Akhuwat Loan Application Guidelines & Form Online

This site is exactly for the people who are looking for an Islamic loan-based foundation that is providing loan facilities to everyone. Poor people who are unable to face economic challenges look for a loan that is interest-free. Many people who are in need of a loan should consider applying for the Akhuwat loan which is a non-profit scheme.

akhuwat loan application form online

The Akhuwat loan foundation was established in 2021, which provides a loan without interest. The registration for the Akhuwat loan application has already started. In this article, I will tell you the details regarding the Akhuwat loan application form online so that you can register yourself on time. Continue reading this article to apply for the Akhuwat loan application form.

Akhuwat Loan Foundation

Akhuwat loan foundation is a loan-providing program that provides loans to needy people. Those people who have no source of income or are physically disabled can simply take a loan from the Akhuwat loan foundation scheme.

Akhuwat loan scheme aims to decrease the poverty ratio by providing a maximum amount to all the poor people. The main goal of the Akhuwat loan foundation is to lift up the lower communities that are facing inflation crises.

The Akhuwat loan foundation is also providing loans to people who want to build their own homes. Well, to know the further details of how to apply for the Akhuwat loan application form online you should read this article till the end.

Akhuwat Loan Application Form Online

Poverty is one of the biggest problems people are facing all over the world. There are several foundations that help needy people by providing them with loans, which they need to return after a specific period of time. If I talk about Pakistan then the Akhuwat loan organization is helping millions of Pakistanis who are poor enough to afford basic human facilities.

Among many loan-providing organizations, Akhuwat Foundation is the best one that provides loans to people and requires no interest during payback. People who are looking forward to applying for the Akhuwat loan application for this year must read this article till the end.

Well, the Akhuwat loan application form online registration for 2023 has been started. The application procedure is quite easy as all you need is to follow the steps and provide the required information.

After filling in all the information required you can send this application to the AIM office near your house. This application will be administered and your documents will be reviewed in order to confirm your selection.

Akhuwat doesn’t accept any online applications anymore, you will need to visit their nearest office for an application.

Applicants who have submitted the required documents will be selected by the AIM staff. From here, your documents will be forwarded to the manager who will further process the application.

Eligibility Criteria For Free Akhuwat Loan

People who are eligible for Akhuwat Loan are as follows;

  • Applicants must have an identity card.
  • People who are applying for an Akhuwat loan should not be involved in any illegal or criminal activities.
  • The age of an applicant should be between 18 to 62 years.
  • People who are running a business are not eligible for this application loan.
  • Applicants who have committed a crime and are under legal procedures are also not eligible for this application form.
  • The character and social standing of an applicant must be satisfactory.
  • Two guarantors from the family members are also required while applying for the Akhuwat loan application form.
  • Senior government official reference is also required.

Documents Required For Application Form

The important documents that are required for the application form include;

  • Copy of CNIC, both (back & front)
  • Guarantors CNIC copy (outside or from the family)
  • If guarantors are from family then you need their CNIC copy
  • Bank statements are also necessary along with the documents
  • The latest bills should be submitted for identification
  • The applicant’s photo is required with the documents
  • If an applicant is married then a copy of Nikkahnama is necessary to submit


Who is eligible for the Akhuwat Foundation?

Applicants who are between 18 to 62 years of age with no criminal history are eligible for Akhuwat Foundation. Moral and social character is also noted while selecting applicants for this loan scheme.

How can I contact Akhuwat?

The best way to contact Akhuwat is to simply Email ([email protected]) or you can call (042-111-448-464) them.

Is Akhuwat loan interest-free?

Yes, the Akhuwat loan foundation is providing loans to all Pakistanis that are interest-free.

What is an interest-free payment plan?

An interest-free payment plan means that you return back the loan in installments in the required time without paying back any interest.


Well, I hope that now you have got enough information related to the Akhuwat loan application form online. You can submit the application by following the above steps. Before you apply for this loan scheme make sure that you read the eligibility criteria. Place the documents properly and in a stepwise manner so that you cannot miss any documents.

Now, poor people can also have a good life with all the basic necessities after taking a loan from the Akhuwat loan foundation that is free of interest. The Akhuwat loan application form provides loans for people to construct their own houses in order to decrease poverty.


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