Kisan Card Registration & Check Online 2023

Every nation relies on the farmers of the country for the basic necessities, which makes them highly important. However, the living conditions of said farmers are always below subpar.

To tackle this, the Kisan card initiative has been started by the government of Pakistan. With just a few clicks, any farmer can get their Kisan Card registration check and avail of the subsidies and benefits offered.

kisan card registration check

This initiative is highly appealing to any farmer who is living in Pakistan and struggling to make ends meet. There are many benefits that come with the card, but the procedure often dissuades the simple folks working on their farms day to night. If you take a few minutes out of your time and read the article below, you will understand every single benefit as well as the application process of this program.

What Is Kisan Card?

Before we dive right into the registration check, let me shed some light on what exactly is the Kisan card. It is a card that is offered by the government to small-scale farmers who often have to buy fertilizers and other agricultural inputs at the market price. This card allows them subsidized amounts of these inputs.

Initially, the program was started in 2008. However, it is not the same today as it was 15 years ago. With the changes in regimes, there have been a lot of modifications to the card and its benefits. The changes do not negate its main purpose which is to help smaller-scale farmers.

What Is the Purpose of It?

The Kisan card program was started with one purpose in mind, to allow farmers to have easier access to agricultural inputs. There are many products that come under this category. It includes pesticides, fertilizers, feed, seeds, and any other product that a farmer needs for organically growing their crop.

Eligibility For The Card

There is no doubt that the Kisan card is an amazing initiative offered to small-scale farmers. However, there is a criterion for eligibility for the card. Only those who meet this criterion are allowed access to the benefits this card brings with it.

The first factor of the eligibility criterion is that the farmer must have land that is registered. If their land is not registered with the government department, they do not qualify for the benefits of this card.

The second point is that the person should have a smaller area as the program is for small-scale farmers. Moreover, the income level and the type of crop also play a role. The person should belong to the low-income part of the financial ladder.

In addition to that, the farmer must have a National Identity Card of Pakistani nationality. Any other nationality card will not get him the benefits of this program.

Moreover, the individual applying for the Kisan card should also be of legal age, and have their own CNIC. The program is not for the farmers who are under the legal age which is 18 in Pakistan.

If a person meets all of these requirements except anyone, he will not be able to get his own Kisan card. In order to avail of the benefits offered by the government through the card, the farmer needs to meet all of the factors that come under eligibility criteria.

Kisan Card Registration Check

Many farmers are either unaware of this program, and they dismiss it as a ‘difficult to go through’ procedure. However, it is anything but that. The registration process involves a few easy steps.

  1. The person first needs to visit the Department of Agriculture in Punjab and take all of the documentation of his lands with him.
  2. Once they have registered themselves in the Agriculture Department, they need to open an account in any shop that offers the services of HBL Konnect.
  3. They will need to provide a mobile number that is registered on their own CNIC. After doing the biometric verification, their account will be opened.
  4. Then the farmer needs to deposit 500 Pakistani Rupees in their HBL Konnect account to activate it.
  5. Once the amount has been deposited, the farmer will receive a message confirming his eligibility for the program.
  6. He will also receive a message that will explain the delivery of his Kisan card. After a message about the card delivery has been received, then the farmer needs to visit the Assistant Director or Deputy Director of the local Agricultural Department.
  7. The director will have the card that he will give to the farmer.
  8. The card will come with a voucher code. The person receiving the card needs to send their voucher code, along with the CNIC number to 8070.

They will receive their portion of the subsidy. It includes pesticide spray, cotton seed bags and DAP fertilizers.

Benefits It Offers

The Kisan Card program is an amazing initiative taken by the government of Pakistan.

  • It does not only allow farmers to have financial benefits but it helps in improving the living standards of the hardworking farmer belonging to the small scale.
  • Along with agriculture inputs at a subsidized amount, the farmers also receive many other benefits.
  • They get insurance coverage for their lands, and the livestock present on the registered lands.
  • In addition to that, the farmers can also use their Kisan card to take loans from the bank, if needed.
  • The card will get them a loan at a much lower interest rate.
  • They can also use this card to pay bills and withdraw cash at times of need.

All in all, this is a remarkable program that tackles the day-to-day struggles the hardworking farmers of this country have to face.


Ask any small-scale farmer about his problems and the first thing he will say is the struggle of getting agricultural inputs at a reasonable cost. Well, this issue along with many others has been taken care of with the Kisan card program offered by the government to small-scale farmers. So, read the article above to find out everything there is to know regarding the Kisan card registration check.


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