Ehsaas Nashonuma Program Online Registration 2023

The malnutrition rate is increasing with each passing day in Pakistan, and due to a lack of resources and finances, it is difficult to overcome this problem, especially in children.

To combat the issue, the Government of Pakistan initiated a scheme called Ehsaas Nashonuma program to provide financial assistance to newborn children.

ehsaas nashonuma program online registration 2022

The program was initiated in 2022, but till now many citizens are not aware of the Ehsaas Nashonuma program online registration, eligibility criteria, procedure, and more. In this blog post, I’ll share all the required pieces of information to make the application procedure easier and more understandable for you all.

Even if you’re not eligible to apply for this program, read to know about it and spread the word to help needy and deserving nationals. Let’s begin this fruitful discussion!

Before I move on to the Nashonuma program registration process, eligibility, and guidelines, I want to introduce the scheme to those who’re not aware of it now. Don’t sweat it out! I’ll try to keep the intro quick, and then we will discuss the other things.

About Ehsaas Nashonuma Program 2023

The Nashonum program is the part of Ehsaas scheme by the Government of Punjab that aims to reduce malnutrition, poverty, and financial constraints, and help poor people shelter their newborns in a better way. The primary vision of this program is to decrease the count of infants suffering from malnutrition and other related disorders and promote a healthy life.

However, when this program was initiated many citizens criticized the scheme by saying that it is promoting the increase in population and is linked to sensitive topics, somehow.

But later on, the success of this program proved its vision to the people and now they are understanding the purpose and benefits of this scheme.

Now the Ehsaas Nashonuma program has expanded its wings to around nine districts in Pakistan and it has more than thirty centers in these districts.

This is the most successful program so far by the government of Pakistan to facilitate deserving nationals. The centers are also created to raise awareness and handle complaints and customer queries.

To be honest, the Ehsaas Nashonuma program is not a limited or small-scale initiative anymore, it has a budget of 8.52 billion PKR, and it is helping many Pakistanis now. That’s for the intro part, let’s now discuss the registration, then one by one, we will move to the other aspects and important points of this scheme.

Registration Process

The registration process for this scheme is quite straightforward and needs to educational background, technical proofs, and more. This is because this program aims to assist the low-income group of Pakistan who are not oriented to technology, gadgets, etc.

That’s why the authorities from Ehsaas Nashonuma have created many different centers in all covered districts to assist the applicants without any hassle. If you are willing to register yourself for this scheme, you’re advised to visit the nearby development center and register yourself using your National Identity card.

Your CNIC number will be your registration number for this program under which you’ll receive the money. After registration, you’ll get instructions related to your health and diet during the pregnancy, and after delivery, the government will pay you 2,000 PKR for your son and 2,500 PKR for your daughter every month, respectively.

This is to make the upbringing and feeding expenses of the child bearable and promote healthy and safe pregnancies in Pakistan. I must say that in Pakistan the major issue is not financing, but illiteracy, especially among the poorer. This scheme is somehow also increasing the awareness about health and diet during pregnancies, and children-related health issues and disorders.

Eligibility Criteria

Predominantly, this scheme aims to help the poor pregnant women who cannot afford a good diet for themselves during pregnancy, and for their children afterwards. It is not directly linked to population growth but to the ratio of malnutrition-related disorders among children, complications in pregnancies, and women’s health issues.

To apply for this program, you must be a Pakistani national holding a valid CNIC from NADRA. Pregnant and lactating women are eligible only for this program, and infants who’re not older than thirty-three months are eligible.

In short, you need to have a valid CNIC and if you have a child, you need to submit his or her B-form too to the officials. That’s all for the eligibility criteria! Unlike other Ehsaas schemes, the Ehsaas Nashonuma has nothing to do with your education, employment history, electricity or gas bills, and more.

The eligibility and process are simple because the rate of unhealthy diet plans, complicated pregnancies, miscarriages, the death rate of infants, malnutrition, and mental and physical disorders is increasing to a serious level in Pakistan. To combat this problem, the government initiated and kept this program simple, quick, and accessible for all deserving women and children.


The Ehsaas Nashonuma program has a total budget of more than eight billion Pakistani rupees, and it gives the applicants financial assistance. This scheme transacts the amount of 2,000 PKR for a baby boy and 2,500 PKR for a baby girl every month. Also, the amount for a baby girl is a bit more to promote women’s rights and gender equality.


As I said before, there are more than thirty different centers in nine districts in Pakistan that are working for this Ehsaas Nashonuma scheme. If you want to register, apply, or have any queries about this program, you can visit the center for assistance.


How to withdraw money from the Ehsaas Nashounuma program?

You can withdraw money from ATM if you have a bank account in your name. In the other case, you can receive the amount by visiting the nearby Ehsaas center.

How to apply for the Nashonuma program?

You can apply for this program by visiting the nearby Ehsaas center in your district. The online application procedure is also open for all now from the official website of the Ehsaas program by the Government of Pakistan.

What to do if there is an unusual delay in my application approval for the Nashonuma scheme?

Although the approval and processing of applications take a few days, if there is a usual delay, then you’re advised to visit the nearby Ehsaas center or call customer service to resolve the issue or register complaints.

Final Thoughts!

That’s all for the Ehsaas Nashonuma program! In my opinion, this is a great initiative by the Government of Pakistan to assist pregnant and lactating women and infants financially and promote a healthy life. In this article, I have explained the procedure to apply, the eligibility criteria, and more about this scheme with the thought that it will help the deserving.

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