Aircon Price in Pakistan

The current Aircon Price in Pakistan is Rs. 150000 per 1 ton. It was last updated on 12 September, 2023.

Aircon Price in Pakistan

As the blistering heat increases, the demand for air conditioners also increases as it cools down the inside temperature by transferring the warm air to the outside. The summers are almost unbearable in most areas of Pakistan; therefore, it becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. Moreover, the aircon prices depend on the specific type of AC you want.

There are different brands of air conditioners working in Pakistan, each offering its unique features. These companies provide various options for ACs with different price ranges depending on their features. So, allow me to explain the aircon prices in Pakistan in detail.

Aircon Price in Pakistan

Measuring Unit

The measuring unit of the air conditioner determines the cooling and heating power. It is British Thermal Units or BTU. Moreover, it measures the heating and cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

To further explain it, an air conditioner’s BTU shows us how much heat it can remove from the room in one hour. So, if an air conditioner has more BTUs, it means it can cool down the room in less time.

Additionally, the BTUs usually start from 6000. A common-size room requires an air conditioner with at least 10,000 BTUs. Similarly, you will need an AC with 24,000 BTUs if you have a larger room. But if you want an air conditioner for a small cabin or office, then 6000 is usually enough.

Air Conditioner Tonnage: Choosing the Right Cooling Capacity

Air conditioners are often differentiated based on their tonnage system. It is not only because it determines the cooling capacity but the outer physical size of the air conditioner as well. So, to understand the prices, it is crucial to categorize them based on tons.

Tons refer to the cooling capacity of the unit. If an air conditioner has 12,000 BTUs, it will be one tone and remove 12,000 BTUs of heat from the room in one hour.

If an air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 1.5 tons, it will remove 18,000 BTUs of heat per hour from the room. Similarly, a 2 tons air conditioner has 24,000 BTUs; it can remove more heat per hour.

An air conditioner with 2.5 tons cooling capacity can remove 30,000 BTUs per hour from the room. Likewise, a 3 tons air conditioner can remove 36,000 BTUs of heat in an hour and is usually better for large indoor areas like halls.

Top Air Conditioners Brands in Pakistan

Many aircon brands are functional in Pakistan and have ACs with different features. However, the following are the current top Air conditioner companies in Pakistan.

  • Gree
  • PEL
  • Haier
  • Dawlance
  • Orient
  • Kenwood
  • Daikin

Air conditioner prices in Pakistan

As established earlier, the price range varies from company to company. For instance, a one-tone air conditioner from one company might cost more than a one-tone AC from another company. Therefore, let me display the prices in a table to help you make a better comparison.

Company Name1 Tone Price1.5 Tons Price2 Tons Price
GreeAround RS 150,000Around RS 185,000Around RS 250,000
PELAround RS 140,000Around RS 180,000Around RS 210,000
HaierAround RS 108,000Around RS 134,000Around RS 200000
DawlanceAround RS 130,000Around RS 150,000Around RS 210,000
KenwoodAround RS 149,000Around RS 187,000Around RS 265,000
DaikinAround RS 255,000Around RS 400,000Around RS 440,000

Please note that these prices are not fixed and can change occasionally. Moreover, this is just an overview of the prices of inverted ACs to give you an idea.

Factors Affecting Aircon Prices in Pakistan

Various factors can result in the increasing and decreasing of air conditioners in Pakistan. So, let me shed some light on the factors that you should look for.

Air Conditioner Features

The features of an air conditioner can directly impact its prices. For instance, an air conditioner with many advanced features will always be more expensive than a regular one.

The brand and model of the AC also add to the pricing. People like an AC with a popular brand and model as they trust the brand, so it will be more costly than others.

Higher BTUs, a large number of tons, more energy efficiency, and additional features like Wi-Fi connectivity, dehumidification functions, and air purifiers will always cost more money. In short, the greater the number of features, the more expansive the AC.

Market Demand

The market demand and supply dynamic can always impact the prices of air conditioners. Typically, the demand increases in summer, which results in increased Prices to match the market demand. Similarly, the prices are lower in the winter due to less market demand.

Currency Exchange Rate

The currency exchange rate of Pakistani rupees against other countries also influences the prices of air conditioners. If the rupee strengthens against other currencies like USD, the prices of ACs decrease and vice versa.

Which type of AC is best for a room?

An inverter 1-ton AC is usually best for a common-size room. Furthermore, these ACs are more energy efficient and quieter, so you can enjoy a cool and peaceful room.

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