accounts, and Pakistan Geological Survey are making use of PIFRA.

You can also monitor fiscal deficits and cash flows by using this system. As a person working in the accounts office of any department, you can have financial control and manage public debts. Hence it is a great system established to improve the financial reporting system in the country.

How Does PIFRA Work?

As you may know that PIFRA aims to promote transparency and accountability in different departments of the government sector in Pakistan. It keeps a record of the finances and helps in making well-calculated decisions. All the departments have been impacted significantly by using this system and have observed improvements in finances, auditing, and accounts.

PIFRA works when departments register themselves on an online portal where all their financial information is accessed. This option is only available to people working in the government sector. The private sector employees cannot register with PIFRA to get their monthly payrolls.

As a government employee, you will have to get yourself registered with PIFRA. Visit the official website of FABS and select the month for which you want to get your salary slip. This has to be done every month if you need your monthly payrolls without visiting the accounts department.

Once you’ve registered yourself with PIFRA, you will get your salary slip via email. Please make sure you provide the correct email address that is in use. You must be aware of your pay scale level while registering.

You can register for a PIFRA salary slip from any province you’re working in but your job must come under the public sector. Your contact number should be valid and on all the time.

Contact Details

You can visit the FABS official website and find the phone numbers for the help desk. An email address [email protected] is also present for the employee’s convenience. You can email any query and wait for a response.

The address to the FABS office is also given along with the directions. You can visit the office and ask for the registration process for payroll slips.

Official Website

You can easily browse the official website of FABS on the browser. It is one of the components of PIFRA now being used by different departments in the country. You will get all the details along with the latest news.


How do I get my pay slip online?

You have to register yourself with PIFRA to get your payrolls online every month. The registration has to be done every month for a new pay slip. It will be sent via email to your active Gmail account.

What is the abbreviation for FABS?

FABS stands for Financial Accounting and Budgeting System and it was a component of PIFRA. It started back in 2015 and is being used by government departments.

What is the password to open a salary slip?

The password to open the salary slip is your employee ID. You can enter it to log in to your account and view your salary slip.


A brief yet informative article on PIFRA is given so you can know all the details. It is one of the best systems being used in Pakistan and aims to provide transparency and accountability. This is convenient and lessens the burden on the accounts department.

You won’t have to visit them every month to get your pay slip or ask about your pension. I hope my article helped you have a better understanding of what PIFRA is and how it works.

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