Glass Door Price in Pakistan

The current Glass Door Price in Pakistan is Rs. 106 to 522 per square feet. It was last updated on 12 September, 2023.

Glass Door Price in Pakistan

Glass doors are a big part of modern architecture and interior designs, and Pakistanis are more drawn to them now than ever. The sleek design of the glass doors is a way to show off your contemporary aesthetics and allows maximum natural light inside the house, workplace, or other commercial places.

If you want to install glass doors in your homes, read this blog. You must have a clear understanding of the product before buying it. So, I will be shedding light on the prices of different glass doors and the various factors that may influence them.

Glass Door Price in Pakistan

Glass Doors Measuring Unit

The glass doors are usually measured in feet or meters, so its measuring unit is feet and meters. The height and width are usually taken into consideration when measuring it. For instance, you can have a door with 1.83 meters (or 6 feet) in height and 0.91 meters (or 3 feet) in width.

Additionally, the measuring unit for the thickness is mm. Moreover, the thickness of a common door ranges from 8mm to 12mm.

Types of Glass Doors

It is important to understand the pricing of the various types of glass doors. Various glass doors are available in Pakistan and can be shipped from other countries as well. So, let me brief you on the types of glass doors first.

Clear Glass Doors

Clear glass doors are the most elegant type with simple, clear glass. It looks beautiful and provides ample natural daylight with a clear view of the outside world. Moreover, you can find hinged, sliding, or pivot door styles.

Etched or Frosted Glass Doors

These doors are not entirely clear but rather translucent and textured. These are usually best for offices, washrooms, and other areas where privacy is needed. So, with this one, you can have privacy without compromising on the natural light.

Tempered Glass Doors

People who want the aesthetics of a glass door without worrying about the high risk of damage should go for tempered glass doors. These glass doors go through a special heating process to become stronger and less prone to shattering. Moreover, it converts into small, less harmful pieces when it is shattered.

Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless Glass Doors are all about aesthetics, as they come with minimal visible frames. Its sleek design is best for areas where contemporary interiors are more valued.

Tinted Glass Doors

These come with a tint to reduce the sunlight and regulate the room’s temperature. Moreover, it offers peak privacy as no one can see you through these glass doors.

Additionally, gliding, stacking, folding, and pivot glass doors function as their names suggest. However, they are made from glass either entirely or have frames made of other materials.

Glass Door Prices in Pakistan

Glass NameThicknessPrice per square feet
Brown12mmRS 522
Brown8mmRS 357
Brown5mmRS 183
Brow reflective5mmRS 218
Green8mmRS 357
Green5mmRS 177.34
Green reflective5mmRS 217.78
WC green brow5mmRS 154
CC green brow5mmRS 164
Blue5mmRS 166
Blue reflective5mmRS 218
Clear glass12mmRS 440
Clear glass10mmRS 371
Clear glass8mmRS 273
Clear glass5mmRS 140.87
Clear glass4mmRS 140.47
Clear glass3.5mmRS 124.07
Clear glass3mmRS 106.04

Please note that these prices are not fixed and can change occasionally. Moreover, this is just an overview of the prices of glass doors in Pakistan.

Factors Affecting the Price of Glass Doors in Pakistan

Various factors can influence the price of glass doors in Pakistan. So, continue reading to determine what factors should be considered before buying a glass door.

The Currency Exchange Rates

One of the biggest threats to the fluctuation of the price of any product is the Pakistani rupee going down against other currencies. Likewise, it has a direct effect on the cost of the raw materials that are bought for the manufacturing of the glass doors.

To further explain, if the imported raw material is bought at a higher price when the local currency is low, the glass door will automatically be expensive and vice versa. Similarly, this is not only the case with imported goods; even if the raw material is local, it still directly influences the prices.

Additionally, the import duties and taxes and the cost of transportation and logistics are a few factors that affect the glass doors’ price. So, if these increase, the price will also increase.

Economic Conditions of the Country

The country’s economic conditions usually have an inverse impact on the prices. If the country thrives economically, the construction and housing projects are automatically at their peak. Therefore, the prices of glass doors increase to keep up with the market demands of the product and vice versa.

Is glass door safe for home?

Yes, modern glass doors are somewhat safer. Tempered glass doors are specially designed with safety in mind. Moreover, it is stronger and, if shattered, converts into the tiniest pieces that are not harmful.

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